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John and Sera
Posted By: Spartan 148 Sera<LettersFromTheySky_148@hotmail.com>
Date: 19 November 2009, 6:11 am

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July 12, 2553.

The Afternoon sky was beautiful; the candy clouds floated gracefully on the cool blue sky.

Master Chief, or by his real name, John, walked on the sidewalk, leading him to a place where he wanted to be. He wore simple clothes, a half sleeved black shirt to match his white undershirt, and blue jeans.

After his rescue, he asked for some times off the visit a friend here on Earth. Although friend isn't really the word he would use to describe her. She was so much more to him; and still was even after 29 years

The place where he wanted to be was her house, and there it was: the huge mansion with a wonderful garden in the backyard. Anybody can recognize this house from afar.

John looked over the white and plain fence. A beautiful young lady was sitting on a Garden Swing, writing something in her notebook. Her long, wavy dark chocolate hair was tied into a pony tail. Beside her was a Golden Retriever.

The Retriever looked up at John. It barked, alerting the young lady. The Retriever jumped down from the Garden Swing and ran to meet John. It was so happy that it jumped on him and started to lick him.

The young lady came and stopped the Retriever. "Alexa, Dear! Please get off him!"

The Retriever got of him. The young lady helped John up. "I'm so sorry, Sir. Alexa seems to like you for some reason.

"It's fine, Miss." He said, and then thought about something. "Are you Sera?" He asked

She gave a familiar smile. "Yes, I am, and you are-?"

"John." He replied."

Her smile vanished like ash on a windy day, yet when she spoke, she couldn't find the words. "John?"

"Hi, Sera."

She teared up and then wrapped her arms around his neck to give him a hug. "God, I missed you so much!" She cried.

He wrapped his arms around her and never wanted to let her go. "I missed you too, Sera, but please don't cry. We're together again, aren't we?"

They pulled back. Sera saw a tear on his cheek.

"Then why are you crying?" She asked

"I'm not. I'm just happy." He said.

She smiled and wiped away the tear. "So am I."

Alexa barked at what Sera said.

"Alexa thinks so too." She explained.

"Really? I'm not surprised." He laughed.

"Come on inside." She invited him.

The inside of her house still looked the same, even after 29 years.

"Still the same." John commented.

"Something is still the same too." She giggled. "Come with me." Saying that, she ran up the stairs.

John ran after her. Sera stood at a balcony of her room. He stood beside, and saw the same sea he saw 29 years ago. The crystal clear water reflected the Sun's golden light.

"Oh." He said.

"My feelings for you are still the same." She told him, but was too embarrassed to face him.

"John turned her so she's face him." My thoughts exactly. But first thing's first, how come you look so young?"

"Remember when I told you that my parents were in the Police? Well, they had Cyro Chambers."

"And I thought it was natural."

She laughed, which sounded like music to John, and always has been.

"Sera, I have something very important to ask you."

"What is it?" She asked.

John knelt down on one knee, and held out a diamond ring with the stone shaped of a rose. He took Sera's hand and place the ring on her finger. "Sera, will you marry me"

She gave the smile she gave him when she accepted his love 29 years ago. "Yes, I do!"

He got up and looked into her mysterious yet dark brown eyes. They hugged each other, happy that they were once again together.

"I told you that I will be with you forever." He told her.

"That means I'm Good Enough for you?" She asked.

He pulled his head back to look into her eyes again. He smiled, and told the truth. "Since the day I met you, I knew that you were Good Enough for me."

July 17, 2553
Sera's home.

It was lovely night; the rain fell from the dark skies, but still everything was perfect; just the way John and Sera loved it.

Lying on their bed, with Sera lying on John's chest, they were listening to every song Sera had on her stereo.

Then, the song, "Anywhere", by a band named Evanescence, came up.

Sera sighed. "This song always reminded me of you." She was writing something in her notebook.

John was confused. "Why?"

Then some lyrics came on and Sera sang along. "I have dreamt of a place for you and I."

"Oh. Mine's this one."

"All I want is to give my life only to you." The stereo sand.

"Really?" She turned to face him.

"Definitely. Hey, why don't we watch a movie?" He suggested.

"Okay!" She was excited.

For a stormy night, a horror movie was the best choice. 'Diary of the Dead' was so scary that God knows how many times Sera screamed and hid behind John!

"I can't believe Mary shot herself! They were Zombies! It was okay to run them over." Sera said as she got into bed.

"Well, she had no idea. None of them did." John said.

"Fair enough. Good night." She sighed.

"Night." He dragged.

"Sleepyhead." She whispered.

July 18, 2553
P.A.N.I.C.S Restaurant

The next evening, they had planned to go out for dinner. After all, it was the anniversary of the day they met.

"That was great!" Sera exclaimed.

"Nah. Your cooking is way better." John complained.

"Oh." She kissed him on his cheek. "So sweet."

They reached home but something was wrong. Where was Alexa?

"Alexa's not here, John. I'll go check the backyard." She handed him some keys. "Open the door, will you? It's not like Alexa to disappear like this."


Sera walked to the backyard. She felt a cold and creepy presence. Something, more like everything was wrong. This is only place Alexa would be….until Sera spotted her body.

"No!" She ran to her. She had been shot. "Alexa, Alexa, look at me! Look at me! Wake up!!!" Sera sobbed.

"She didn't put up a fight." Said a strong voice.

Sera turned. It couldn't be but it was: Drake Thorn. "You."

"Hello, Sera." My, how beautiful you've grown." Thorn laughed.

"You unbelievable bastard! This issue was between you and me! I legally put you in jail, so you wanna kill someone? KILL ME! Not my family or Alexa!" She yelled, but making sure that John couldn't hear her.

"I swore that I'd kill you, but this time, I'll make sure that John sees you dying." He pulled out a gun and fired it.

Sera gasped and she felt a pain on her side. She looked down and realized she had been shot and was now bleeding crimson blood.

"No!" It was John. He grabbed Sera before she fell to the ground. He looked up at Thorn. "You son of a-" Sera grabbed his arm.


Thorn began to walk out. "Watch her as she dies, John. It's your last chance to be with your pathetic little wife." He walked out and disappeared into the night.

John looked at Sera. "You told me you killed him."

"I couldn't. John, I didn't mean to lie, but he threatened to kill you if I said anything. I didn't want you to die." She cried.

'Nothing can happen. You should have told me."

"He killed my dad to prove he was serious." She explained.

John was taken aback. "Sera-"

Sera slowly ran a hand over his hair. She smiled a little. "Since the day I met you, I knew you were Good Enough for me too."

John smiled a little too. "I love you."

"I loved you too." She closed her eyes. The hand she used to run over his hair dropped like a hot rock.

"Sera?" He said softly, yet his voice cracked."

"Forgive me." She breathed, as a final tear rolled down.

The full moon was out and it smiled to give off its light. The light made her final tear shine as bright as the rose–shaped ring on her finger, before her blood ran over it.

Lighting clapped. The rain came down frantically as if it wanted to bring Sera back. However, it only washed away the blood on her ring, and not John's sorrows, now that the only person who was, and always has been Good Enough for him was gone....