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A dream? Or a premonition?
Posted By: Spartan 1337<barry__boy@hotmail.com>
Date: 17 July 2006, 5:15 pm

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As a thunderstorm raged outside at two in the morning, every house had its lights off but one. In that one, a geeky kid with thick glasses, a Halo T-shirt, nonexistent muscles and a pair of Halo shorts was desperately trying to beat the vintage game Halo 2, which he had gotten yesterday from a nearby antique shop. As a Hunter in battleship-grade armour and a huge fuel rod cannon on its arm fired said fuel rod gun at him, a lightning bolt hit a power line and sent an electrical surge into him and his antique Xbox. To the outside world, he fluoresced wildly and then vanished in a blast of light. To the geek, the world went black.

When the geek woke up, he saw that he was in a military-style hospital with military-style hospital beds, one of which he was lying on. Next to him was a suit of armour, which, being the geek he was, instantly recognized as a suit of Mk VI MJOLNIR battle armour. "I must be the Master Chief John-117!" he whispered to himself "All right! This is my geekiest dream come true!"

Just then, a lady in a UNSC (United Nations Space Command) Commander's uniform with the name 'Keyes' sewn on it walked in. "Hello, Chief" she said, "I take it that you've recovered from that fuel rod gun hit on your chest?"

"Wha?" the geek said, looking very puzzled and confused, then an understanding glimmer appeared in his eyes, and muttered "so that's why I'm in here."

"Admiral Hood told me to take you to the bridge" Commander Keyes said, breaking into his thoughts "there's an emergency"

John, after putting on his MJOLNIR armour, followed the commander to the bridge of the UNSC Cairo Station's bridge. A hologram suddenly appeared on a pedestal and took the form of a human. "Hello Cortana" John said to the AI that had been with him, or rather, the Master Chief, on the disastrous voyage on the Pillar of Autumn and later on Halo.

In response, Cortana snapped her fingers and two maps, one showing the entire solar system with the Earth defence grid and a Covenant fleet and the other showing the insides of Cairo station with the positions Human Marines and Navy personnel marked in blue and the positions of Covenant boarding parties in red. "They're trying to get to the MAC gun" Cortana said, referring to the three kilometre long railgun mounted on the station "Athens and Malta have already been disabled. Do not let them get to our MAC gun. Go with third platoon. Oh, and one more thing? Pwn some n00b Covenant ass, Chief."

John crossed the bridge to a weapons locker and grabbed a battle rifle, two SMGs, and four frag grenades. That saved his life, because just then, a Covenant boarding party with active camouflage blew out the doors and started pouring fire through the hole. "aw shit" John muttered as a particle beam from a Covenant sniper's rifle punched into his shields and wiped them out, at least until they recharged.

He ducked behind a computer console and started firing over blindly, encouraged by the sound of shields, armour, and active camouflage failing. Then an explosive needle bounced off a bulkhead, went through a computer printout, and blew out his left-hand SMG. "Goddamn it" John muttered, pulling out his battle rifle.

Just then, a series of explosions rocked the floor and John heard Sergeant Johnson yelling "Come on, I though you damn Elites could fight!"

John stood up and saw a squad of Marines armed with rocket launchers, battle rifles, SMGs, and sniper's rifles with a few navel personnel holding automatic pistols standing at the doorway. Johnson looked up and yelled "Hey chief! C'mon down! Sure could use your help, kicking the shit out of these Covenant pieces of crap!"

The Chief jumped down, relived a Marine of his too-heavy rocket launcher, downloaded Cortana onto a data disk, and popped the data disk into his helmet. Then he followed the Marines down a hallway, where two Hunters promptly popped out. The Marines ducked into a doorway while the Chief fired off two shots into the Hunters. "Nice shot" Johnson said, looking nervously at the dead Hunters while the Chief reloaded his rocket launcher.

They then jumped in a nearby elevator to a dropship landing bay, killed the few Covenant troops in the way, and jumped on one of the dropships. The dropship flew down into Earth and the squad, including the Chief, parachuted out. Unfortunately, they landed in the middle of a Covenant platoon. Bullets, plasma bolts, fists, grenades, and some very uncivilized comments about the opponents' mothers, i.e. 'fuck your mother!', were all flying. A grunt, the main foot soldier of the Covenant, got stuck by a plasma grenade, panicked, ran into a group of four more grunts, and blew up, showering the surviving Marines with uncomfortably warm chunks of flesh. "Purple Hearts for everyone!" a Marine remarked, looking around at the purple Covenant blood spilled everywhere.

The squad moved on, blowing apart the odd grunt walking around. By then, some Marines had run out of ammo and had picked up plasma rifles, plasma pistols, needlers, covenant carbines, and beam rifles. Then they ran into a group of Hunters and the Chief was blasted at point-blank range by a fuel rod gun. His last words as the Master Chief were "oh fuck"

The geek woke up in his own house, on his own couch, with his Xbox controller in his hands. "What in the name of the Prophet of Truth happened?" he thought out loud, being the geek he was.

"John! Go to sleep this instant!" His mother yelled down the stairs.