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Warning- Hitch Hikers May Be Escaping Convicts: Chapter 2
Posted By: Spartan 034<zack_034@hotmail.com>
Date: 15 October 2005, 10:58 pm

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      "This is Slave Guard Leader Sorah of slave holding chamber seven. I am requesting heavy weapons to reinforce our gravlift." Sorah spoke into the communicator. He paused for a second.

      "I am the Leader of the Slave Guard, and I demand weapons be sent down here!" he spoke with the tone of a warrior, placing emphases on the word demand. A low voice answered his call.

      "How many Sangheili are with you?" the gravely voice of a Brute snarled.

      "Twenty one." Sorah spoke with frustration. He didn't like the arrogant tone of its voice, and he most certanly didn't like speaking with the filth.

      "Heavy weapons are on the way." The Brute snarled with a slight chuckle.

      Sorah had a strange feeling. Something about the way the brute spoke sent chills up his spine. He looked to the other guards. Most were young and had been sent here for the same reason he had. They were no warriors, and had practically no combat experience. A tone from the gravlift signaled incoming traffic. His hand fell to the plasma pistol at his waist.

      "Be ready." He said to his subordinates.

      They all looked at him quizzically. The youngest of them, Fasa, stood in front of the gravlift, his back to it.

      "Leader, what have we to fear? The demon will not come down here." The young guard said.

      He had spoken his last words with the attitude of an innocent child. A shadow fell over him from the gravlift. Its owner grabbed Fasa by the arms and bit down on his neck, ripping out a huge chunk of flesh. Blood sprayed from the wound, covering the walls and many of the Sangheili who stood by them. The Brute rose it's head and let out a roar that seemed to rattle the entire room. Its jaws were hideously tainted with gore. The effect the lighting had on its eyes made them look completely black, like some sort of monster.

      Sorah snapped on his shield raised his pistol. The Brute tossed away the body and leapt on another guard, ripping into him. He fired twice into its back, to no effect. The alien turned on him, eyes wide with fury. It rose to its full height, towering over Sorah. The monster's fur suddenly stood on end. Its scream of pain echoed throughout the chamber. A Sangheili stood trembling behind him, holding an electrocution prod. The Brute swatted him away like a fly, then pounced on him. A deafening explosion rocked the room. Sorah looked over to see three more Brutes leaving the gravlift. The captain held a brute shot. The leader then looked to his Sangheili. None were standing. Fasa's dead eyes stared up at him. Sorah turned toward the door and ran.

      He ran down the crisscrossing walkways toward the opposite side of the chamber. Every guard he passed he warned. He was headed for the service corridor that connected chamber seven to its adjacent chamber, number six. He had to warn others.

      When he reached his destination, the only thing visible was a small bubble shaped pod sticking out of the wall. Sorah clipped his pistol to his waist and hesitated. The dying cries of the guards caught his attention for a moment. He placed his hand in the middle of the pod. It hummed and emitted a soft green glow, then slid open. Sorah deactivated his shield. It wouldn't fit in the narrow passageway ahead.

      He ran at a full sprint down the tunnel. Only a faint glow lit his path. The hatch opened automatically at the other end, and Sorah reactivated his shied without braking stride.

      A guard called to him "You run like a Kig-Yar! Why the hurry?"

      Sorah had no time to talk. He could see the Hub in the distance. Everything looked okay. After several minutes he finally made it there. There were no sounds of battle. Nothing looked disturbed from the outside.

      When the Sangheili walked through the door he froze. Five pairs of black eyes were looked on him. Sangheili blood was everywhere. A quintet of Brutes was hunched over the mutilated guards, there claws covered in blood. Their captain rose and leveled his brute shot at Sorah with one massive arm. The Sangheili leapt out the door and off the elevated walkway, into the mass of slaves below.

      They darted away from him, scrambling over each other to get away. Sorah heard the orders of the captain and jumped to his feet. The hunt was on. He ran for his life and watched the slaves part in front of him. He could hear the Brute's snarls growing louder. He couldn't outrun them. Suddenly an energy sword materialized out of nowhere, right in Sorah's path. He threw himself to the ground as it hummed over him. The top half of a bisected Brute flew over him. He looked over his shoulder. The blade danced and shimmered, slicing the three remaining Brutes to pieces. A Spec-Ops Warrior faded into view. He kicked a dead brute in the face.

      "Vile beast! May the Prophets damn your race to death!" he shouted at the dead creature.

      The smell of burnt flesh filled Sorah's nostrils. His eyes darted to the slaves that encircled him. They looked ravenous.

      "We must go!" he shouted to the warrior as he rose to his feet..

      "Flee from a single Brute? You truly are a…" He began to snarl at Sorah, but he too noticed the expressions of the slaves.

      The two Sangheili stood back to back. Sorah drew his pistol.

      "I will lead the way, you keep them off our path." The warrior whispered to Sorah.

      He threw a plasma grenade into the crowd and rushed at them with his sword. The slaves swarmed in behind the two Sangheili and devoured the dead Brutes. Bits of flesh and fur flew up into the air while the starving creatures piled in around the bodies. Sorah and his companion arrived below a walkway. The slaves ignored them as they rushed in for food.

      "How are we to climb up?" asked the Spec-Ops soldier.

      Sorah drew out his whip and wrapped it around the walkway. He pulled it to ensure that it would hold, and then began to climb. The warrior grabbed him by the leg and threw him to the ground.

      "Know your place, coward!" he spat at the guard.

      The warrior put away his sword and grabbed the whip. Just as he lifted himself off the ground, the Brute captain tackled him to the ground. The soldier grabbed his sword, but the Brute slapped it away before the Sangheili could ignite it. Rage flooded Sorah's body. These beasts had killed everyone he knew. His 'family'. He wanted revenge.

      He stepped up in front of the Brute and overcharged his pistol. The monster had the warrior by the throat and was shaking him violently. It looked up at Sorah and roared, sending bits of spittle flying. He pointed the pistol to its face and fired. The headless corpse slumped on top of the warrior. He tried to shove it off collapsed. Sorah reached down and pulled it off him. The warrior picked himself off the floor, coughing. Sorah scooped up his sword and handed it to him. He took it and clipped it to his side.

      "Perhaps I was wrong before. I give you my thanks." He said.

He then walked over to the whip and pulled himself up.