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Operation: Burning Fury, Prologue: Settling the Score
Posted By: Spartan 006<minorchief@yahoo.com>
Date: 14 July 2006, 1:56 am

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      "Was it red, red, green, or red, green, red?" thought Spartan-005, Jeff, aloud as he wired the experimental promitarium implosion bomb. "Six, hows our exit?" he asked Spartan-006, Shawn.
      "We're good to go, Five." he said as he checked the ammo in his MA5B assault rifle. "Is the bomb set."
      "Yes, and we have approximately five minutes to get to the hangar."
      Do you mean you already armed it?" asked Shawn with a sigh.
      "Yes...is that a problem?"
      "Not as long as we get out of here in five minutes. We'll head through the main corridor, it should be faster."
      "Wouldn't it be more heavily guarded too?"
      "Yes, but that's the fun part. Load your shotgun and let's get a move on." As they made their way down through the main corridor they were surprised to find no sign of any Covenant. As snuck their way into the hangar, the reason was soon discovered.
      "Their going to glass another colony!" hissed Shawn silently. His anger peaked, but he brought it back under control.
      "Not if we can help it." said Jeff with a determined tone. They made their way around the swarms of cheering Covenant towards a nearby Phantom.
      "Can you even fly one of these?" asked Shawn as they entered the Phantom. An elite, which Shawn hadn't noticed when they entered, stepped from the cockpit of the Phantom. It rushed towards Shawn while firing it's plasma rifle. As the elite swung it's plasma rifle, Shawn sidestepped causing the elite to stumble. As it tried to catch it's balance, Jeff brought the butt of his shotgun down onto the elite's back, knocking it out of the Phantom. The elite yelled as Shawn and Jeff started up the Phantom's engines. The Covenant in the hangar were to confused to stop the Spartans as they flew out of the hangar.
      "How much time did we have left?" asked Shawn as he flopped down into a seat beside Jeff.
      "Forty-five seconds, but we still need to clear ourselves from the blast radius."
      "Then consider us cleared." said Shawn as he started firing up the remaining engines. Once out of the blast radius, Shawn and Jeff took a look through one of the orbital satillite cameras that orbited the planet. It showed that the entire Covenant fleet had been destroyed, but at a great cost. Two-fifths of the side of the planet that had been facing the fleet had been obliterated by the blast.
      "Do you think we made up for it, Jeff?" asked Shawn as he stared out into space.
      "Made up for what?"
      "Not being at Reach when it was attacked. Do you think that we've at least avenged them?"
      "I think we did just fine," said Jeff as he put his arm on Shawn's shoulder, "In fact, I think tha-" Jeff was thrown onto the floor as the Phantom crashed into something. Shawn tried to bring up the view screens, but was unable to. They turned around, and were blinded by a bright light.
      "Well, well, well. If it isn't the two little Spartans who told Admiral Pratt that they could do the mission entirely by themselves." said a familiar voice.
      "Jen?" said Jeff as he stepped forward. He was met with a punch that sent him flying back into the Phantom's controls.
      "Do you think that she's mad that we left without her and Molly?" Shawn asked Jeff sacasticly as he pulled Jeff off the floor.
      "Only a little said Molly as she and Jen led them outside of the Phantom and into the U.N.S.C. Venture. "The Admiral wants to see you to on bridge. It seems that we've already got another mission lined up for us."
      "Were do they have going now?" asked Jeff as took off his helmet. Light glared off of his tan MJOLNIR armor as they walked into the bridge.
      "Hello," said Pratt as he shaded his eyes from the glare off of Jeff's helmet, "would you mind?" he said as he pointed towards Jeff's helmet. Jeff looked down and was also blinded by the glare.
      "Sorry, Sir." he said as he placed it behind him.
      "No, it's fine, but let's get to the matter at hand. Fleet Admiral Hood has informed me of a most terrible turn of events," the Spartans made a quick glance at each other as Pratt continued, "It seems that our own Spartan-117 has discovered an ancient space staion known as a Halo. He has discovered it's possibilties, and Fleet Admiral Hood has ordered to send my best men to keep it from falling into enemy hands."
      "Will we get to see this weapon be used?" asked Jen.
      "I am afraid not, Spartan-008. The reason you are going is to hold it until we are able to figure out a way of destroying it that doesn't require blowing up one of our ships."
      "But I thought you said it had possabilities?"said Molly.
      "It does Spartan-007. It has the potential to wipe out an entire galaxy." The Spartans seemed amazed at the power that this Halo held.
      "If it really is this powerful, Admiral, then we need get there as soon as possible." stated Shawn.
      "Don't worry about it ,Spartan-006. We are already on our way there. Now, you all should go and get some rest. Once you begin, there probably will be none for any of you."