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Posted By: Spartan 006<minorchief@yahoo.com>
Date: 9 May 2008, 12:40 am

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Torn and broke in the fabric of time;
      Waiting and watching.
Forgotten and lost because of their crime;
      One which we did not choose.
Patiently making plans for their downfall;
      Scheming a great curse.
Only to realize that they had destroyed all;
      Destroying our purpose.

Millenia passed till they did awake;
      Slowly and surely.
Enough for our kind, a plan to create;
      Sure and foolproof.
To take their place would be our goal;
      To grind them to dust.
Destroy them utterly. Mind. Body. Soul.
      None shall remain.

All will see our kind return;
      Victorious and triumphant.
Life, renewed in us, shall turn;
      As worm to moth.
We wield the ancient power untold;
      The gift and the curse.
We were one of the races of old;
      Immortal, undying...