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Squad 47: Path to Victory, Part 4
Posted By: Spartan 006<bconthepc@hotmail.com>
Date: 27 April 2006, 1:05 am

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            Final Battle: Chiron-TL34 cont.

      The crowd of Spartans drew closer as they watched William and the other three red Spartans fight out their differences. The largest Spartan swung his fist high, but William leaned back and missed it by inches. The smaller one gave a low round-house kick. As William leaned back from dodging the larger one's punch he could see the smaller Spartan's attack. At the last second William pulled his legs up and did a backwards flip. While still in the air, he swung his right foot into the larger Spartan's shoulder. There was a loud screech as the larger Spartan's metal scraped against the floor, and ended in a loud crash as he slammed into the white wall. As soon as William landed, he was immediately assaulted by the smaller Spartan who let loose a flurry of punches in his direction. It was all William could do to keep from getting hit by the super-fast Spartan as he assaulted William closer to the wall. William's mind raced as he tried to find a means of escape. When William tried to divert his direction to the left the other Spartan attacked him more on the left; when he tried the same thing on the right side he got the same results. Got to find a way out of this mess. As he was forced back even closer to the wall William made a bold move and jumped backwards to were his back was against the wall. The other Spartan was surprised as he his punch swiped air instead of a body. "Come on," said William as he put his guard down, "let's see what you got."
      "It's alot more than you must think." growled the other Spartan. He made a run at William, and gave a powerful punch with his right hand. William was to quick though. William moved to the right just as the Spartan got to his point of no return, causing the Spartan's fist to become lodged in the wall. The other Spartan quickly brought his left hand down, but William blocked it with his arm. The Spartan was trapped, and it was now William's turn to go on the offensive. William pulled his left arm back up against the wall, and then slammed it into the gut of the other Spartan. As the Spartan recoiled, William through the Spartan's arm off of his, and brought his hand down onto his opponents neck, dropping him to the ground. His body fell to the ground with a metallic thud, and William pulled the Spartan's hand from the wall. He then turned to the last Spartan, hoping that he would back off instead of fight.
      Jude was deep in thought as he headed to barracks to pick up his weapons. "What could this thing possibly due to make the leiutenant so uptight?" he thought aloud. As Jude entered his barracks he threw his helmet down on his bunk. As it landed there was a muffled moan that came from under his bunk. Jude thought back to the leiutenant's words, It could put you in grave danger, Jude drew the knife, and slowly approached the bed. As he moved closer to the bed, he could hear frightened whispers coming from underneath it. He moved the knife into a stabbing position, and threw the matress off the bed, but what he saw was nothing that could do any lethal harm to him, or to anyone else. There, under the bed springs, sat four small children that looked to be about six years old. He put his knife back quickly, so as not to frighten them any longer.
      "Are you going to hurt us?" said a blonde headed little girl as she tried to scoot further away from the towering Spartan.
      "Of course not," said Jude calmly as, he squatted down so that he was more on their level, "I just thought that you were someone else was all."
      "So...you're not going to hurt us." said one of the other children.
      "No," laughed Jude as he stood back up, "but I would like to know why you're here."
      "We were brought here by some big men in suits." said the little girl, "They took us away from home at night, and wouldn't even let us say goodbye to our mommies and daddies." The girl let out a whimper. Jude knew how they felt. He could remember the night that the agents from ONI raided his home, and stole him away. The only thing that was joyful to him about that event was that they had not taken his sister with him. He now watched as the children started to get up and walk around the room, and pick up some of the few possessions that they had. "Other people like me will be coming in and out of here, so don't be startled if someone else comes in. They won't hurt you either." said Jude as he picked up his Battle Rifle and Shotgun, and slung them over his shoulder.
      "Thank you, mister!" said the children as Jude started out the door.
      "You're very welcome!"
      William walked confidently up to the red Spartan. The other Spartan didn't seemed phased by the sight of William beating down his teammates. "So, are you going to fight?" asked William. The other Spartan was silent. William started to walk away, but as soon as he turned around the Spartan made a run at him. The Spartan lunged at William, and put him in a headlock. He lifted William off the ground, and then started to spin round, and round. He let go of William, and threw him twenty feet into the air. As William started to fall he thought he could hear a faint buzzing. That buzzing turned into a ringing noise, and just as William was about to slam into the ground he was teleported away.
      William fell onto a cold, dark, metal floor with a thud. As he rose, he noticed that there was a plasma rifle in his right hand. Chiron...why did it have to here. This place drives me insane. He looked at his radar to see seven red dots within a close proximity of his location. He hugged the walls as he crepted silently through Chiron's dank corridors, all the while hoping that he wouldn't run into someone with a shotgun. Looking around the corner he saw an orange Spartan run through the teleporter. William snuck over to the teleporter as he raised his plasma rifle into a firable position. He ran at the teleporter, but when he got to the point where he should have gone through, he instead hit the wall. He grabbed his head in an attempt to stop the ringing. He went back to the teleporter, although this time more cautiously, and put his hand into the green ionic field. He realized that the other Spartan must be standing on the other side of the teleporter, thus blocking his passage. "Well, I guess we'll just have to give him a little insentive to move."said William under his breath as he leaned up against the teleporter. William could feel the Spartan on the other side of the teleporter moving away. All of the sudden, William fell through the teleporter to the other side. He rolled forward as he landed, and rose to find himself staring down the barrel of an 8-guage shotgun. The Spartan went to pull the trigger, but William pulled his feet out from under himself, causing the shotgun to miss it's target. The Spartan quickly shoved his shotgun at William's head as he tried to pin it to the ground. William rolled skillfully to the right as he brought his leg into the other Spartan's shoulder. The Spartan let out a moan as he slammed into the wall. William rose to his feet and rushed towards the Spartan to unarm him, but as he got closer, the other Spartan raised his shotgun, and fired a shot that took out William's shields. William responded by firing a few bolts from his plasma rifle, then he ducked behind a nearby pillar. The other Spartan responded in like manner. William grabbed one of his grenades, but then put it back. Blowing himself up wouldn't be a very smart thing to do at the moment. He spun out from behind the pillar, ready to give himself some covering fire as he made a fighting retreat to the nearest teleporter. He was surprised when he could see no sign of the other Spartan. Must of had the same idea going. As he walked over to the teleporter, he heard a click from above. He knew exactly what it was too. Immediately, he jumped back as a plasma grenade came down from above, and landed where he had just been standing. He pointed his rifle up just in time to see the Spartan fall on top of him. As the Spartan landed, he pointed his shotgun, once again, to Willaim's head, but William wasn't about to give up yet. He swung his plasma rifle and knocked the shotgun from the Spartan's hands, then he gave the Spartan a strong left punch to his visor, which sent him into the wall. Willaim didn't even get up this time, but just started firing from where he lay. As the Spartan's shields dropped from the volley of plasma William tossed him a frag grenade. For a moment, the Spartan was dazed, and didn't know what William had thrown his way. When he figured out what it was though, it was to late. The grenade exploded, and the wall was instantly covered red, black, and orange. William walked over, and picked up his dead foe's shotgun. He decided that he should continue more carefully from now on.
      Jude took a breath of fresh air as he entered the garage area of the complex. It was one of the few areas that were open to the outside, so he decided to walk a little slower to the command bunker. He looked at all the Warthogs that were parked in shops. There were LAAGs, GUASSs, and transport hogs, with the occasional ATV or Scorpion all lined up in a row. As he neared the bunker he could see a couple marines standing around a Spartan. Walking up to a current enlistment board, he pretended to read as he listened in on there conversation. When it turned out to be nothing but mechanical enginering, he decided to go inside. The inside of the bunker smelled of grease and oil, and there were vehicle parts piled up into one side of the room. As he walked up to the desk, he was greeted by a scruffy old man with a cigar in his mouth.
      "Whatcha' want ,son?" he said as he twiddled his cigar in his hand.
      "I'm here to register myself for a squad. Has anyone come in that is registered as #031890?"
      "Well, let me check," said the old man as he walked into the back of the room, "Ya' know," he said as lift a large cardboard box down off the shelf, "I've been here for thirty years, but I've never seen as many Spartans as we had here today. Yep," he said as looked up at the ceiling, "I remember being here when they were training the Spartan I's. Now that, boy, was a magnificent sight."
      "You mean you were hear when they were training the Spartan I's?"
      "Oh yes, they were wonderful to work with. Why I remember-" he stopped as the phone started ringing. He looked at the caller I.D. and sighed. "Well, it looks like Colonel Jackson wants to have another meeting over the phone. Here you go, son. These are your papers, have a nice day." he said as he picked up the phone, and smiled. Jude walked away with thoughts of the Spartan I's in action, wishing that the old man had had more time to tell of the Spartan I's. He looked down at the form he had been given; it said that the only member of his team that was done at the moment was the demolitions expert. The bottom of the form told him to meet the rest of his team down at garage area-B4.
      William could feel that he was getting closer to the end. His calculations told him that there were only two other people here besides himself. His shotgun was now the closest thing to a friend at the moment. He paused for a moment as he entered the junction room.
      It's sure is quiet here. To quiet. He heard a shotgun fire from above, as a Spartan fell from the floor above him. William quickly raised his shotgun, and blew off the other Spartan's head. He grabbed some shells for his shotgun from the dead Spartan, and then ducked behind a corner for a little game of head-to-head with the final opponent. He sat there for about twenty seconds without seeing any sign of movement, then suddenly, a grenade fell from the upper floor and exploded, thus creating an effective smokescreen. As the smoke cleared he thought that he could see a figure running through one of the teleporters. He advanced slowly towards the teleporter, as he grabbed the body of the Spartan that he had just killed. He lifted the Spartan's body up in front of his as he went through the teleporter. Upon entering, he was immediately blown back through the teleporter by a blast from a shotgun. As he landed on the floor he quickly threw the Spartan's body down, and rushed to a small corner of the room. The other Spartan walked into the room chuckling.
      "My goodness. How did you make it this far into the fight? Why, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that you weren't even watching me as I went through the teleporter. Stupid noob." She kicked his dead body and started laughing again. William slowly walked over to the Spartan, but as he got nearer, he stepped on a piece of the dead Spartan's visor that had been blown off in the explosion. The crackling caused the other Spartan to turn around. "Who are you!?!" she asked as she pulled her shotgun into a firing position. William didn't answer. He raised his plasma rifle and fired off a burst. The Spartan ducked behind a nearby wall, but not before some of the plamsa had impacted with her shields. William quickly threw a grenade, but it went around the corner the Spartan kicked it away. Next, he through a plasma grenade, knowing that if she kicked it that it would still get the job done. As the plasma grenade landed, the Spartan leaped across the hallway, and fired a shot from her shotgun. The blast caused William's shields the flare. He fired another burst of plasma, but none of this one hit the Spartan. William slowly advanced towards the entrance that she had dove into. He crouched, and then stuck his plasma rifle around the corner and had it blown out of his hands; the shot also took out his shields. The other Spartan spun around the corner, and threw a plamsa grenade right on William's visor. Knowing that it was over, William rushed at the other Spartan, and tackled her. Moments later, the grenade exploded, and all that was left was a piled of molten steel from their suits.
      William felt a cool rushed of air as he was brought out of the simulation pod. He went to the screen with the post-game carnage report to see where he had finished. Overall, he came in second to a Spartan from Sector-16 whose name was Rosco. Now it was time to go see his team.
      Jude read over the paper once more before he entered the garage. He looked around, but there was no one to be seen.
      "Hello. Is there anyone in here that is registered to squad#031890?" he said as he walked into the empty garage.
      "I'm back here," came a voice from behind the Warthog, "give me a second, and I'll be out there." After Jude heard the clicking of a rocket launcher round bieng loaded, a Spartan in cyan colored armor stepped out from behind the Warthog. "Hello," he said with a smile, "I'm Camden, demolitions expert."
      Jude walked around to the back of the garage. "So you're assigned to squad#031890?"
      "Yes, I take it that you are too?"
      "Yes, my names Jude. I'm the vehicle specialist."
      "Well I'm pleased to meet you, Jude. So who else are we waiting on?" he said, putting on his helmet.
      "The papers say that we're still waiting on our scout and support."
      "Do you know who they are?"
      "No, but I'm sure that they're-," he stopped talking as the sound of metal scraping metal was heard from up in the direction of garage 48-C. Jude and Camden ran out of the garage to see what had happened. There in the middle of the street laid a Spartan in white armor that had just been hit by a Warthog.
      "What was that for!?" yelled the white Spartan. Jude could tell from the voice that it was William. The Spartan in the Warthog, which was Etsev, just laughed at him and drove off.
      "Hey, William," yelled Jude as William started to walk towards them, "what are you doing all the way down here?"
      "Looking for my." he said as he brushed some dirt off his shoulder pad. "This is where squad#031890 is supposed to meet right." Jude stared at William for a moment, and then started laughing.
      "What a coincidence that me and you would get stuck on a team together!" he said. "Oh, by the way, this is Camden," he said, as he point to the cyan Spartan, "he's our demolitions expert, and I take it that you are our scout."
      "Yes, I am," said William, "and it's nice to meet you, Camden. So, Jude, what is Squad 47's first mission going to be?"
      "Who's Squad 47?" asked Jude.
      "That us." said Camden.
      "It can't be us," said Jude in a frustrated tone, "I told them that we were to be Squad AK47."
      "Jude," William, shaking his head, said, "they don't use letters in the squad designation."
      "Oh...well that makes sense then." After about fifteen minutes had passed their Warthog was brought to the garage. William and Camden stared in amazement at the Carrier 'Hog.
      "Where's the gun?" asked Camden.
      "There is no gun." said Jude as he hopped into the Warthog. "Our support will be bringing us a portable turret to use." At that moment, a crimson Spartan ran into the garage.
      With a portable turret in one hand, and an SMG and Battle Rifle in the other, she asked, "Is this squad#031890?"
      "A.k.a. Squad 47. Yes, this is squad#031890." said Jude.
      "Well that's good." she said. "I've been everywhere trying to find you guys."
      "Everywhere except for here." chuckled William. "So you're our support specialist. What's your name."
      "Oh, my name is Allicia, and yes, I am the support specialist for this team." William was about to ask another question, but was interupted by Jude who was repeatedly honking the Warthog's horn.
      "Hurry up," he said, "I just read that we need to go to Fort McNelson for orders on our first mission." Everybody hopped into the Warthog, and Jude floored the throttle, and they started on their way to Fort McNelson.

            The End of : Path to Victory.

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