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Squad47, Chapter 6
Posted By: Spartan 006<minorchief@yahoo.com>
Date: 12 April 2007, 9:57 pm

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      It took two hours for the medical team to arrive from the Thetalis Military Base. From what the Medical team was able to gather, and from the report of Daniel Blanc, it had been concluded that a surprise attack from the Covenant had taken place starting in the camps that were at the WhiteCaps mountains, and came down from there into the city. It was headed by the Brute chieftain, Tartarus. Their mission had been to capture a human vessel in hopes of using its maps or A.I. to locate the human base planet; to locate Earth. When the cruiser that they had been following seemingly disappeared they attacked Little Hector in hopes of obtaining its location, but what they found was just as good as the cruiser. Colonel Herbert Remming had been transported to the Honorable Humiliation in hopes that they would be able to "persuade" him to divulge the location of Earth to them. Major Jason Ford, who was left with command after the Colonel's capture, had asked that the Spartans meet with him at Thetalis Military Base in hope of formulating a plan to rescue the Colonel. The squad agreed, but noted that they were already on their way to the Malvent, a frigate class ship, to be transported to their mission location. Major Ford told them that he would contact the Malvent, and have it rendezvous with them at Thetalis. The Spartans agreed and followed the Major in their Warthog to Thetalis.

       Jude rolled their Warthog up the gates of Thetalis, as the Pelicans flew over the walls leaving the Spartans at the gate. They watched as a guard came up to the side of the gate.

       "Are you with the Major?" the guard shouted from atop the gate.

       "Yes!" Jude shouted back. You would figure that they would know about these kind of things. The guard signaled for the gates to be opened. It gave a loud shriek as it moved from its usual position. Since Pelicans were the main source of transportation, the gates were hardly ever used. They noticed as they drove through the base, which was 25 square miles, that it had surprisingly narrow streets. Marines stopped and stared as the Spartans drove by, they felt as though they were a sideshow in some bizarre circus.

       They were stopped by an ODST as they came to an intersection. "Are you looking for the Citadel?" The Spartans thought for moment before Willam answered.

       "I'm not very sure what the Citadel is, but we're looking for Major Ford. Do you know were we can find him?"

       "Yes sir, you're looking for the Citadel alright, see that large building that's sticking out above all the others." The Spartans nodded, "that's the Citadel. You'll find Major Ford. Just keep your eye on that tower and you should be able to find it."

       "Thank you, soldier." said Jude as they drove towards the tower.

       The Spartans proceeded to the Center as the sun began to set. They were greeted at the entrance of the Citadel by a team of rocket-toting marines. They were checked for any concealed weapons, and their weapons and Warthog were moved to a garage in the southern district. This annoyed them seeing as it was the Major who had asked them to come in the first place. Afterwards, they were taken to the rooms that Ford had selected for them to stay in.

       "The Major will need to see your squad in the morning." said one of the marines, "I will be waiting in the hall tomorrow, please notify me then and I will take you to see him." He then left the room.

       Allicia and Camden took a look around the room. The room at the entrance, the living quarters, had a marble-topped table with leather seats, A sliding glass door that lead to a balcony was directly across from the door, the moonlight shone through it and bathed the room in its earie glow.

       "They really pulled out all the stops on this one," said Camden as he sat down in one of the leather chairs, "They should spend less time on stuff like this, and spend more time trying to find better ways to fight the Covenant." Allicia nodded in concent.

       Meanwhile, Jude sat outside on the balcony running over the events that had happened today in his head. The Covenant were on a campaign to find Earth and if they were able to get that information from Colonel Remming then the war would be over. Millions of lives would be lost. He took a sip of water from the glass that he had. Unless something happened, they were fighting a losing battle. He decided to put his thoughts to bed for the night.

       The next morning the squad reported to Major Ford. "Spartans, you already know of Colonel Remmings capture. With the information provided by David Blanc and our scouts we located the Honerable Humiliation making stop in Mudai-Eina valley. We have a platoon of marines in the area, but we don't want to reveal their location to the Covenant. You will redverous with them there at the entrance to the valley. Any questions?"

       "Only one, sir." replied William, "How do we know that the Covenant will still be there when we arrive?"

       "Don't worry about it, Spartan, it will be there." Ford turned on a nearby holo-table which showed the terrain of Mudai-Eina, "The marines there keep a low profile, but they don't just sit around and do nothing. We'll contact them and have them make sure that the Covenant aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Oh, and I almost forgot," Major Ford walked over to the main computer and pulled out a disk, "this is Josia, he's an smart A.I. that was shipped to us last month. He would be more useful to you than he would to us." the Major handed the A.I. to Jude. Jude thanked the Major as he handed the A.I. to William. "To tell you the truth," the Major whispered, "I'm kind of glad to see him go. Really annoying if know what I mean."

       "Are you sure you want to do this?" Allicia asked, "It's not every day that a planet with this small of a population gets a smart A.I.."

       "Oh, don't worry about it." replied the Major, "This is key planet in the defense system. Actually, we are supposed to get another A.I. in a few weeks."

       The squad thanked the Major again for the A.I. as they headed to the southern district to gear up.