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SquadAK47: Path to Victory Pt.2
Posted By: Spartan 006<BillCounts@Mindspring.com>
Date: 10 March 2006, 7:59 pm

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      Attack of the Noobs! cont.

      William waited patiently as Bubble's group headed up the cliff. "Have you seen anything yet, Bubble?" he asked.
      "Not yet, William," he replied, "I do see an indent in the side of the cliff though. We'll hold up here while you and Estev come up."
      "Roger that. Come on Estev," he said as he turned to his partner who was almost covered entirely by snow, "We gotta go meet the others up on the cliff." Estev gave a nod of acceptance. As they travelled up the cliff face William was straining to see the path in front of him. As they had travelled up the escarpment it became harder to move forward. They were constantly slipping and falling in the knee deep snow.
      "William, are you there? This is Bubble. We have engaged the enemy. How much longer till you guys get up here? We could use the support."
      "We are almost there Bubble. Just hang on. Hurry up, Estev, we got to pick up the pace." William said as he pushed harder against the snow-turned-sleet.
      "That's easier said than done, my friend." answered Estev. " The snow seems to get worse the harder we try. It might be best to just wait here and tell the others to pull back."
      "No! They wouldn't even get ten feet away in this snow. We'll just have to keep going, because at this rate it's going to take something extraordinary to get us there in time."
      "So why don't we just wait here for the enemy, William?"
      "Because, if you don't want people to abandon you; you don't abandon other people. Even if it's not the best thing to do."
      Jude crept silently through the halls as he made his way to the training officers room. He was lucky, since everyone was watching the matches, there was hardly anyone in the hallways, except for the occasional janitor. As Jude entered the training officers room he was pleased to see that nobody was there. He sat down in one of the chairs next to the internal mainframe, and began to hack into it. Flying past all the firewalls, anti-intruder systems, and other preventitives. With the speed of a professional hacker he quickly hacked himself into the computer's core. As he entered he was puzzled to see an opened file that had nothing to keep people from looking into it, but he shrugged off the desire to look into it,and started doing what he had came hear to do.
      "Hacking file 0924/iss/iw/spartan 175," he repeated as the words came up on the screen in front of him, "50%, 69%, 87%, 96%, 100%, and we are in." A window appeared on the screen that showed the battle that was going on in the simulation chambers. "Here is were the fun begins," he chuckled as he flipped a large orange switch. "Hello, William. This is your favorite hacker here live from the trainers office. How may I help you?"
      "Jude?" asked William with a bewildered tone in his voice. "Jude is that really you? How on S.o.T.o.F. did you get on the comm.?"
      "I hacked into the internal mainframe. You wouldn't believe how easy it was." he said flipping a couple more switches. "But right now it doesn't look like how I got here is your biggest problem."
      "We're having problems with this snow. It seems to get worse the higher we get. We're almost to the others though, so we should be fine." William said as he peered through the snow. A lump of metal falling on his head told him that he was probably only one level under them.
      "I was talking with some people who were from the same base that your opponents are. They said that the people that you are fighting are supposedly great at fighting Covenant in simulations, but are horrible against other Spartans. They also said that the snow is the same all the time." Jude said typing away furiously.
      "Are you saying that they are either cheating, or having some outside help?" William said, he was now able to see Bubble, Ranger, and Jim behind some boxes that were in the middle of the path. They were being fired upon by a high-speed plasma turret from the Covenant-Warthog. He and Estev immediately started taking larger steps in the now almost waist high snow. Their shields flashed as the plamsa turret started to fire on them.
      "Hit the deck!" yelled Estev as he and William jumped forward behind the boxes, and crawled a few feet over to their teammates.
      "What took you so long?" asked Bubble who had now swapped his dual SMGs for purple rifle that shot out green hyper-charged particles. "We sent Bob back to get you, but he got killed as soon as he tried to leave. We're about out of ammo, and there's no way to get around and flank them. I think it is only a matter of time, William. The odds aren't very good."
      "We'll see about that." said William as he tossed his Battle Rifle over to Ranger. "Jude hacked into the mainframe a couple of minutes ago, and he said that these guys are supposedly horrible. Not only that, but he said that the Spartans from that base said the snow isn't supposed to come down this hard."
      "I suspect it's a virus or modd. that someone put on to give these guys an edge," said Jude, "I searching the mainframe now to see if I can find it. I'll let you guys know if anything pops up."
      "Okay, we'll hold the fort." said Bubble.
      "Or better yet," said Ranger as he picked up a handful of grenades, "we'll blow them up, and take their fort!"
      William, Bubble, Estev, Jim, and Ranger held their own against blinding snow, low ammunition, and an enemy that they couldn't see. But they were running out of hope for victory. Even the optomistic Jim was starting to wonder if there was any hope. The only thing that kept them fighting was the hope that Jude would be able to find out what was going on and fix it.
      "I'm out of ammo." yelled Bubble over top of the howling wind.
      "Do you have any grenades left?" shouted Jim.
      "Two, but they won't be any good. We can't see them and from the sounds of it their moving closer."
      "Don't talk like that, Bubble, that's what people talk like who are about to lose. And I don't know about you, but I don't plan to lose." said William as he fired out a whole clip out of his SMG. "Jude, do you got that thing fixed yet?"
      "Sorry, guys, I just can't seem to find it. Whoever downloaded it onto the system did a pretty good job of hiding it." he said as he leaned over on the mainframe's console.
      "What makes you think they downloaded it onto the mainframe, Jude. I mean, that would take a good while and unless they did it right before the match, or from an outside source there is no other way they could of done it." said Bubble as he slipped down next to a barrel.
      Jude sat there with a depressed look on his face. Not only would his friends lose, but they would lose to a bunch of lousy cheaters. But then his face lit up, he knew what to do. "Guys, guys, I've found it! I've found it! Bubble was right. They didn't download it. Instead they sent it by E-Mail as an attachment. They hid it in the best place ever. Right out in the open. I'll go deactivate it now."
      "An E-Mail attachment? My goodness that trick is so old." said William slapping his visor.
      "Yeehhaaa!!! Ya hear that guys." yelled Ranger at the top of his lungs. "It's time to kick their cheating butts!"
      Jude deleted the attachment and file. All of the sudden the snow stopped, and there in front of them stood six white Spartans dumbfounded at the site of a clear blizzardless path on the cliff. Everyone, except for the weaponless Bubble, charged the opposing force like a herd of rabid zabu. The other team started firing, but they were hopelessly outmatched. Not in weaponry, but in skill. William, Jim, and Ranger dodged, ducked, and evaded all the shots that were fired. They quickly stopped and returned fire. William fired three shots from his sniper rifle. He killed one them with a headshot, and took out another one with two shots to the chest. A third one ran forward as he unloaded his dual magnums into Jim. Jim just sat there and waited as the noob rushed him. As soon as Jim's shields dropped he lunged forward, unholstered his shotgun, and blew the noob's head clean off his shoulders. Two others rushed them, but Ranger fired his last rocket into them, sending them over the side of the cliff. Feeling a sudden surge of confidence rushing through them they turned back to motion the others forward. As they turned around to continue, they were thrown back by a sudden volley of plasma coming from the turret.
      "Bubble," yelled William as he ran for cover, "use your grenades to take out that turret."
      "Roger that." said Bubble. He stood up and look at his grenades. Come on lady-luck don't fail me now he armed the plasma granade, and then stuck it onto the fragmentation grenade he had. He threw the grenade right at the enemy's head. It hit him so hard that he flew two feet back before the grenade exploded, sending him over the cliff to join his fallen teammates.
      "Guess that's what happens when you cheat." said William as they were teleported out of the battle arena. "And being a noob dosn't help either."

      Final Battle: Chiron TL-34

      Jude ran back as quickly as he could back to the observation room. He was almost there when he stopped by Lt. Dobson.
      "Spartan-258, what are you doing in the trainer's office?" asked the Lt..
      "I was helping my fellow Spartans, sir." he said, hoping that would be enough.
      "I see." he said rubbing his chin. "Well, that's good to hear." he said with a smile. Jude let out a sigh of relief. "I need you to come to my office though. I have something for you. How soon can you come?"
      "I can come right now, Lt.." he said, although in reality he knew he needed get back to the observation room.
      "Is there anyone following you, or watching you right now?" asked the Lt. in a more serious tone.
      "Not within my knowledge, sir."
      "Good. Now, follow me down to my quarters. I have something that I need to give you."
      "Yes sir." replied Jude. He tried to hide it, but Dobson's behavior worried him. It wasn't like the Lt. to act secretive or to call him by his Spartan number unless there was something very bad about to go down. He shook of his worry for the situation though, as he knew he needed to not let the Lt. notice
      William was slightly surprised when he opened his eyes to see a giant domed room instead the cramped corridors of Chiron. As he looked around, he saw an innumerable amount of Spartans standing around making small talk. Where on S.o.T.o.F. am I, and how did I get here. Walking up to one of the other Spartans, he asked if they knew what was going on.
      "Why, we're waiting for the others to get done." he said.
      "Who are the others, and what are they doing?" asked William.
      "The other Spartans who are fighting at Chiron TL-34, who else. We wait here while they fight it out, and then when they're done another eight are taken out and allowed to fight. It's probably so the system doesn't overload."
      "That, and the fact that it would look real ugly having all these Spartans crammed into Chiron at once!" chuckled the other Spartan.
      After William had asked a couple more questions a buzzer went off. As he turned to ask the Spartan what the buzzer was for, he noticed that he and some of the other Spartan's standing around were gone. All that remained was some green sparks that had been created when they had been teleported. Guess that's what it's for. Well, better go find the others he thought as he started to wade through a sea of Spartans in the giant domed waiting room. It took him nearly a half-hour to find anyone that he recognized, but seeing that there was a small brawl going on over to his right he knew that it must be somebody from his team. They never did get along with strangers well. As he pushed, shoved, and elbowed his way closer to the fight he looked up to see a purple Spartan fly over his head, and land about ten feet back or so. It's Ranger. When he got to where he could see the fight he saw three red Spartans trying to take out a lone yellow one. William watched as the red Spartans tried in vain to even lay a finger on the yellow one. "Hey, Ranger!" yelled William. The yellow Spartan immediatly turned around, waving his hand in acknowledgement. The largest Spartan decided to take advantage of Ranger's being distracted. He walked up, grabbed him by the shoulder, punched him right in the faceplate; William was surprised that the visor didn't break. Landing flat on his back, Ranger looked over in William's direction again.
      "Why do you always cause my to get hit, William? Are you a jinks, or do you just enjoy watching me get my butt kicked?!" asked Ranger as William helped him up off the ground.
      "You know I like to see you fail miserably, Ranger."
      "Ha ha ha. After I'm through with these guys I'll fail miserably all over your head."
      "Who are these guys anyways?" asked William as he wiped some dust off of Ranger's armor; it was now as clean as a whistle, and had an enormous glare factor.
      "They're just a bunch of noobs I tell you. If wasn't for the fact that they jumped me I would of had them beat by now." yelled Ranger as he flailed his arms in the air.
      "What are you talking about!?!" yelled the normal sized Spartan, as he walked closer to Ranger, "you were teleported here, looked around, and then yelled, 'You guys are going down,' right before you ran towards us!!" William motioned for Ranger to step behind him, and let him handle this. Ranger did. Not due to fear, but out of respect for William. He knew William could handle himself.
      "You'll have to excuse my friend," said William, "he's what you might call an ignoramous."
      "Hey," yelled Ranger from behind William, "what did I tell you about using big words around me."
      "Listen, you. We don't want to have to hurt you. We just want the yellow Spartan." said the large Spartan as he walked towards William and Ranger. "So just hand him over, and we won't exterminate you. Got it?"
      "That's if you can." said William, as another buzzer went off, and teleported some of the bystanders away; one of them being Ranger. This is gonna be fun.
      Jude followed the Lt. silently down the hallways. The Lt. hadn't said anything the entire time. This seemed strange to Jude since he knew that the Lt. was a very talkative person.
      "Do you think that anyone is following us, 258?"asked Dobson.
      I wish he'd just call me by my name "No sir, I do not think so." Jude could sense the worry in the Lt.'s voice. "Sir, is something wrong?"
      "No, 258, nothing is wrong." replied Dobson as they neared his office. "Good, we're here. Please step inside." As Jude entered the Lt.'s office, he watched as Dobson went around his office, and close all the curtains, then lock the door.
      "Sir, I think now that we are here I deserve an explanation for all of this secrecy." said Jude folding his arms in a determined manner.
      "You're right, Jude. I'm sorry that I had to be so secretive, but this is very important. You could say it could determine the fate of the human race as we know it." said the Lt. as he opened his desk drawer. Jude took off his helmet, and scratched his head as he sat his helmet down on the Lt.'s desk.
      "Why would you keep something that important in your desk drawer, sir?"
      "Think about it, Jude," said Dobson as he took out a large file and tossed it onto his desk, "if you were the Covenant would you look for a device like this in my desk drawer?"
      "I guess not, sir."
      "Right." He searched in the next drawer. "Aww...here it is." he said, as he brought out a small, dusty, triangular shaped package. He blew on the package, and disturbed about an inch of dust. "Looks old doesn't it." Jude just nodded. He leaned forward as Dobson began to opened the package. "Now, Jude, before I open the package you have to promise me that no one else will ever know where you got this from. As far as everyone else knows this little meeting never took place. Understood?"
      "I understand, sir." Dobson unfolded the package very carefuly. As he pulled of the last piece of rapping paper Jude saw in Dobson's hand a small knife, with a blade that was about six inches long. It looked like a miniature sword in a strange sort of way. Jude tried to hold back a smile.
      "Sir, I seriously don't see how this knife is going to save mankind. I doubt that it could even save you from an elite, especialy if he had an energy sword."
      "It may look weak, but looks can be deceiving, Jude." Dobson paused for a minute, "You can break through an elite's shield in a couple of hits with your bare hands, am I right, Jude?"
      "Yes sir."
      "Well then, I'll give you five minutes to break this knife or anything on it. Think you can do it?"
      "Piece of cake, Lt.. Watch and be amazed." Jude sat the knife down in his hand and proceeded to pummel it into dust. He was amazed though, that after a minute and a half he had not even put a scratch on any part of it. Not even the ornamental jewel that was lodged in between the handle and the blade. The light glistened off it as though it were mocking his attempts at destroying it. "How much time do I have left, Lt.?" asked Jude as he leaned over on the desk to catch his breath.
      "You're over the time limit by two minutes." chuckled Dobson as he motioned for Jude to hand him the knife. "It's unbreakable, literally unbreakable. It's so durable that not even an energy sword could break it."
      "So, what is it that makes it so special that it can win this war for us?" asked Jude as he put his helmet back on.
      "I'm sorry, Jude. I can't tell you." He walked over to Jude and whispered in his ear, "Just keep it safe, and don't let anyone know that I gave it to you. It could put you in grave danger. You will know it's purpose when the time comes."
      This message sent a chill up Jude's spine. "Okay, Lt.."
      "Well, you better be on your way, Jude." said Dobson as he put a fake knife back in his desk, "I've already selected the members for your squad. As you already know it will be you and three other Spartans. You'll be meeting them at garage-F in Sector-8, so you should probably grab your equipment, and meet them down there as soon as possible."
      "Yes sir, and don't worry about the knife. It's in the best of hands."
      "I hope so, Jude. Just remember that you could be wearing the fate of all our lives on your waist."
      Dear Reader's Section
      Hope you guys are enjoying the series! This is the third of four in this part that I am doing--it's called Path to Victory to distinguish it from the others. If you think I do something with the characters tell me with a comment, because I don't read my e-mail. I hear also that some of you think the title for my series-Squad AK47-is strange. Now that I look at it, it is strange, but I've already named it that so there is no changing it now. I also hope that you liked the single story that I wrote-The Real Roswell. Please leave comments or review my story! I grately enjoy reading them. I am trying to make it so that I can post too.
      Long Live Halo,
Spartan 006