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SquadAK47: Path to Victory Pt.1
Posted By: Spartan 006<BillCounts@Mindspring.com>
Date: 8 February 2006, 3:21 pm

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Chapter 4: Stuck Between a Rock and a Heavily Fortified Position

      It had been ten minutes since the match had started, and Kiley, Joseph, and Laura had still not seen any sign of red team.
      "They're probably waiting for us to make the first move," stated Joseph as he leaned up against the cement wall of the bunker. "Do you think we should call Jude?"
      "No, we'll be fine," said Laura as she motioned to the rocket launcher in the corner."We'll be able to hold our own."
      "If they weren't a bunch cowards maybe we would see some action," said Kiley as she looked out the window. At that instant a sniper shot grazed her arm knocking out her shields.
      "I guess you're gonna get some action wanting after all, Kiley!" Joseph said as he tossed Kiley her sniper rifle. "There are two snipers on each side of their base's entrance wall. One has a sniper rifle which, of course you've already figured out,Kiley, but I think the other one only has a battle rifle."
      "Joseph, is everything fine?" asked Jude over his com, "We heard a sniper rifle fire, and we weren't sure if it was you or red team."
      "It was red team alright," said Joseph as he stuck his head out the window as far as he dared. He pulled his head back in just as a sniper contrail replaced the spot were his head had been. "I'm pretty sure it was William with the sniper rifle and Estev with the battle rifle."
      "No, it's someone other than William with the sniper rifle. William never misses." said Jude over the comm as looked over a map of the level. "Can you guys get any safe shots?"
      "That's a negative, Jude, we're pinned down, unless you guys can give us some covering fire."
      "Give me a second, and I'll try to form a plan. Jude out."
      "Roger that Joseph out." The battle raged as Laura, Kiley, and Joseph desperately tried to hold their position, but with red team having the higher ground, and the advantage of a preemptive strike, blue team was all in disarray, but it is in times like these that some of the most brilliant and/or suicidal plans are formed, and Jude had decided to pull out a plan he had used on William before. He knew William wouldn't expect it because he hadn't seen it since the day he had met Jude.
      "Laura, I have a plan that'll need the assistance of some of you're sporatic and heavy firepower." Jude said as he motioned for Goober and Hashbrown to up positions next to the edge of the wall.
      "Finally!" she sighed in relief, as she hefted her rocket launcher over her shoulder," What do you want me to blow up first?"
      "Now slow down there, Laura, let's take this one step at a time. I need you to blow a hole in red team's wall. How much time do you need?"
      "As much as you can give me, buddy, as much as you can give me."
      "Okay ,team, listen up," said Jude as guaged a round into his shotgun," I've got a fullproof plan to get us the victory, but it'll take timing, expert markmanship, nerves of steel," he paused for a second before continuing, "and a whole lot of luck. On my mark I need all of you to fire at red base so that they can't take down Laura. She's going to punch a big hole in the wall so that we can snipe directly into their base. Anybody see any flaws?" there was silence. "Okay then let's do this."
      Within seconds blue team was in position. The second before the order was issued there seemed to be a hush that encompassed the entire arena. No comm. static, no gunfire, no nothing. It was the calm before the storm. Jude remembered his words at the beginning of the battle, Although I can't tell you who will win ,I can tell you that this battle won't last long. Now was the time. Jude took one last deep breath. He knew he wouldn't get another until the battle was over. "Mark." was all Jude said as he twisted around the corner. A sniper shot rang out. Jude ducked barely missing the bullet. Now, it was their turn. Almost instantly red base was showered in steel. As the barrage commenced Laura popped her head out the window, and fired two rockets right at red base's wall. They were two direct hits, so she quickly reloaded and fired again.
      "Hold your fire." commanded Jude in a calm crisp voice. "Let the dust settle. I'm pretty sure we got most of 'em. The others are probably to stunned to fight anyway." As the dust cleared the entire blue team could see a Scorpion-sized hole in the wall. Something doesn't feel right thought Jude. As he stared into the disupating dust he saw something that made his blood run cold. Within the dust cloud stood a figure with a sniper rifle. Jude tried to tell his teammates to get to cover, but the sound of the sniper rifle firing seemed to muffle his voice as it took out Goober. The rest of the team immediatly rushed for cover.
      "What was that!" asked Hashbrown, who was now breathing heavily.
      "William." answered Jude in a low voice. "Hashbrown, I need you to get over to that wall. Understand?"
      "Good, get going. I'll give you covering fire. Joseph, Kiley, can you here me?"
      "Barely, sir." was the reply.
      " Listen to me. I need you to get up onto those walls and give Hashbrown covering fire. Got that."
      "Sir, yes, sir."
      Hashbrown made a mad dash to the bunker as Jude fired his BR at William, but William kept a bead on Hashbrown. Jude knew William's skill. It was phenomenal, almost legendary. He knew that the only way to get William to back off was to drop his shields, but his bullets sprayed to much and weren't able to drop them in time. The only thing that dropped was Hashbrown. Dropped dead. Jude then realized that he would have to rush William.
      This could get ugly Jude thought remembering what had happened earlier today when he had rushed William with an energy sword. That had been ugly. "Joseph, you and Kiley wait at the entrance before going in. William is very good, maybe even the best...well except for maybe me."
      "Copy that. We'll be waiting near the door for-" their sentence was cut off abruptly by an explosion. Jude quickened his pace. By the time he got there though it was to late. Kiley and Joseph had been killed by a stray grenade ,that Jude figured was a trap set by William. William had been right; it would come down to the two of them. Jude carefully walked into the room. As he entered he could hear a trigger being squeezed. He quickly dropped to the ground, just barely missing the bullet. As he landed, he swung his foot low, tripping William. He quickly followed that up by bringing his other foot down on the place where William's haed was, but William was to quick. As quickly as he had fallen, he rolled out of the way, dodging Jude's kick. He attacked Jude so quickly that Jude hardly had enough time to comprehend what was happening. William's kick sent Jude flying into the wall. William quickly drew his combat knife, and rushed Jude, who was now flat on his back. The blood rushed to Jude's head as he saw William lunge, but at the last second Jude pulled his legs up against his chest and then kicked them, so that they collided with the center of William's chest. As William flew across the room and hit the wall he dropped his knife. Jude knew this would be his only chance. He quickly grabbed a nearby shotgun and ran towards William. William tried to get up, but Jude slammed him back onto the wall with the barrell of his shotgun.
      "Well, William, I guess you were right," Jude said panting heavily, "you said it would come down to you and me, but I guess I win this time."
      "Don't be so sure of that, Jude. Your overconfidence will be your downfall."
      "Right, right, right. Oh well, good-bye William." And then he pulled the trigger. He stood there trying to take everything in. It was just so unbelieveable that, at first, he wasn't even sure what had happenned, but eventually sunk into his head that he had won. There was only one problem. If William was the last opponent then why am I still here? As he turned around he slammed his face into the barrell of a firing shotgun.

Attack of the Noobs!!

      Jude exited the simulation pod to see the entire blue team standing around his pod.
      "Did he get ya', Jude?" asked Goober sarcastically.
      "Nope," he said stretching his arms and yawning, " Bob got me." The team tried to constrain their laughter, but it was to much, and soon they were all ecstatic with laughter. "Hey, cut it out guys. I thought everyone was dead."
      "We're not laughing at you, Jude, we're," Kiley paused for a second trying to recover from the laughter, but only to resume by blurtting out, "Hmm... maybe we are laughing at you."
      "Enough, you guys," said Joseph, who seemed a little impatient, "let's go see how William is doing. Now that we're out we'll have to give William our total support."
      William sighed as he looked around the level they had just entered. Except for the map of the level they had been given they had never seen this place before, but what worried William was the fact that he had never fought these spartans before. The map he had been given said that they were inside some sort of structure, but it looked more like a tunnel. William sent Estev to scout the entrance as he rounded up the rest of his team to discuss their plan of attack.
      "Now, according to the map," he paused as he unfolded it, and laid it on the snowy metallic ground, "they should have spawned up here on the top of this enscarpment." he said as he pointed at the giant cliff near their position. "If we can get over to those rocks nearby we can probably make a run for the cliff."
      "But William," said Bubble who was picking up some dual SMGs that were lying on metal table near the back, "unless they're either stupid or really bad shots we're bound to get sniped. Every single one of us."
      "I've already thought about that Bubble,and there is a simple way to do this if everyone will cooperate." Everyone was now anxious to here what William had to say. "Since me and Estev have on white armor we will crawl out to a good spot where we can see up the enscarpment. Then you guys will all make a mad dash for the ramp, and start up the cliff. Afterwards me and Estev will follow." The team sat there thinking it over. Finally they decided that it was probably their best bet for winning. "Okay then men," said William as he rose from snow covered floor, "let's go kill some spartans!"
      As Jude and company walked down to the observation room they were almost overwhelmed by the amount of other spartans that had come. There were some from Algory, some from Eldern, and even some from as near to earth as mars. They were disappointed though in seeing that there were none from Reach. When they entered the observation room they were immediately greeted by their friends that they had defeated at Beaver Creek.
[indent"So William kicked your butt, Jude. Not a suprise really." said 16IQ as he led them over to some seats near a veiwing monitor that was used for observing the spartans in the matches, "But I guess that's what you get when you mess with the best. I hope his luck holds out though."
      "Do I sense some doubt in your voice, 16?" snickered Hashbrown as she sprawled out in her chair.
[indent"No, I'm sure they'll win, but I've heard some rumors that these guys are pretty good."
      "Just rumors, that's all they are." said Kiley.
      "I hope your right Kiley," said Jude as he stared hard at veiwing monitor. "I hope your right."
      The level was quiet as William and Estev crept out to rocks that jutted out of the snowy landscape. They noticed now that the cliff looked a lot steeper in person, but it didn't stop them. It only encouraged them.
      "William we just found something that may put a damper in our little plan." said Bubble over the comm.
      "Well, what is it?"
      "We just found a couple of ghosts and a new Covenant vehicle. It looks a little bit like the Covenant version of a Warthog."
      "Is that all Bubble?"
      "That's all for now, sir."
      "Good, William out." William thought it strange to put vehicle on a level like this, even Covenant vehicles, which handled much better. The lower driveable ground was to small and vunerable to be efficient. And the cliff would be only useful if you drove down on a suicidal run.
      "Is everything alright, William?" asked Estev as he tapped him with his battle rifle. "Ya' seem a little high strung."
      "It's nothing of importance, Estev. I just felt a change in the wind, that's all. And I don't think it is for the better.
      Jude sat in the observation room trying as hard as he could to figure out a way he could help William.
      "Don't worry, Jude, I'm 99% sure he'll be fine. You should just relax like the rest of us." said Joseph who was now calmer than he was before.
      "What is the other 1% then Joseph?" Jude asked. His face still glued to the monitor.
      "The other 1% is that he will have a little struggle then win, but I am 100% sure that he will win." he paused for a moment as he leaned back in his chair. "Besides, it's not like you can go and talk to him while he's in there anyway." All of the sudden Jude's face lit up with excitement.
      "Goober, you're the guy who always follows the rules. Do you happen to have a S.o.T.o.F. rulebook on you at the moment?" Jude asked.
      "As a matter of fact I do." replied Goober, "But if your going to do what I think your going to do, then I'll go ahead and tell you that it's legal." he said handing Jude the book. Jude quickly flipped through the pages, and sped through the part he was looking for. He quickly shut the book, and threw it back to Goober.
      "Thanks, Goober, I owe you one."
      "You're welcome." replied Goober as Jude jumped out of his seat, and ran out the door, nearly knocking over another spartan.
      "What was that all about." asked Hashbrown.
      "You'll see soon, Hashbrown, "said Goober as he looked back at the monitor. "Just wait."
Dear Readers Section
      I am glad to see that everyone is understanding my story. This makes me happy. I will recall one thing from the last story though. Halo Fanatic 2005 quote:
However the matches were so quick they ended before I knew what had happened. Try to expand them. One of my series has one match to one story. Try that.
      This is for everyone. If you tell me to read something please tell me the title so that I can find it. Hope you enjoyed the story.
      Long Live Halo,
Spartan 006