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Squad AK47
Posted By: Spartan 006<ShawnCounts@Yahoo.com>
Date: 13 January 2006, 3:14 pm

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Chapter 1 : The Last Few Days

William's pulse raced as he rounded the corner. He smiled when he found a dark hole in the side of the marble wall. As he sat down he checked the weapons he had left he knew his pursuer would soon find him.
Okay ,Jude, we both have no ammo left, you have an energy sword, and I have a plasma grenade. I know I will die, but I'm taking you out with me,he thought as he stood back up.
"So, William," said a voice from the outside,"ready to die?"
Perfect."No,Jude,I'm not." said William calmly as he activated his plasma grenade,"Are you?"
Swinging his energy sword Jude tried to stop William,but it was to late. As he watched William's decapited head fall to the ground Jude thought of how stupid he had been. Then the plasma grenade exploded.
Jude's pupil's dialated as his eyes grew accustomed to the bright lights of S.o.T.u.F. (Spartan Training Facility).He yawned as the simulation pod opened and released him from the cramped tube. As he exited the simulation pod something hit him in the back with the force of a Warthog. Oh no, he thought as he turned to see William's face. It was blood red from laughter.
"That's the third time this week that I've got you that way,Jude!" said William still hysterical with laughter,"you must have the memory of a goldfish or something!"
"Very funny,William,"answered Jude as he shut the simulation pod,"but I almost had you this time. Just a little bit lower and you would have missed."Jude continued his conversation as they entered the barracks. He knew today was special ,but the reason for it being special had slipped away."I can't remember what today is!"said Jude irritabely."Do remember what today is,William?"
"It's Tuesday ,shrimpfest at the seafood bar at Sector 3,the night they send us the report from Reach ,and the one you forgot was,that today is the day we are having the last of the sparring matches to decide the members of the permanent teams."
Jude just stared at William for a moment. "How do you read people's minds like that?"he asked shaking his head.
"It's a gift,"replied William as he opened his weapon's closet.
"Do you know the outcome?"he aked ,half-heartedly believing it would come true.
"No,"answered William as he put on his helmet,"but I have a feeling it will come down to me and you...again,"and with that being said he left the barracks to go sample the shrimpy goodness of the bar at Sector 3.
I sometimes wonder about him thought Jude as wondered the halls of S.o.T.o.F.. If I'm going to win I'd will have to practice,but there's no time left for practice.I need to be more patient is what it is.
"Hey,Jude," called a voice from behind,"wait for us!" As the figures came closer Jude tell that it was Ranger and Jim."Jude, we just heard from the counselor that they are going to move the battles up two hours. We'll be starting in about forty-five minutes.Isn't that awesome!"said Ranger. He was already suited up for battle mentally and physically.
"They've already put up the battle orders too,"said Jim who was also suited up."It seems that you're up against William ,16IQ ,Hashbrown ,Kiley ,Laura ,and spartans from different stations."
"Are there any from Reach?" asked Jude who was now deep in thought.
"No, the last anyone heard from them a small Covenant force was about to attack it."
"Don't worry Jude,"said Ranger,"they have John. What could possibly go wrong?"
"I guess you have a point." said Jude who was still lost in thought."I'll see you guys after I win the sparring matches."
"Whatever,"said Ranger sarcasticaly as he and Jim walked down a different corridor.
Chapter 2 : Debriefed

"All spartans report to combat simulation for sparring matches. I repeat. All spartans report to combat simulation for sparring matches,"barked huge speakers from S.o.T.o.F.'s blindingly white ceilings. Jude was suited up and ready for anything. As he walked to the simulation room he could feel the tenseness in the air.
The best trained units in the NAVY were about to try to kill all the others so that they could be the leader of their very own death squad. Jude knew it would be tough not only did he have to face spartans whose moves and battle strategies he knew ,but he would at the same time have to face opponents whose strategies and moves he did not know. As he entered the simulation room he was amazed at how many spartans were here. There must be at least one hundred and seventy-five! He stepped up to the registration machine and began his usual and frustrating endevour to get the machine to let him in.
"State your verification number,spartan."said the machine in a raspy emotionless voice.
"Spartan-258. Name Jude."
"Please,state verification number only."
"State verification pasword."
Why do we even have these stupid registration machines, Jude thought "The koalas eat flesh at midnight."
"State rank."
"Petty Officer."
"Welcome Petty Officer-258. Please enjoy your stay in simulation hall 1/B."
"Finally," thought Jude as he entered the main hallway,"I'll enjoy my stay when they get rid of those confounded registration machines." Five minutes later all the spartans from S.o.T.o.F. were gathered in Locker Corridor-A to be debriefed on the way things would be working during the battles.
"Four teams of four spartans each will be battling in the first round."stated Sgt. Hypes,"Who will be on which team will be decided by the battle network computer. The first team to lose all their members will be illiminated. After that round you will be divided into two teams. These two teams will join the remaining spartans from the other bases. After a few more rounds of that the rest of the battles will be no teams. Are there any questions?"asked the sargeant. After a few moments of silence the sargeant issued the spartans to simulation pods to begin the battles.
Chapter 3 : The Battles Begin

Jude opened his eyes to the lush,digital ,simulation world he knew so well. By seeing his surroundings he could tell that they were at Battle Creek,or Beaver Creek as it was now known. His team,green team,was composed of Kiley,William,Bubble,and himself.
"We'll go over the rules one more time before we start,"said Sgt. Hypes from inside their H.U.D.s,"You will each have one life. If you get killed you will be out the rest of the match. If you die and your team wins ,you will be automatically transported to the next arena. If your team loses you will be pulled out of simulation mode,and you can watch the rest of the matches from the lobbies in halls 1/B ,4/F ,and 11/D. The match will begin now!" Even though the match had just started there was already chaos. Bubble had accidentally committed suicide with a rocket launcher while trying to take out Jim. Toting his sniper rifle Jude rushed up the path opposite of the giant arch and jumped into a nearby tree. His cobalt armor blended well with the leaves in the tree.
"William,I am in position,over,"said Jude over the com.
"Copy that,Jude,I'm in position as well."
"Good,"said Jude as he lined up a spartan's head in his crosshairs,"very good."
After about two minutes of intense fighting Jude was suprised by the fact that he hadn't seen anyone in two minutes. He knew Beaver Creek well,and knew that it was quite small for four teams to fight in. Must be only on or two left per team he thought. As he reached for his sniper rifle ammo he noticed that he no longer had any ammo left. Even though he figured that there were only about six more adversaries he also knew that the best were always last. He leaped stealthly from the tree as he headed for Blue Base. As he entered the base he felt a sudden chill. I probably won't need this for long he thought as he dropped his sniper rifle to pick up a magnum. He moved silently through the base,knowing that an adversary could be right around the corner. As Jude entered the back room of Blue Base he felt that sudden chill again.
"William," called Jude over his com as looked around the room,"I need to know how did you do that fancy grenade trick 'cause I think I'm going to need it."
"Just throw the grenade right before he kills you." replied William as he fired off a sniper shot.
"Okay,thanks," said Jude as he pulled out a grenade for his unknown enemy. Then ,from behind he heard the hissing sound of an activated plasma grenade. He whirled around quickly and through his own fragmentation ,but right after he threw it the plasma grenade was stuck to his face plate. He tried to move it so he could see his killer ,but the grnade fuse was to short. His grenade went off first. The screech told him he'd hit his mark ,but his joy was quickly extinguished by the grenade on his now torched faceplate. Next thing he knew he was in the post-battle room surrounded by the surviving teams.
"Did we win?" asked Bubble in an anxious voice.
"Of course,Bubble. Did you think we'd lose?" stated Kiley sarcasticaly.
"No,I was just asking,so knock it off." said Bubble with a little tone of anger in his voice.
"Okay you two," boomed a loud voice from above,"we're about to start the next match. The teams this time will be Jude,Hashbrown,Kiley,Goober,Joseph,and Laura on Red Team. Bubble,William,Ranger,Jim,Estev,and Bob on Blue Team. The level will be Foundation. The rules are the same as before,first team to lose all their members it out. Ready...BEGIN!!!"
The teams were ready for combat, they were ready to kill their opponents ,and they were ready for victory.
"Jude,"said Goober,"Kiley and Hashbrown wanted to go on recon,but I decided I would let you command the team. Is that okay with you?"
"Sure,I'll be the captain. Go ahead and tell Kiley she can take Joseph and Laura to the center bunker. Have them set up a position there then we'll give them further orders from there."
"Yes,sir!" replied Goober as he trotted over to Kiley.
As Jude sat down in the corner to look over a map of the level he heard an extremely loud "What!" that almost caused him to fire his magnum. He looked up to see Kiley arguing with Goober.
I better fix the problem I've just created he thought as he waltzed over to were Kiley was standing. "Is there a problem,soldier?" he asked in a stern ,calm voice.
"Yes,there is a problem,sir!" she yelled,as Jude tried to restrain himself from backhanding her halfway across the room."Why on this good planet were you going to send Laura out with us on recon? She's not good at stealth! She is good at blowing things to smithereens!"
"The reason she is going with you,Kiley,is because you are not just going down there for reconnosince. You are going to watch the enemy until they notice you ,then you will engage and destroy. That is why,soldier."
"Oh...," remarked Kiley sheepishly,"I'm sorry,sir. I shouldn't have doubted your decision." With that she rounded up Laura,and Joseph,her brother,and headed for the center bunker.
"What would you have me and Hashbrown do,Jude?" asked Goober.
"Grab your sniper rifles,and watch for the enemy." Jude said as walked towards the exit ,checking the amount of shells in his shotgun,"Although I can't say who's going to win,I can tell you that this battle won't last long."
Dear readers,I hope you have enjoyed the story. Do to the fact that I use someone else's computer to do this,and they do not wish to give away their IP Adress,I will be replying to people's questions about the story down here.
Long Live Halo,
Spartan 006