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Fades to Black
Posted By: Solidus Snake
Date: 3 August 2005, 10:02 pm

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       Fades to Black

My name is Chris Stone and was captured by the Covenant after they boarded our ship the Pillar of Autumn. For two days they torture me, for no reason, for their own fun. They burn my skin, cut me, beat me, and whatever else they wanted to do. The pain is too much and I don't know how much longer I can last. They broke my spirit, gave me a sick feeling inside that I wasn't going to make it. God, don't let me slip to the black space tonight.
       I try not to think of Death, my captain would tell me to be strong and I try. I'm fighting Death, kicking him in the face: But for how long? My mind is changing, bending and turning. And then there is that feeling, of no hope inside. Fucking life, its always been hard. I've been fighting all my life trying to survive.

       Just do it now.

I wish now that I could turn the hands on the clock back and change this history. But this power I don't have, I don't have the power, they do. Any time they want, the Covenant could break my clock's hands and stop time for me: Forever Darkness in mind.

       They pick me again?

Two Covenant guards come up to my cell and they stare me down as if they already hold my fate. The bars come open and they drag me out of my cell. My body is almost limp and my legs are like jelly, can't move them and they just drag behind me on the metal floor. The guards, they make sure to squeeze hard on my arms and their claws jabs in.
       They are talking to each other, they are talking about someone called the Green One. I know who, Master Chief. Maybe they want information from me about him, I wouldn't know anything, so I maybe I'm going to die after all.
       We finally arrive back to the same ole room they abuse me in, but there is someone new than from before. It is a White Elite wearing the brightest armor of all. The two guards drag me up to him face to face and the White Elite snarls. Then his head comes closer and asks, "What do you know of the Green One?"
       The words come out my mouth, "His Green, mean, and a Covie killin' machine." That's the insanity kicking in. And this angers the White Elite and there is a hard back hand slap from him. Blood fills inside my mouth and I cough, spitting dots of blood on the White Elite's armor.
       He grabs me by the throat, "Do you want to die? If not, tell me of the Green One."
       What a dilemma, just like any other dilemma. What would I have to live for? My wife is dead, she died of cancer, my son who was a Marine died at Reach. And I'm dead inside. So I took that two seconds to think, "Fuck you." I smile mocking the Elite.
       I just have chosen my fate and maybe this will be better. I would rather die than have to see these sons of bitches.
       "Useless, do whatever you please, but once your done, question the other humans." The White Elite takes a finger and glides it across my for head creating another cut to pick and poke at and he walks out.
       They bring me up to this table that is upright and they chain me down to it. "Do a favor for me, kill me quickly now, and then torture my body."
       I didn't really expect a response and they just go about their business. Off a table they pick up a knife they took off of one the Marines and I only fear the worst.
       "What are you going to do, cut my fingers off?"
       I guess that sparked a idea for them but they weren't going to cut them off. Instead the Elite with the knife reaches for my hand and puts the point under my fingernail. And then he applies pressure. God, its hurts so bad. The blade starts to go under my nail and then deeper. The blade gets bigger and the nail comes off as the point travels up my finger. They stop and there is a strip of skin hanging off my finger and all I could do was scream. The air hits the nerves where the nail came off and the pain increases. They go to my next finger, then the next, and so on until all four fingers were done.
       A Elite grabs my chin and stars down at me, "I'm tired of all this screaming."
       I knew what he meant and I try to keep my mouth shut but his strength over comes and he prise open my mouth and reaches for my tongue with his sharp fingers. I can taste the blade and my own blood and he continues to cut it off. Then it happens. The nerves in the tongue where still moving and my tongue was jittering in the Elites fingers. I was mute, and I try to scream but instead I sounded like a zombie. There was massive blood and it was just pouring out of my mouth on the floor as I try not to swallow it and drown on my own blood.
       This is horrible, torture is horrible.
       "I've grown tire of this human."
       The second Elite then speaks, "Let's feed this one to the Jackals."
       The Elite was kind enough to give me a stab from the blade that went into my major organs. My hearing went out and my vision starts to dim. The pain was no longer bothering me and I could see the darkness for forever sleep. Slowly my heart stops beating and after a couple of minutes, my brain dies and I no longer live. Peace at last.

       Fades to Black