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Into the Fray of Insanity
Posted By: Solidus Snake
Date: 27 July 2005, 6:16 am

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Might be a little rusty.

       Into the Fray of Insanity

United Kingdom

Large screens illuminated the dark room in a dark blue color. Appearing on the screen were more Covenant ships along with a giant flag ship in the middle of the armada of Covenant enigmas. They arrived only five minutes ago right at the edge of Saturn. Not moving at all, just floating there in the quiet space.
      "Any movement?"
      "No General."
      "Hm . . . " The fifty-nine-year-old General removed his cap and rubbed his partly bold head. "What happen to the one ship that was here?"
      "Went into slip space destroying the city and killing no telling how many people."
       The old man put his cap back on and moved closer to the screen. "Search and rescue?"
      "On their way."
      "Hm . . . what about the space defense, how bad is it?"
      "We only lost about two MAC guns and three ships."
       Just then the screen beep as the first wave of the armada started to throttle up and move toward Earth. "ETA?"
      "ETA is thirty minutes."
      "Don't let the damn bastards through." He cursed.


The streets were empty with no life at all and it just turned midnight here. It is a heavily populated city and a lot of people have evacuated but many stayed at home hoping to fight off the Covenant if they come to their doorsteps. Usually there would be many Germans out drinking and dancing to the Old Country music. Ever since the people learned about the Covenant everybody been a little tensed. And having Marines and National Guards patrolling the streets 24/7 and seven days a week, it made everybody a little more nervous.
       The American Marines have been there ever since the end of the Second Great War as stated in the treaty's constitution. But one can't help to think what would it be like if the Third Reich won. Of course Hitler made the bad choice of going into war too early hoping to rule before he dies of cancer and hesitating to take Russia and taking the War to the US doorstep. If he did win, what would it be like today? The Germans were far more advance in weapons, and maybe we would've made some kind of "super laser gun" that could destroy a planet.
       At the edge of the city there is a small military base full of Germans and American soldiers.
      "Actung, actung." The once noisy crowd of fighters quit down to hear what the half Irish, half German, American Commander had to say. "A lot of you know must've had heard what happened in Africa, but something ever more urgent has come up. Earth is now under a full scale invasion and a wave of ships are coming as we speak."
       The room then again erupted into chatter again as the Commander tried to calm them down.
      "Listen, all of you must get into full uniform, get your weapons and prepare for the fight for our lives. All of you must report to your stations in the city and await for more reenforcements. Rest of you that don't have one, find one, secure. They won't be coming from the borders but from air. Be prepared. Dismissed."
       At the vehicle depot station teams of soldiers got into their Warthogs. Each team there is two Hogs, one with guess cannon and one with a chain gun. Some got into tanks along with Marines along side.
      "Come on Kurt, you ready?"
      "Yeah Dave."
       Dave Benton is a five foot nine, dark blonde hair, and blue eyes German. Typical German looks. He once live on the country side of Germany and he would race his classic Porsche 911 back and forth from home to work. Wasn't for long until he joins the German National Guard and once was station at Ramstein air force base. Then he was issued to this base this very day. Dave drives the Warthog all the time since speed is his passion as in most Germans. He has a little gratitude for Hitler for making the Autobahn which once was call Die Strafun Adolf Hitler which mean Adolf Hitler's Highway.
       His friend Kurt Russell is a tall man at a height of six foot four. He has short dark hair, and has the ugliest scar going from his left side of his mouth and around the side that looked like a lighting bolt.
       Dave of course gets in the driver's seat while Kurt sits in the passenger's seat. A Marine that came from the tents got on the chain gun. With the second Warthog behind them they head toward their block. As they get on the bridge, Longswords and Pelicans fly over head. Dave is fascinated by the Longswords as they screech by with great speeds.
      "What's that Dave?" Kurt asks.
      "The Longsword, they are beautiful." Kurt and Dave have been friends for about seven months now ever since they were transferred there. He is amazed by his knowledge of cars and even more amazed by his English.
      "Yeah. Rather be up there than down here." Kurt said with a grin.
      "Don't know man."
       Soon as they are off the bridge Dave makes a quick left turn. "Well . . . the Covenant seems to own the skies with their Covies planes of hell. Hate to be them. Heard, ever since the war the Covies ruled the skies, or in their case space. I don't know."
      "Speaking of which, I wonder what's going on up there."

Aboard Longsword 43 from UNSC battle cruiser,
       The Majestic

"Coming within range. Engage?"
      "Let's see what this bird can do."
       As the Longsword increases speed with his squadron behind him, Covenant landing pods and fighters zipped toward him. One fighter engages him and it was time for basic maneuvers. The Covenant craft appears no match as the Longswords gets behind it. "Fox two." A missile explodes out a pod and strikes the Covenant fighter destroying it in a fiery hell.
      "Welcome to Earth."
       More Covenant fighters appear from no where with great speeds. A Covenant cruiser comes within Longsword 43's range and decides to back off as they open fire on the human fighter. And then there was a massive explosion. A ballistic missile tore apart the cruiser as Longsword 43 was rattled by the shock wave.
      "Awesome." The fighter ace said.
      "Sam! We need to get over to the de la Rosa."
       It took only five seconds to get to the de la Rosa to find two cruisers attacking the ship that is carrying a payload of nukes. Useless, the cruisers are too big for the Longswords and the de la Rosa lights up.
       "Damn it." Sam cussed.
       Sam and about a dozen other fighters got the hell out of dodge. Then, the ship explodes, from the inside.
      "See that?" Sam's wing man said.
      "Yeah, bomb, from the inside."

Twenty minutes later and the battle is still going on. Sam is having to return to The Majestic after he runs out of missiles and only five hundred shells left in his chain gun. The Majestic is about ten minutes away from the battle at the MAC cannon star ports. Sam asks for permission to dock and was granted.
       As he came to the docking port a laser on his ship meets with a laser in the docking station and then turns the controls over to the computer. Once in the dock doors close and the air is pressurized and gravity is back to normal. Sam doesn't have to worry about adjusting the craft to the normal gravity as the computer does it for him. Once done, another large door opens up and the ship heads in and docks at landing pad marked 43 on a large platform.
       Immediately technicians and loaders head to the craft. A hose is put in place and fuel is fed to the fighter. Missiles and shells are brought out on a cart and they begin loading the ship carefully. Sam gets out of the Longsword for it will take a while and starts to talk to a good friend of his.
       Sam takes off his helmet. "Greg, what's the news?"
      "Well, so far. We have the first wave outnumber."
      "50 to 20."
      "Wow, out there it seems like we're the ones outnumbered."
      "Yeah well, the Covenant armada sent another wave about twenty minutes later. We'll be over run in no time."
      "Five minutes." A loader said.
      "Okay." Sam replies, then he turns to Greg. "Damn, I think we're screwed man.
      "Yeah, hopefully a miracle will happen."
       Sam put his helmet back on, "We need all the help." His voice was muffle and hard to hear but he didn't care and proceeded to get back in his Longsword.
      "Let's have a good fight." Greg said to himself.

Once back out in space Sam took the controls over again and went back toward to battlefields which was much, much closer than before. The UNSC defense line was pushed back further and the Covenant wave seems to be fresher and larger than before. The giant MAC cannons were free to shoot and there was much more hectic.
       "Let's have a little fun and a few laughs." Sam said to himself keeping his cool.
       It wasn't long until his wing man joined him again and said he needed to restock also. As he got closer to the battle, the shock wave intensified. A good way away a Covenant cruiser erupted in a fire ball engulfing several Covenant fighters heading out to battle. A Covenant body (looked like an Elite) passed him as he watches it go by on a object warning screen and couldn't help but laugh.
       "In space, no one can hear you." He chuckled.
       As he got into the heart of the fierce battle, he launches a missile at a Covenant boarding craft and more bodies flew out. A UNSC destroyer in front of him was hit by a Covenant torpedo. The side of the hull was struck. Bodies and vehicles were being thrown out of the ship as the air was sucked out into space.
       "A cruiser broke through and is making a run for Earth."


"Look at that."
       The two Warthogs come to a stop outside of a café shop to be stunned to see what's over head. The sky turns black with no stars in sight. Flak then light everything up when an eerier metallic ship appears. The flak and AA have no effect to the ship.
       Everybody is dumb founded at first and then come back to their senses, a damn invasion. Longswords scream by unloading everything it has into the beast. Isn't long until drop ships are launched. One drop ship comes close and then shot out of the sky by a Longsword's missile and comes crashing down into a building followed by an explosion raining glass to the ground.
       North of where they are a Covenant drop ship lands on Earth soil. "Over there, let's kick their ass!" Kurt yelled.
       Dave like a race car driver throws the Warthog into first gear and hits the gas. Behind them the other Warthog follows but not closely. Turning two corners and down a street, two Ghost come into view coming at lighting speed. The gunner opens fire at one of the Ghost. One of the wings rips apart as the bullets cut into the foreign metal. The Ghost nose dives and then flips as the driver's neck is snapped on the asphalt.
       The other Ghost fires upon the Warthog. Plasma bolts hit the window of the Hog and the glass starts to melt. But it isn't long until the Ghost is destroyed with a single shot by the guess cannon. The melted edge is glowing red and Dave looks behind to see the Ghost destruction pass by.
      "Close one, thanks."
      "No problem." He said in German.

Gold armor gleams from a burning car as a sword glows and hums. Grunts around the gold armored Elite are too busy pissing their selves trying to set up plasma turrets and Elites are storming into building killing whatever looks at them different.
       Another drop ship goes down behind the Gold Elite and he couldn't help but look in anger. Just as he starts to soak in the moment Grunts are being blown away by the awesome power of the chain gun and guess cannon.
      "Humans! Burn them to the ground!"
       The Elite gets in a fighting stance and anticipates the Warthog to try to run him down so he can try and jump on the vehicle and hack away. His mistake. The Hog does a sliding stop and the Elite roars and breaks out for them. But never bring a knife to a gun fight.
       Hot bullets from the chain gun rips through the shield instantly and the pain is too much for the eight-foot warrior. Blood spits out and the armor is shredded and the bastard falls down dead. Two Elites from a second floor of a building fire upon the Hogs hoping to get a lucky shot on one of the human. But it isn't long until the guess cannon fires into the building tearing the Elites apart. The Warthogs speed off again to another site where Covenant has been seen.

In a dark corridor of an apartment building two Covenant Elites with active camouflage prepare for a slaughter. One Elite busts through a door to finds a family of three. The father has a pistol and tries to hit the hidden intruder as the mother and the little boy scream. But the Elite has no remorse and burns them on the spot. In the hallway two Marines come into the building firing the SMGs blindly. One Marine is stunned by a rib breaking blow to the stomach and then the neck is snap into.
      "Oh God!" The creepy bastard becomes visible and then grabs the human by the neck and with his powerful strength, slams the Marine against the wall. The Marine struggles but its useless and the Elite already has a plasma gun to his head.
      "Close and personal." The Elite growls and three shots are fired. "Faceless."
       Once the body is on the ground the Elite goes back into camo and begins walking on the dead body cracking the fragile bones.
      "There has to be more outside." The Elite said knowing there will be.

On a rooftop of a small building two Marines watch the doorway where two Elites went in followed by two Marines. The spotter has a scope with thermal turned on, and saw the two Marines go down and so did the sniper. The sniper watching through the thermal too was about to take a shot when it was too late.
      "Got'em in site." The woman sniper said figure firm on the trigger.
      "Take it."
       A single bullet rips through the soft concrete wall and into the Elite's chest. The body went down and the other Elite is stunned wondering what has happen.
      "I wonder what happen to him." And another bullet rips through the concrete taking another Covenant life. The woman looks up at the spotter and said, "Not bad for a lady." And then she gives a friendly wink.
      "Just stay alert." He said smiling, "After all this is an invasion."
       The cruiser stops over a small park and a gravity lift beams down.
      "Here they come." The woman sniper said. "I want to get a better view."
      "All right."
       Both of them gets up and heads down a ladder on the side of the building and heads toward a taller building.

"Dave, stop up ahead." Kurt orders.
       Slowly the Warthogs come to a complete stop and Kurt gets out of the passenger's side of the Warthog. Up ahead there is a Marine at a machine gun turret. As he got closer, he tries to get his attention but there is no response until he is right next to him. Kurt puts his left hand on his shoulder and shakes him and the head falls off. Quickly he walks backwards and a little shaken up to see someone's head fall off.
       Behind him he heard a blood thirsty roar and jumped around with his rifle pointed up. A golden armor Elite sprints out toward him and Kurt tries firing at him. Just as the Elite is six feet away, the chain gun lets loose. The Elite isn't strong enough to take the bullets and falls to the ground bloody and in pain.
      "He's still alive!" Kurt yells out.
      "Well kill him!"
      "Okay." And Kurt fires two rounds in the back of the Elite's head.
      "Come on Kurt!"
      "In a minute." Kurt still curious he walks toward a dark alley. As he goes into the alley he hears what sounds like water so he reaches to his helmet and turns on a small like. Blood. It was blood, and the blood came from bodies of Marines and civilians. There were two Marines, one cut into at the waist and three civilian bodies, there's a man, a woman, and . . . my god. A baby. The Elite must've been chasing them until they were killed down here.
      "Son of a bitch." Kurt turns his light off and walks out from the alley and into the Warthog.
      "Thought something happen to you." Dave said but there was no answer as Kurt reloaded his rifle. "Hey, we're gonna go towards the ship." No response. "We heard over the COM channel that several teams are going there to try and repel the Covenant."
      "Let's go then." Kurt said finally saying something.

The two snipers finally found a good enough building and processed inside. The building is a thirty stories high and walking up the building isn't on their mind. But that's what they're trained to do, endure. But why walk when you can take the elevator, which is still working so power is still up but for how long? The spotter clicked the call elevator button and waited for a few seconds when the elevator doors opened up.
      "Still works." He said singling for her to go first. She raised her eyebrow, "Proper thing to do." And they both got in. "Tenth floor good enough?"
      "Oh yes."
       Once they got to the floor, both slowly walks through the hallway. With the sniper rifle in hand the spotter bust down a door and find it empty, perfect. They set up everything on a small table in front of a window and take a seat. The park is huge and is used for festivals and carnivals. There is a small lake at the other side of the park. In the center there is the gravity lift beaming down to the ground. Around the lift are some Ghost, a Wraith tank, and them weird alien box doo-hicky are everywhere.
       The spotter takes a look around and spots maybe fifty Covenant soldiers, mostly Grunts trying to get things set up there. Within seven seconds two Hunters float down followed by three Brutes.
      "Need a window of opportunity." The woman sniper said.
       And just like that four Warthogs zip into the park about tens yards away from the Covenant. Not the opportunity she was looking for but she couldn't just sit there and watch. So she fires, taking some careful shots mostly consisting of the most dangerous foes. Two Elites go down and a Brute and she tries to take out one of the Hunter but the bullets just go bing.
       By now the battle has gone from quiet to all hell. From the mass crowd it's just mostly little stuff like Grunts and some Jackals but it isn't long until the Ghosts are up and the Hunters are pissed. One Warthog is completely blown away by the very powerful fuel rod cannon. Another one goes boom but this time by a carefully place plasma grenade. The rest of the Warthogs decide to retreat when the threat is way too great and then the COM channel breaks open.
      "Where is the damn Longswords." The American yelled.
      "Roger, we're our way."
       The woman sniper took one more shot at an Elite and looked at her spotter. "This place is about to go boom." And then went back to taking more lives.
      "Targets acquire." Two Longswords with their beauty come screaming in that would make anyone crap their selves. As they sweep by, they use some old favorite methods of dealing with insects, napalm. It doesn't take long to burn these insects and the whole park is on fire. More Longswords come in and shoot some missiles at the gravity lift's entrance. Few seconds later a good size explosions erupt inside the ship, and the gravity lift blinks off. Time for their next target. The pesky bay areas. More missiles fly toward the ship and into the ship's bay. A drop ship tried to get away but was caught into the blast sending it down toward the Earth.
       The spotter looks up out the window and can see the drop ship, coming down to them.
      "Oh shit." Is all he could say before the ship came crashing down through the building and then exploding destroying the building's support. It didn't take long for the building to collapse to the ground.

The dust builds up as it sweeps through and between buildings. Dave's Warthog gets caught in the middle. A few seconds later, at a slower speed Dave drives through the destruction with the fog lights to the brightest. Some fight, Dave taught to himself. As they went into the charred park the smell of flesh became great, the dust starts to settle a little. Covenant bodies are all over the place burnt or just dust.
      "Wow." Dave said.
       The two Warthogs come to a complete stop near where the gravity lift use to be. Dave and Kurt both get out and take a good look around. Dave goes near one of them alien box doo-hicky and tries to figure out what it is while Kurt looks up at the ship. As he was looking up, the ship became alive again, then the gravity lift sparks up sending the beam down to Earth.
      "Oh . . . shit" He looks over at Dave and gets his attention and points up. "Shall we get the hell out here?"
       Dave quickly runs to the Warthog and was about to get in. "Something is coming down!" The gunner yells. It was three Brutes with Brute Shots and instantly Dave and Kurt get in and go. The gunners open fire and manage to get one. The other two Brutes fire at the vehicles but where cut down by the guns. But that wasn't all of them as even more Covenant troops came down consisting of Elites and Grunts. Ahead the two Warthogs from before come within the park. They were running.
       Out behind came about three Ghost and two Banshees. Out from a corner of a building two Wraiths come out firing at the Warthogs. One Warthog's driver is shot dead by a Covenant sharp shooter.
      "Dave, look out . . ." Kurt said pointing at the Wraith.
      "I see it." Dave turns the steering wheel sharply turning the Warthog in a ninety-degree angle hoping to get away from the other side of the park. The other Warthog following wasn't lucky and was gone withing an instant. "Too many of them!" Dave turns the wheel again to dodge a Ghost. "Where the hell is everybody?"
       The gunner on the back took down a Banshee and was quite proud and turned to tell them but he should've been watching out for himself. A plasma beam from a Covenant sniper struck him in the chest and he falls off. Kurt looks behind him to discover the gunner to be gone. "We have no gunner!" He yells.
       Dave looks even more pissed off and yells, "Where the hell is everybody!?"
       As they get on the street leaving the park another Warthog darts out from a corner. Dave didn't have time to react and crashes into the other Warthog.

After about five minutes Dave comes back to his senses to remember what happened and looks over to his friend to see if he is all right. But he isn't. Kurt's body was on the hood of the Warthog and isn't moving. When they crashed, his body went through the window but Dave didn't. Dave was hurt too (head busted) but was too worry about his friend.
       He quickly got out and went around the Warthog not even caring if he gets shot. He drags his heavy body off the hood and on the ground and checks his pulse. Nothing. There is blood everywhere all over Kurt's dead body and all over Dave's busted face. He makes no attempt to try and save him and accepts his fate. Nothing he could do anyway since the head is smashed in and the spine is shattered.
       He looks up even though his vision is blurry and can see the aftermath. The Warthog they hit is total and the passenger is dead still in his seat. The gunner and driver are still alive and they run up to Dave. They try to talk to him but he is too shocked and looks around more. In the park there are about five Scorpion tanks and more Warthogs. Some Pelicans are landing too dropping even more armor and troops.
       As Dave looks some more, he starts to get weak and blacks out.