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Posted By: Solidus Snake<Metal_Militia18x@yahoo.com>
Date: 20 June 2006, 7:30 am

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I always like to try out new styles and ideas to express me thoughts in both the Halo world and the real world. Maybe this is a little change from the normal stuff you might see around here. And maybe some of you might think its the wierdist damn thing ever. Then again. I'm just daring to go where no one bothered.

All the faithful fall onto their knees
And praise the priests of industrial disease

We contemplate oblivion as we resonate our dissonance
In godless random interpretation
The universe still expands, mankind still can't understand
How to define you, so hide your face and watch us exterminate ourselves over you
Welcome to the end my friend, the sky has opened

      -The Godless Endeavor (Nevermore)

The night is dead, and only few are still alive from the massacre. Soldiers were cast out by Endeavors set to destroy an enemy believe to degrace the soil they worship. The pseudo gods these voyeurs worship shall now destroy this universe. So how many lives will it cost for them to achieve this goal. Well, it wouldn't fucking matter because everyone shall die. They seem to not understand this. "We shall burn a divine wind through the vast universe and purify the great beyond." And yet they under estimate the power of these Halos. Mis-interpretation led to this total distinction that is at hand.

      So the faceless Endeavors dance
      The pentagram is cast and baited
      And the dead shall rise to life

      And yet maybe the blind Endeavors
      Can hear their cries, of the Omens
      Let the truth be told and life unfold

      Too fucking late
      The key, has turned
      And the sky has opened

      This will be written in stone and the dead will keep this with them
      And maybe the life that shall suffer next will be told of this
      And maybe the next time, stupid shit like this won't happen again