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A Dream (Maybe)
Posted By: Solidus Snake<Metal_Melitia18@hotmail.com>
Date: 8 April 2006, 12:09 am

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Am I evil?

A Dream (Maybe)

Maybe everything I see
. . . is just a dream
A dream that would be
. . . maybe the worst

In my mind, I see bloodshed
Holy wars between very different races
Something that doesn't make sense
For both have very different beliefs

Worlds are scorched and millions gone
Could this just be all a dream I dreamt?
Maybe all of this that I believe hasn't been done
Maybe . . . I'm just going fucking insane?

       I'm in a state of disbelief right now. It just happened so fast, so many people gone in a instant by one race, unstoppable. They don't spare no one, of any kind. Doesn't matter if their white, black, Asian, or anything. I wish it just was a dream, I wish that everyone that I lost, or who died in front of me. I wish it was just all a dream.

      Maybe this is the voice of the insane?

      Maybe, I can wake up from it? Hah, yeah, and just maybe I can stop all this madness. I am just one person, but . . . its my dream, I can do what ever the fuck I want. The Covenant won't stop me, no one will. I can stop this.

So I grab my sword and my helmet
And I prepare for a fight for my life
In front is a race that is unstoppable
But, it's a dream right? I can do it

Its just too bad . . . which is funny
I'm not dreaming, and I realize . . .

Maybe . . .

I'm dead?

Now my god laughs at me
At my attempt to save mankind

"Haha, bitch."