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This Blue Rock/Turned to Black
Posted By: Solidus Snake<Megadeth18_Polaris@yahoo.com>
Date: 25 February 2006, 9:24 pm

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This Blue Rock/Turned to Black

Oh the Devil works in mysterious way
Even through the eyes of the enemies
In the end, everyone will have to pay
. . .for the price of one trip to Hell

This Blue Rock, third from the Sun
Sits in a time of silence and grime
It seems to last a lifetime, and so on
. . . waiting for what everyone fears

A new sentence will be wrote in history
The un-resting enemies hold the pin
Then this Rock turns to a mass hysteria
. . . the gates are still opened for you

The streets are empty; the ships are set
But it won't stop; the ships will be burned
And now the world counts down to death
. . . three, two, one; extinction is a bitch

The unstoppable war machine of foe
Send a multitude of arrows of fire
This new page of history will be known
. . . and now, the vacancies will be filled

This Blue Rock is Turned to Black
Blackened to its darkest color
Now everything is all painted black
. . . Welcome to Earth, population, zero