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The Second Spartan (redo)
Posted By: Sniper<collin_searls@comcast.net>
Date: 2 April 2009, 5:29 am

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The Second Spartan


YEAR: 2552

      Almost 30 years ago, ONI began the SPARTAN II project, 76 kids were taken from their homes and replaced with flash clones to raise to be super soldiers. They are trained to be better than any Marine or ODST (Helljumper) soldiers. All SPARTANS are under a number (such as SPARTAN-117 or SPARTAN-024) every SPARTAN is a different number. Every Spartan was given a number, except one. Spartan O. It is not yet publicly known what the "O" is for. The SPARTANS later get high tech battle suits known as the MJOLNIR project. Eight years after the beginning of the SPARTAN program, UNSC discovers a new threat to mankind, an alien species known as The Covenant. This new threat has the power to glass a planet, killing many humans in the action. On there way, close to Reach, the SPARTANS prepare for any Covenant attack that may happen. Spartan O decides to get into rest and enters cyro sleep

Chapter 1, The Fall of Reach


      Spartan O got out of his cyro tube and was glad to see their ship wasn't blown to bits, He walked over into the hangar to find all the other Spartans working on improving the Pelican and loading cargo. He walked over and started to work on his gun, a standard Assault Rifle. Spartan 117, or as everyone called, Master Chief, walked over to the captain of the ship they were in. He was speaking with Captain Keyes. Spartan O, or who Master Chief called Pilot, stopped working on his Assault Rifle and was watching the two talk. Master Chief then walked over to the Spartans.      
      "Master Chief did you find out why we changed course?" a Spartan next to Pilot asked.
      "Reach is under attack. We are heading over to stop the Covenant," he explained. Pilot couldn't believe what he was hearing. No one would ever dare attack Reach, he thought. All the Spartans had the same thing in their minds. With orbital MAC turrets and at least a hundred ships surrounding Reach it would be almost impossible to attack it.
      After a while they finally came in sight of the battle over Reach. Captain Keyes voice was suddenly heard over the speakers of the ship.
      "All UNCS pilots in the Longsword bombers and attack the target shown on your targeting sensors," He said. Pilot walked over to Master Chief.
      "Sir, I request permission to leave and go fight with the other Longswords," Master Chief looked at him for a while. Chills went through Pilots spine, he was leaving his team members and he had the feeling he would never see them again. But ever since they allowed him his own Longsword for getting the Spartans off a planet that was about to be iced by stealing a Pelican, he had wanted to use it to serve the UNCS well.
      "Permission Denied," Master Chief said "You need to stay with your team. They're not a team without you." Pilot knew Master Chief would either say no, either that or something bad would happen. He had no idea it would be both.
      "Sir, I'm a pilot though. The Captain said all pilots," Master Chief knew that this is what he had always wanted. To go out and serve doing what he did best.
      "Ok. But be careful," Master Chief said, filling Pilot with excitement, "Green Two you are the new group leader,"
      "Sir, thank you sir," Pilot geared up and walked over to his Longsword. Before he walked aboard, he looked out at his squad. After almost 20 years with them, he had grown very much attached to his team. He had a sudden feeling he would never see them again.

Chapter 2

YEAR: 2552, Space around Reach.

      Pilot navigated his Longsword through the blasts and explosions making his way to a nearby Covenant battleship that was firing several times at a few MAC orbital guns. He was almost in range of launching one of his Longsword's warheads when he heard his team over his Helmets COM link.
      "SPARTAN 117! S...RTAN 117! This is Green Two in need... help! The Covenant are... ou.... numbering.... need..." then the signal went dead. My team, he thought as he missed his opportunity to launch a warhead. He then looked back up at the view screen and found himself on a collision course with a different Covenant ship! He braced for impact but didn't expect to hear the firing of a MAC round right near him. The ship shook then he looked up. His Longsword sledded across one of the decks of the Covenant ship right after a MAC round went right through it. He walked out of the Longsword and looked around. He noticed the metal of the ship's hull slowly melting off and the hissing of some burning plasma. His ships engines were slightly damaged from scraping the wall and the landing gear fell off a few meters away from the ship.
      Suddenly a blast of green plasma shot right past Pilot almost burning his back. He turned around to notice some Jackals firing at him. How could the survive the MAC blast?, he whispered to himself. He grabbed out his Assault Rifle and hid behind the Longswords huge tail wing. Then found the right time to jump out and blast a load of ammo at the Jackals. He blasted several rounds and several were deflected by their shields. But he then noticed he had a fragment grenade. Grabbing it before they had a chance to shoot back at him he activated it and threw it to right behind them. The blast echoed through the burnt halls and killed all of the Jackals.
      After tat short battle Pilot realized he had caused another problem with the Longsword. The plasma blasts from the Jackals ripped a few holes in the Longswords tail.
      "This could take a while," he said shortly after a sigh. As he was working on the Longsword, a tall shadow walked in, onto the wall next to him.

Chapter 3


      Pilot was patching up the holes in his Longsword bomber, then he heard footsteps. How could anyone in this ship have survived that blast?, he started to wonder again. As an Elite started to walk through the burning hall Pilot stood up and was about to turn around and let out a full magazine of ammo on the creature. Suddenly as he was pulling out a magazine clip the Elite saw what he was doing and started to launch a storm of blue plasma shots. Pilot turned around and wished that it wasn't an Elite. He had heard before of the Elite Master Chief fought with on the Covenant ship they were going to take over. He started firing when the Elite suddenly brought out a plasma grenade and through it right past Pilot's face. The explosion sent pieces flying past him.
      Pilot ran up to the Elite, avoiding several blasts of plasma and finally forced his Assault Rifle right into the Elites chest, knocking him over onto the ground. Pilot then sent a handful of bullets into his helmet. He then turned around and got back to fixing the Longsword. He started to wonder more and more, if the Jackals and the Elite survived... What else did? Pilot just got it fixed up and walked over into the cockpit. He heard a sudden beep and a few clicks, then he grabbed his M6G magnum ready to shoot any unlucky creature in the ship.
      "Hello Spartan 93," came a voice from the cockpit and Pilot spun around and shot a bullet right into the window. And found that no one was there.
      "Who's here?" he yelled into the empty cockpit. He turned towards the compartment just outside the cockpit and noticed it was a little open. He walked over slowly. He grabbed the knob. Gently opened it a little. Then instantly sprung it open and aimed his gun into the empty compartment. Suddenly a green figure appeared on a small "plate" that Pilot was wondering what it was for.
      "My name is Kera," the green figure started to explain, "I am the Artificial Intelligence for this C709 Longsword Interceptor,"
      "AI?" Pilot questioned "On a simple Bomber?" Pilot then remembered hearing about a new program the UNSC and ONI were working on. They were seeing if building AIs in a few of the ships would help combat. The experiment was risky and expensive though. It was rumored that they stopped the project but secretly put AI in a few ships. One of them must have been his.
      "Why didn't you help me when I almost crashed into this ship?" Pilot said out loud, which if you are in an enemy ship is not the best thing to do.
      "I didn't get activated until your helmet hit the button on the control panel when you crashed," Kera explained. Pilot, now remembering, figured out why his head hurt. He then looked over at the window, which he broke with the magnum.
      "Sorry for the surprising you, Spartan 93, I think there might be a window repair kit in the compartment you thought I was in,". Pilot walked over to the compartment and picked up a weird red box and walked out to the outside of the ship.
      "Kera, watch for any enemies, if you can-".
      "I have a motion tracking system," she interrupted. Suddenly a green screen appeared on one of the screens in the cockpit of the Longsword.
      "Perfect," Pilot said, getting back to work. "We Spartans were trained to fight, not repair the windows of ships,"


2552, Covenant Battleship

      Pilot just got finished on his repairs on the Longsword. No enemies were ever spotted by Kera's motion tracker.
      "I'm surprised this ship hasn't taken any more damage," Pilot said to himself. Kera pulled up a holo screen which showed a series of commands sent between UNSC ships.
      "I wouldn't be so sure of that," Kera said with fright in her voice. Pilot never got a true chance to look at Kera. She was sort of a grass green with 21st century, camouflaged soldier armor. She had a strap around her shoulder that carried, what looked like, grenades. Pilot didn't think soldier armor was the best outfit for a "Co-pilot".
      "Captain Greg Louer of the ship, Immortallity, ordered his MAC guns to be fired at any Covenant ships in range," She explained while reading off of the little screen "And in 60 seconds this ship will be its next target,".
      Pilot raced into the Longsword and quickly threw the tools into the compartment. He hustled over into the cockpit and turned the ship on.
      "Raised in a barn?" Kera said, pointing to the open compartment. "Those tools can hurt if they fly at you while we are trying to speed out of here," Pilot slammed the compartment door shut and went back to the controls. The engines of the Longsword started to whine to life.
      "20 seconds," The Longsword lifted and Pilot looked for the way he came out. Suddenly a few plasma batteries above it caught fire and blew up, sending pieces down to the deck, making the opening now impossible to fly through.
      "10 seconds!" Pilot found a damaged wall and fired a few of the Longswords missiles at it. The opening they made was just small enough for him to fit the Longsword through, with some careful flying. The Longsword zoomed right through the hole, then, right as they got out, a huge MAC round fired through space and split the Covenant ship in two.
      "That was close," Pilot said with a huge sigh of relief. Then he bit his lip as he then saw several missiles fly right towards the Longsword and the Covenant ship. One struck the wing of the Longsword making it burst into flames.
      "Engine fire!" Kera yelled out. "And would you please stop jinxing us for once". The Covenant ship was then spinning out of control, decks catching on fire and crumbling to the other decks below. Pilot couldn't do a thing with the Longsword. It was dead in space.


YEAR: 2552, Space.

      Pilot tried his best to get the Longsword back up, but nothing. He couldn't do anything to start the ship back up. He turned on the emergency radio in the Longswords controls.
      "This is Spartan 93. My ship is dead in space, need assistance," He then thought of the last time he ate. "I can't be thinking of that stuff now. I'm a soldier, a Spartan. Spartans stick to their mission."
      "You have no mission," Kera reminded him. Pilot sent the message and looked out at Reach. The Pillar of Autumn suddenly disappeared into slipspace, and Reach was in flames. He thought of the thousands of people on that planet, now gone. His squad, who went onto Reach. Gone. They had fought hard for Reach. He only fixed his ship after a careless mistake.

      Master Chief was walking around the Pillar of Autumn looking for where his cyro tube was. He thought of how he was the last Spartan. But then he remembered about Pilot and how he went off to fight the Covenant ships. Sergeant March walked over to him.
      "You ok, John?" March asked, cocking a brow. John, or Master Chief, was going to say yes. But knew that it would be a lie. He had to tell Sergeant March, maybe they could find Pilot. If he was still alive.
      "Spartan 93 went off to fight a Covenant destroyer. I was wondering if he lived," Chief said with his head down. "But most likely, he was probably captured,"
      "I see," March said with a sigh. "Covenant never take prisoners," Master Chief had hoped that either they did take prisoners, or that he hadn't been captured at all. Master Chief found the room with his cyro tube.
      "Sir, you ready?" one of the marines asked him. Master Chief nodded his head yes. Stepped into the cyro tube and the hatch closed, then locked

      Pilot's Longsword bomber floated dead in space. He'd seen the Covenant ice the UNSC's most protected planet, besides Earth. He'd seen the death of thousands, possibly millions, in what seemed like an eternity. Pilot felt sleepy and wished their was a cyro tube in the ship.
      "I've found an emergency boost in the features of this ship," Kera said, waking up pilot from his small, drowsy state.
      "If I can access them I can boost us over to that partly destroyed UNSC ship over there," she said, pointing to a Halcyon-Class Cruiser. Its left side took major damage and its hull was in pieces, it would have to do.
      "Just have to find its starting key. And done. Fire away Spartan 93," Pilot pressed a glowing button next to Kera and the Longsword's only engine moved it carefully into the dock of the destroyed ship. Pilot walked out of the cockpit and looked around the ships dock.
      "This plate I'm on is portable so that I can find a good place for you to nap," Kera explained. Pilot walked over and pickup the plate Kera was on. He walked out of the ship.
      "So. Where shall I sleep?"

Chapter 6

Year: 2552, Deserted Ship

      Pilot walked through the empty ship. On his way to the cyro room, he walked through a series of halls splattered with both human and covenant blood. He could constantly hear the sound of him stepping onto thick liquid and onto corpses. He noticed a marine who had a grenade in his hand, most likely was about to throw it at an unsuspecting pair of Grunts. He looked at the Marine's dog tag. Private Benferd Laut. Pilot put it away for possible data.

      Kera looked through the data of the Longsword. She wasn't really one of the "smart" AIs like the one Spartan 117 had the last time Pilot saw him but she was pretty smart for a "normal" AI. She spotted a mysterious file in the list of stuff in the cargo hold in the compartment in the back. She opened it up. Suddenly a shock went through the Longsword and Kera's data searcher was cracked. The file almost destroyed her. She rebooted herself back up and found only a few of her files completely destroyed.
      "Someone doesn't want me in that file," she said to herself. Suddenly a huge object appeared on her motion tracker. A huge purple ship with what looked like tails in the back and a turret underneath the front was heading right into the ship. It lowered a bit and a few Covenant Elites came out of the bottom. Kera was searching all over the Longsword for the radio and got a contact on Pilot.

      Pilot was almost toward the cyro room. He trusted Kera would wake him if she ever needed him. How could anyone find them in the middle of space? That might be a bad thing though. The Longsword was almost out of fuel and they would have almost no way to get, or even find, home.
      "Spartan 93!" Kera's voice screamed into Pilot's ears "A Covenant ship has landed in the hangar! They are searching the ship I need you over ASAP!" Pilot turned around and ran over in the blink of an eye! He passed through the halls almost falling over the dead bodies. He suddenly skidded into the hangar, breaking off the bottom of his MJOLNIR boots. He ran straight into the Longsword, not even noticing the huge Covenant ship right next to it.
      Pilot spotted the Elite searching his Longsword and ran up to it. Pilot shot a whole round into the Elites back! Not missing a single shot. The Elite yelled in pain and Pilot stomped onto its head, splatter its blood onto the walls.
      "Nice kill," Kera complimented.
      "No time!" Pilot yelled turning on the Longsword.
      "I recharged the ships engines just enough to escape to a nearby planet," the AI explained. Pilot noticed a target appearing on his screen. The planet. The Longsword lifted off the hard, metal ground and zoomed off with the Phantom chasing him.

      The Longsword took several hits from the Phantom and its hull was slowly breaking apart.
      "Aim the missiles at the Phantom behind us and fire now!" Pilot yelled, desperately trying to keep the ship under control. Missiles fired from the Longsword and hit the phantom right in the front, starting a blaze within it. The inside of the Longsword started to heat up as the plasma ate at the hull of the ship while entering the planets gravity. Suddenly the hull gave out. Pilot fell through the air and landed on his back, possibly almost breaking his shoulder blades. He rolled over and into the entry way of a large, ancient structure. The Longsword, and Kera, got faster and faster. The ships engines tore off. The wings were bit by bit burning up. CRASH!
      Smoke rose from the sand. Sparks were flying. The Longsword was almost halfway buried into the ground. The top of the wings were dented and crunched together. The walkway was in several pieces only a few feet away from the ship. Pilot's Longsword, along with Kera, was destroyed.

      Everything seemed blurry. The sky seemed dirty with sand. He felt a soft surface beneath him. Suddenly a big blue ball of fire shot through the air.
      "Was that a shooting star?" He said to himself. Suddenly he heard a huge explosion as the Phantom crashed into the soft sand. Pilot got up and looked around. The place seemed alien. There were large rock-like structures all around. And towers surrounding the area. There was a ghostly whine as an alien Banshee flew through the air. Pilot was confused but managed to shoot down the Banshee that followed the ship. It fell with great speed that it burst to pieces when it hit the Phantom's corpse.
      Pilot didn't know where he was. But it felt peaceful.

Chapter 7

YEAR: 2552, Unknown Planet

      Pilot walked around on the the soft sand. His feet were starting to sink into it under his weight; it was softer than Earth sand. He couldn't hear anything but the sand being pushed around in the wind. It was almost like the whole planet was deserted.
      "Did the Covenant ice this planet?" Spartan 93 said to himself as he walked along. He looked in the direction the Longsword crashed at. It fell behind the large towering wall surrounding area. He kept walking on, exploring this new place. It seemed like Earth only a higher gravity, and softer sand. He found a long black, blazing trail that led to a case. A large case. It had a computerized lock on it that made any computer or AI who tried to find the file temporarily disabled. The case was a blaze and was badly damaged, but didn't show what was inside it. Pilot threw some of the weird sand onto the fire and it got put out. He looked at the alien sand like material. It was a little wet, but only barely.
      Pilot unlocked the case, disabling the computer security. Carefully lifted up the top and peeked inside. It was armor, similar to his. Its material felt close to the same. It had an ODST, or Helljumper, helmet with a knife on the chest part. Its arms had small flaps coming out of the back and it looked way more advanced than his armor.
      "What was this doing in the Longsword?" he asked, struggling to take it out. He dropped all the pieces onto the sand and took a while to look at it a bit more. Unlike his green armor, this suit was black and red with a green stripe on the leg. He then got a chance to look at his armor. Man I look like a mess, he thought to himself looking at the dented parts and scraped areas. His boots were cracking and his visor was starting to break.

      After an hour or hour and a half of trying to get the armor on he decided to try it out. He walked up along one of the rock structures, feeling more powerful than ever. He could jump higher, lift heavier things, and it felt more comfortable. He finally got to the top and looked down the long, straight rock formation he was now standing on.
      "Something had to of built this," he said. The rocks were perfectly carved into squares, triangles and rectangles. While, again, not paying any attention to where he was going he slipped and fell in through a small square that was in front of him. He fell through a whole that was in the sand beneath the square opening and landed with a thud on a metal floor. The room was empty, but had two small windows on one side and an opening on another. It was lit a dim blue and was rusted everywhere. He got up, his armor took no damage at all. He noticed a bar appeared on his top visor. It fell almost a quarter of a way when he landed.
      There was an ammo counter that had the same amount of ammo on his Assault Rifle. In the bottom left was what looked like a motion tracker.
      "What are all these on my visor?" He asked himself again, with confusion in his voice. He noticed some small movement outside the room and decided to walk out of the room through the small opening. He walked into a more open space with what looked like goop everywhere. There where big, thick liquid like, balloon almost objects all over the walls. They got bigger than smaller like a beating heart and looked like they were filled with something. Suddenly he heard some weird alien talk from the other side of the large room. They were green, almost bug green, and had flat yet almost rounded heads with pincher like teeth. They held big clumps of metal that looked almost like guns. The two odd figures looked almost like Elites.
      "What are Elites already doing here?" He asked himself. "And why do I keep asking my self questions?" One of the Elites heard him and turned towards his direction. He quickly backed up behind the wall and waited. Then, one of the Elites burst out, yelling in anger, and aimed the "clump of metal" right at him.
      "Duck," Pilot suddenly heard in his helmet. He instantly ducked down and was rewarded by missing a blast of heat being shot right over his head. The beam burned the wall right next to him and was only inches away from the top of his helmet.
      "Fire, now!" He heard again. He instantly unloaded half his clip of ammo into the weird looking Elite. It fell to its knees then to the ground, blood seeping out of its wounds. The brother Elite saw the whole thing and rushed over.
      "Look out!' came that voice once again. Pilot turned around only to be hit in the face with the Elites fist. He was then knocked out cold.



      Pilot's eyes opened. Slightly though. Everything was blurry. He got up and almost fell because of his dizzy feet. His vision got clearer and clearer until he finally was able to point out where he was. He was in a dark, dimly lit, orange room. It was close to the same design and shape as the blue room he fell in through earlier, but this one had no opening except for a shut tight, bar door.
      "I thought you would never wake up," A female voice came through Pilot's ears.
      "Who are you?" Pilot looked everywhere "Where are you?" He walked over to the bar door and tried to open it. He shook it as hard as he could. No luck.
      "Hey!" One of the Elites that walked by shouted. "Stop it you ignorant beast!"
      "I thought you Covenant don't take prisoners without killing them," Pilot explained
      "I could kill you right now and rid of you forever, would that be better you human!" Pilot reached for his pistol. Or at least where it was. The Elites had taken all his weapons and he was left with nothing but his armor. SPARTAN 93 reached in through the bars and caught the Elite by the neck.
      "Get me out of here or your neck will be like a squished can!" He threatened. The Elite pulled out a small, alien weapon. A plasma pistol. He fired right at Pilot's leg and he instantly let go of the alien's neck.
      "Your threats don't scare me, human" The Elite then walked off. Pilot's shield was a quarter of the way down when it suddenly shot back up. His leg was burned, but not badly.
      "You need to be more careful," The female voice came again. Pilot continued looking around. "Let me save you the trouble. Throw a grenade at the door," Pilot checked everywhere and found that she was right. He activated the grenade then through it at the door and took cover. The explosion blew through the door, sending shrapnel everywhere. Pilot turned to see that the door had been blown to bits and he was now able to get out.
      "Take a right when you get out," The voice explained again.
      "Ok, who are you?" The human asked.
      "Go over to that pedestal over there and touch it," Pilot walked over to the pedestal and touched it, just like the voice said. Suddenly he felt as if his mind went away, no, a cold part of his mind went away. As soon as he touched it, a figure appeared on the pedestal. An AI.
      "Hello Pilot," he had never been called Pilot by any of the AIs. "I'm Text, the AI of that suit your wearing there," Pilot looked down at his new suit. "I've been in your head since you put the suit on. Your skills are quite fascinating and I'll be sure to help you get out of here," Text, looked like she had a lab coat of some sort. Her long, smooth hair covered her ears, which one of them held what looked like the communication gear that the Marines wore. Her skin and clothes often changed colors, depending on her mood.
      "You were the one helping me get out of here?" He questioned.
      "More or less. And now I'm helping you out back into the sand,"

      Pilot walked through a series of hallways, covered in weird creatures and, what looked like, green mold. He thought it was weird why the hallways that Text choose had absolutely no Elites guarding. Almost as if they were afraid of what was in the hallways. Pilot walked over some stairs, back into the sand area he was in before.
      "There we go," Text cheered. Pilot walked over, and found where the Longsword had crashed. He ran over and looked for any food, water, anything useful. Small parts of the inside of the ship were ablaze, and some other parts were squished together and covered in sand dust. Pilot didn't know why, but he didn't like being in the ship just that moment.


       Pilot marked the area the Longsword was, for emergency purposes. GROUND ZERO, UNP: 1. He walked out of the ship, he couldn't stand to see his very own ship, and Kera, destroyed.
      "Area marked," Text explained "GROUND ZERO, UNKNOWN PLANET AREA 1. Recorded and saved for next UNSC data update. What's your next plan Pilot?" He looked around and saw a crashed Covenant Phantom. He remembered hearing a big explosion while he was still a little dizzy after falling from the Longsword and before fighting the Banshee.
      "A search mission," Pilot answered. He ran over as fast as he could to the Phantom. He only slipped a little while running down a small slope. Pilot finally reached the alien ship and found it upside down with a huge hole ripped on its right side, pieces from the ship were scattered everywhere.
      "Hopefully these planet destroyers have some helpful stuff in their ships. I'll need some spare parts to repair, if I'm lucky, at least half my Longsword. It'll take me weeks, possibly months, to reach the nearest UNSC planet without a Slipspace drive!" He started to search the wreckage only to find a few shields, a dozen plasma grenades and plasma guns, and several dead bodies. "Hey Text, look like anything here can be used to repair my Longsword?" Thoughts and scans went through Text's AI mind.
      "A few small parts look like they could easily fix up the controls of the ships weapons and the walls of the ship could be cut and used to fit the walls and roof of the ship and some other pieces for other stuff but nothing to repair the engines, thruster controls, or even put the landing gear back in one piece and attached to the ship,"
      "That's all I need at the moment. Is there an easy way to take all this to the ship?" Pilot the asked, frustrated that he would half to wait a while to get off this weird planet.
      "It's possibly that the Elites down in those caves would have a few vehicles with them. It would be risky to go back to find one but would be worth it,"
      "Anything will be worth getting off this pla-," Pilots words stopped dead in their tracks as he turned around and found an Elite pointing a Plasma Rifle right at his face.

Chapter 10

       Pilot turned around fearing the worst, only to be met face to face with it. A Plasma Rifle right up against his face, nearly touching his visor. One shot and both he and Text would be just a memory. He tried to reach for his Magnum pistol but remembered that it had been taken away when he fell into the weird Elite fortress.
      "Not so fast, human," The Elite blurted in its dark, bone shaking voice. "Your kind has been but a small bump on our way to the Great Journey! Once your kind, along with your home planet, is destroyed, the Great Journey shall take place and we shall rid of the spreading Infection,"
      "Great Journey? Spreading Infection? Nothing in my data says anything about a journey or infection," Text explained.
      "You super human soldiers are the first thing on our path to the Great Journey. You're the next to be, as you humans call, KIA," The Elite continued.
      "I think you've mistaken me for yourself," Pilot said, making a small smile in his helmet. As the Elite was slightly confused, Pilot grabbed the alien arm holding the Plasma Rifle and twisted it, shattering the bones inside. He then grabbed the rifle and kicked the Elite to the ground. "In case you've never heard, Spartans never die," He then blasted the Elite's armor to bits and shattered pieces.
      "Nice, you could've said something better though confuse him more," Text commented.
      "I was in the face of danger; you probably would've done the same in my position,"
      "True," He then walked off into the entrance of the weird fortress. The halls were the same and the fortress was unguarded, it was almost as if there was something more important going on somewhere else.

      A big, dimly lit, room was filled with Covenant. A crowd on each side of the room except for a small line. Down the line was the Prophet of the Covenant, the leader. Walking down the line was an Elite in black, combat, armor. A high rank of the Covenant and a fearless warrior, Ruthamee. He slowly walked up to the Prophet, the crowd silencing.
      "I hear you have a concern in mind, Ruthamee. Something about a, Human?" The Prophet asked. The Prophet was an ancient looking being, floating on a small hover chair, wearing a royal red cloak. His head held a huge, golden head piece, almost the size of himself.
      "Yes, your greatness. This is no ordinary human. He was greatly trained along with many others. We have had reports that he landed on this planet almost a day ago. He has escaped our security forces and has been estimated to have killed at least 100 Covenant forces since we have heard of these "Super-Soldiers". I believe we need to eliminate this human or at least capture him for fun of the kill!" Ruthamee explained with confidence. The Prophet thought for a moment about Ruthamee's request.
      "I will not allow my whole army to search and hunt only one human just because he is the killer of only a hundred of our soldiers. A thousand or million yes, but hundred? I will, however, allow you to hunt him down, along with any warrior brave enough to join you. Just as long as the death tole doesn't reach a height you can not afford to have. If you know what I mean Ruthamee," The Prophet cocked an eyebrow at him.
      "With great honor, Prophet, I will not let this human get in our way. I will make sure personally, that I am the one to kill him,"