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Guns and Swords
Posted By: Skunk!<Blastercheif450@hotmail.com>
Date: 28 February 2010, 6:16 am

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"Check in"
"Two checking in."
"Three check'n in."
"Four's alright."
"Five's good ta' go."

Nick floated in pitch blackness. He flipped the switch on the side of his helmet. A pair of flashlights on either side activated illuminating the darkness in front of him. Nick unslung his MA5C; he swept the area looking for any threats. A second pair of lights appeared to his left. Nick shifted his body weight so he would spin in his zero-gee environment. His flashlight revealed his fellow Spartan; Kelly. Proportionate to him, Kelly was "laying" flat, her legs spread behind her, bracing herself against the wall in a firing position. Two more pairs of lights activated, both right next to each other. Then a final pair joined them. These were the members of Spartan Team Omega.

Spartan Team Omega was the team under Nicholas' command, a five man team of soldiers. Nicholas had grown up with these four children; Kelly Omega Two, Noel Omega Three, Shelia Omega Four, and Alex Omega Five. From what Kelly told them she had grown up on Tribute. The most violent planet in the UNSC, Tribute was often on the forefront of the rebellion and as a result she grew up to be a hotheaded and sometimes angry person. This made her an unpredictable wild card in combat situations that had saved them many times. Kelly stood a full meter taller than Nicholas, making her four meters. A white girl with blonde hair and green eyes, easily the tallest human that ever lived, she was also the fastest and strongest. Kelly could reach speeds of 70 kph and lift several metric tons in her armor. Without her armor she was still remarkably fast, even before the mutations. With reflexes and strength twice that of any Spartan, she was the teams close combat specialist; Kelly often enjoyed confiscating energy swords from higher ranking elites after neutralizing them. She towered over grunts and jackals, often causing them to flee; she even stood taller than the elites and brutes they regularly came into contact with.

Noel, affectionately called "Pin" due to his Pilipino ancestry, used to live on a planet Sophia, a planet with no continents. Sophia instead was made up of clusters of archipelagos. Noel grew up in the city of New Manila. The planet was composed almost entirely of Filipinos, decedents of the first ten thousand Pacific islanders who initially settled there, it was nicknamed "the pinoy planet". Noel was the team support sniper; he was very proficient with a SRS AM rifle. Noel also featured a bonus, besides his skills with a sniper rifle he was also a talented pilot. Noel was trained and certified to fly almost any type of UNSC aircraft and was skilled with a few Covenant craft as well. Nicholas stood a head taller than Noel; it had been the other way around until the mutation phase. Nicholas grew taller and stronger than Noel and proceeded to rub it in his face after the process was finished. Noel had dark tanned skin and brown eyes with black hair.

Shelia had grown up on the mother planet; Earth. She was raised in Australia, near the UNSC HIGHCOM building where her mother worked as an ONI agent. Her father was a Navy ship captain; he commanded and still commands, the UNSC cruiser Say My Name. Shelia was a brunette with blue eyes and luscious lips. She was regarded as pretty, and was normally hit on by non-Spartan personnel. Standing at a height between Nick and Noel she was the team's stealth specialist. Shelia had once sneaked into a crowd of five Elites and taken them all out before they even knew what hit them… without using a weapon. Kelly and Shelia often got into arguments over who was more skilled at hand-to-hand combat, Kelly usually won. Shelia was a good comic relief for the team, normally cracking pre and post mission jokes in her Australian accent. Shelia was a very valuable and deadly addition to the team.

Alex was Nicholas' childhood friend. Like Nick, Alex's family made a living farming on the planet Harvest. Alex's parents had moved there as children and met in there early twenties. They later got married and bought a farm of their own; they raised two other children as well as Alex. Alex's family was wealthier than Nick's and owned more acres and JOTUN farming machines. Alex was of Hispanic ancestry, going back all the way to the twenty first century. Nick and Alex were secretly kidnapped at the same time on their way home from school as a dual strike operation. Alex stood eye to eye to Nicholas; he had brown eyes and a brown hair. He was the demolitions expert on the team. Alex always had a pack of C-12 with him, even on stealth missions, he carried extra fragmentation grenades, had a grenade launcher equipped to his rifle, and to top it all off his assault rifle fired explosive rounds. Alex was a good friend and a useful asset in the field.

Nick drifted to a computer terminal of some sort. His flashlights illuminated the surface; no lights flickered on the console, EMP must have swept the ship. Nick brushed his hands over the switches and dials hoping to get some sort of response. To his surprise he did, the console hummed to life. Nick beckoned Alex to him; Alex pushed off the far wall and tumbled towards Nick.

"Wassup?" Alex said as he put his hands out to stop himself against the console.

"I got this to work, hack into it and see if you can find the bridge, maybe get gravity and lights on." Nick responded

"Copy that." Alex said, he gave Nick a thumbs-up and went to work. Nick spun towards Kelly and Shelia.

"Ladies, gather up those troopers and tie em down somewhere, make sure they won't hit their heads on something or some shit." Nick directed. Kelly stayed silent, instead giving just a casual two-fingered salute.

"Shame on them, falling asleep on the job." Shelia spoke up.

"Yeah well they're not super humans, or wearing huge ass armor, they just look… exactly… the same… errrhhh, gives me shivers" Noel chimed in. The Spartans chuckled.

"Cut the chatter, focus on the mission." Nick barked. The Spartans jumped back to their tasks.

"Bingo, Nick I got it." Alex beckoned Nick to him. Nick drifted to Alex brushing one of the clone's rifles aside. Alex motioned at the main screen on the console. On it, Nicholas saw schematics for the whole ship.

"Good, hook up and…" Nick started, but was cut off by Alex.

"Already on it." Alex spoke. Alex's attention was focused on a small pad. At the moment the pad was wirelessly linking with the detention block control computer. The pad and its advanced intrusion system was busy downloading schematics and other information from the ship's mainframe. Red text flashed across the screen: DOWNLOAD COMPLETE. Alex stored the pad and pushed away from the computer. "Sending schematics" He concluded.

Text scrolled across Nicholas' HUD: DOWNLOADING DATA PLEASE WAIT… COMPLETE. The schematics showed the ship in blue outlines from the top, the ship looked like a spearhead. Nick rotated the 3D ship designs to see the sides and bottom as well. There were hangers on both sides and bottom amidships only two of which were functioning. Engines were critically damaged, and her hull integrity was nearly compromised. Five red dots represented him and his team's position, Nick set a waypoint to the bridge and transmitted it to the rest of his team.

"We're going there, let's go." Nick unslung his rifle and made a slow arching back flip in the zero gravity. "Move out, quite as 'ya can." The Spartans drifted down corridors for several minutes until they reached the elevator, it was stuck between floors. To remedy this problem Nick called Kelly to the front. She stomped on the elevator and it flew down the shaft. The Spartans pulled themselves up the shaft several floors until the map indicated they were on the command deck. Kelly's services were once again called into service. After Kelly pried her way through the elevator doors and the blast doors to the bridge they were in.

The orange tail headed girl and what he suspected to be her masters floated in zero gee in front of him. Nick pointed with his index and middle fingers to the floating bridge crew. His team pushed off from the floor and started gathering them together to disarm and secure them. The windows on the bridge were pitch black, no stars or nebulas twinkled anywhere in space. All of a sudden the ship shuddered and a bright flash appeared then space itself reappeared in front of him.

"That was convenient" Nick declared, he opened up a private comm channel to his squad. "Pin, Kelly get back to the boarding craft, get it into the portside hanger and prep it for combat, who knows what'll happen next." Kelly nodded and wrapped her huge hand around Pin's head and pulled him through the doors. Lights came back on. Nick spun and found Alex with the computer pad linked to a bridge terminal.

"Imma try and get gravity back too" Alex added before turning his attention back to the pad. Shelia landed next to Nick.

"What should I do Loot?" Shelia inquired

"Help me bind these guys." Nick ordered pointing towards the tail head and her masters. Nick grabbed the two men and secured them to some pipes using hand cuffs. He spotted the light swords type weapons they had used on their belts. He took one and pressed the activation button. The blade shot forth from the hilt, he waved it around in front of him. The sword made a delightful humming noise when moved.

"Where'd you buy that fancy baton at?" Shelia joked

"Ninety Nine credit store." Nick answered as he collected the other two. All of a sudden Nick, Shelia, and all the bridge crew fell to the floor. Nick and Shelia turned to see Alex at the computer terminal. He gave them thumbs up. "Great, gees are back."

"Chya' but you could've told me before you did that though, I fell straight on my arse." Shelia complained rubbing her behind.

Suddenly an unknown voice groaned behind them. Nick, Alex, and Shelia all drew their weapons and turned to face the new threat. It wasn't a threat, only the bearded man becoming conscious again. He rubbed his forehead with his spare hand before realizing he was cuffed to the ceiling and suspended a few centimeters off the floor. He reached for his lightsaber only to find it was not there. It was at Nick's side along with two others like it. Just then the two others regained consciousness.

"How did we?" The orange one started before seeing the Spartans, with their weapons leveled at them. "Oh… it's you guys."