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Guns and Swords: Part 1
Posted By: Skunk!<Blastercheif450@hotmail.com>
Date: 26 February 2010, 1:18 am

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I realize that there is already a series that has the star wars-halo crossover theme to it,but when I set out to write this i didnt know, only recentley did I know this. Unlike the other one I'm not trying to make peolpe think, I'm just want to put all of my imaginary fight scenes on "paper". I hope you enjoy this and if it moves you particularly, or if you want to stop this nerd from making a chapter two, email me a blastercheif450@hotmai.com. (The posting system is a lil confusing i tried to correct the paragraphs)

Ahsoka woke to the sound of the bridge crew's exited chatter. Her vision was blurred. As her eyes corrected themselves she realized she was lying on her back on the command deck of a republic ship. She propped herself up with her elbow and rubbed her sore temples. She also wiped the spittle from the lower left corner of her mouth. As she looked around she noticed that the usually brightly lit bridge was bathed in a fluorescent red light, emergency power was online. Ahsoka stood up, her legs were shaking. A hand grabbed her arm to help her up. She looked over to see her Master: Anakin Skywalker.

"Nice to see you've finally decided to join us snips." Anakin declared with a smile on his face.

"What happened?" Ahsoka said as Anakin helped her up and made sure she wouldn't fall back down.

"It turns out that Grievous wasn't kidding." Anakin replied "That bomb of his really did work; star charts don't match up to anything near here, we truly are in an alternate dimension, I'll explain later, come on we've found something I wanna show you. "

Anakin helped Ahsoka hobble over to the viewport at the front of the command deck. Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi was standing next to the glass eyeing what appeared to be another vessel.

"What is that thing?" Ahsoka inquired.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out" Obi Wan replied and then turned his attention back to the vessel.

"Sirs!" one of the clone officers spoke to get the three Jedi's attention. "Scans of the unidentified ship have been completed; it appears to have three to four inches of armor, made of…" He paused "Titanium A metal, very primitive, there are no energy signatures from directed energy weapons or otherwise, Lots of nuclear radiation on board it must be what powers their propulsion system, scans also indicate that there are approximately three hundred life forms on board."

Anakin interjected "If there are no weapons on board they must be some sort of ambassador ship or cargo vessel, we should see if they can help us."

"Be careful Anakin" Obi Wan put a hand on Anakin's shoulder. "Just because there aren't any energy weapons on board does not mean it isn't a warship, it's made of titanium metal and they use nuclear fission as a power source, they obviously don't have the capacity to field energy weapons yet."

"That may be true but if they were hostile I think they would have attacked us while we have been debating what to do." He retorted. Anakin turned towards the ship's captain. "Captain, prepare to power up the communications system." Anakin spun on his heel to view the ship.

"Yes sir" The captain replied "Diverting power from sections of the ship to power on the system." A few seconds passed as the bridge crew waited to see if the power would return. A rumble shook the ship and the sound of a cannon firing echoed.

"What just happened!?" Anakin yelled. The captain's eyes went back and forth scanning one of the computer screens.

"That power surge was miss-directed due to some broken power couplings, instead of rebooting the communication system it fired a shot from one of the port side cannons it just barely missed the unknown ship." The captain yelled. Just then further explosions rocked the cruiser knocking the entire bridge crew to the floor.

"And what was that!? Dare I ask?" Obi Wan inquired.

"The enemy vessel launched missiles at us" The captain yelled.

"Damage report!" Anakin barked.

"Missiles have struck portside cannons and engines the hanger bay doors have also been damaged, we can't launch any fighters or fire our weapons! Additional incoming sir, smaller craft approaching, scans indicate five life forms on board, its attaching itself to the hull… its burning through!" Shouted the captain

"Blast" Obi Wan declared. Obi Wan ran over to one of the command consoles and pressed a button. Obi Wan's voice thundered through the ships intercom. "Clones prepare to repel borders, repeat prepare to repel borders!" Warning klaxons blared throughout the ship. Obi Wan pivoted to face two clone troopers standing near him. One trooper had orange stripes down the length of his arms and other places on his armor and a visor on his helmet, this was Commander Cody. The other had blue stripes, this was Captain Rex. "Cody, Rex come with me and Anakin, we must see the point of impact." Cody and Rex put on their helmets and grabbed their blaster rifles. Rex whistled and five clone troopers came to follow them. They sprinted through the blast doors and exited the bridge. Anakin followed suit. Ahsoka, not wanting to miss the action followed her masters. As she sprinted to the front of the group by a meter or two the doors to the bridge closed and sealed behind her.

"So master, where are we going" Ahsoka panted as she passed Obi Wan.

"The hanger bay, security forces report that the breach is there, they've searched the pod there aren't any signs of life." Obi Wan replied. He was just about to continue when Ahsoka turned the corner and ran into something. At first she thought she had turned the corner too early and ran into the wall but she was sorely mistaken. Standing in front of her was a gigantic figure. Standing at least three meters tall and encased in olive green armor with a matte black undercoat of some sort. Ahsoka instinctively swung her light saber at this hulking creature expecting to catch it off guard. Instead the figure moved with surprising speed, faster than anything she'd ever seen. It grabbed her arm and stopped her slash with strength equally amazing as its speed. It then placed its leg in between her stance and swept left causing her to lose her footing and her balance. As she fell to the ground the armored figure ripped her lightsaber from her hand, breaking her index finger. It then threw the saber down the corridor; the blade wedged itself in to the wall up to the hilt.
Ahsoka let out a scream as she fell to the floor. All of these events transpired before Obi Wan or Anakin even turned the corner. Rex and his five clones turned the corner first. Hearing Ahsoka scream they already knew there was a hostile around the corner. Their weapons were already in firing positions, but just before they were about to fire their blasters the mysterious combatant dove to the ground. A hail of lasers sailed over him, missing him by meters. It unslung its own weapon and fired a burst at the clones with a staccato crack. This weapon was not a blaster rifle; instead it was a crude projectile weapon. However this weapon possessed more than enough stopping power to punch through the clone's armor. Four of the clones dropped to the ground felled due to severe leg wounds. Rex swore and retreated back behind the corner along with his one remaining unscathed comrade.

In their place Anakin came barreling around the corner. He jumped into the air lightsaber held high ready to bring it down upon the intruder. The figure moved, once again with its amazing lightning fast speed, launching itself from its prone position into a forward somersault. By the time Anakin brought his light saber down the figure was already two meters away from where he struck and closing the distance fast. Anakin was barely able to turn around in time to see the figure level his weapon at him. Anakin was able to deliver an uppercut, slicing the weapon in half in his hands. Without even stopping to consider that his weapon had just been cut in half by a searing hot blade of energy the figure threw one of the pieces directly at Anakin's face hitting him square in the jaw. Before Anakin could recover the figure ran up to him and punched him in the belly, lifting Anakin off the ground. Anakin coughed up some blood and fell to the ground in a heap clutching his stomach.

The figure quickly discarded the other half of its decapitated rifle and drew a steel combat knife from a metal sheath built into armor on his bicep. It scanned the area for any more threats. Its helmeted head darted in all directions. A light saber exploded from its hilt right next to its neck. Obi Wan stood directly behind the intruder, his weapon prepared to stab it in the neck.

"Drop your weapon and put your hands behind your head then get on your knees." Obi Wan said with a scowl on his face. The armor dropped the knife. It landed with a clang against the metal floor. It then dropped to its knees, with its hands above its head. Anakin, still clutching his stomach rose from the ground. Blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. He walked over to the subdued intruder. Even on his knees Anakin still stood eye to eye with the intruder. Commander Cody then jogged over to the figure and hand cuffed it. A squad of clones then arrived to help secure this threat and deal with the wounded.

Obi Wan watched Anakin circle the armored enemy through the energy barrier. Obi Wan crossed his arms and scratched his beard moustache. Anakin had been in there for about twenty minutes trying to get some sort if information out of their prisoner. Anakin signaled to Captain Rex who was standing outside the prison cell. The energy barrier deactivated and Anakin stepped out. The barrier then reactivated closing the prisoner inside. Anakin had a large bruise on his chin from where the rifle impacted his face.

"Were you able to ascertain any information Anakin?" Obi Wan asked

"Nothing master, he just keeps repeating what I suspect to be a serial number: 56951-3452-N S-141." Anakin replied. "He speaks our language." Anakin said with suspicion in his voice.

"Keep in mind Anakin we are in another dimension." Obi Wan said, stepping closer to the barrier.

"I'm still not sure I believe that." Anakin said shaking his head. "We're probably just a little off the beaten path."

"Masters!" Obi Wan and Anakin turned to see Ahsoka rushing towards them. A cast had been placed on her index finger to help her heal from her encounter with the armored intruder. Ahsoka slowed as she approached them. "Masters, Cody has just finished his scans of our little friend here." Ahsoka handed Obi Wan a communication pad. On its screen were rows and rows of information on the intruder. In the lower left hand corner of the screen it showed a security camera recording of the combatant throwing one piece of his rifle at Anakin then slug him in the stomach, lifting Anakin a few inches off the floor. The combatant's armor seemed to cover the groin, outer thighs, knees, shins, chest, shoulders, and forearms, with a full head helmet and a gold visor. The armor's outer shell was made up of a multilayer alloy with reflective coating designed to disperse energy weapons. Underneath the outer shell there were many other layers designed to do things like regulate temperature and store data.

Data had also been gathered about the weapons it was carrying. Not much information could be gathered from its rifle, other than it was a projectile firing assault rifle. It could fire thirty two bullets before having to be reloaded. It also had been carrying a side arm: a bulky pistol with a chrome finish and a scope. This weapon could fire twelve rounds before reloading, but unlike the rifle this weapon fired massive rounds, high caliber bullets able to penetrate even a B2 super battle droid's armor at medium range. Obi Wan handed the pad to Anakin.

"It would seem that this soldier is prepared for heavy combat, and has to deal with it often, judging by the carbon scoring on its armor." Obi Wan spoke.

"Seems like it" Anakin concurred "Information is a bit short though."

"Then let's go in and get some more." Ahsoka said with a grin on her face.

"Indeed." Obi Wan said as he thumbed the barrier deactivate button. He stepped inside and beckoned to Anakin and Ahsoka to follow him. Once inside the barrier reactivated sealing them inside with the prisoner. Anakin seemed very calm. His arms were crossed and his expression was very neutral. His padawan on the other hand was the exact opposite. She shifted her weight from foot to foot, one hand on her lightsaber the other at her side ready to spring into action. Obi Wan made a mental note, as he approached the table to sit down he noticed that the chair that they had given him was far too small. To seat this being he would have needed two or three of these chairs. The metal legs groaned in protest of their heavy guest.

Obi Wan pulled up a chair on the other side of the table, and sat down opposite of the prisoner. "Greetings" he announced, "I am Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi of the Galactic Republic." His prisoner didn't seem to take any notice of this. It was impossible to tell, as its face was hidden behind a golden visor. "Now that I've introduced myself, who are you?" Obi Wan asked.

"56951-3452-N, S-141" It replied, the voice was deep and hoarse, obviously a man's voice.

"I will ask you again, who are you?" Obi Wan inquired

"56951-3452-N, S-141" He responded once more.

"56951-3452-N, S-141."
"What is your name?"
"56951-3452-N, S-141."
"Who sent you?"
"56951-3452-N, S-141."
"Where are we!?"
"56951-3452-N, S-141"
"Where are you from!?"
"56951-3452-N, S-141."

"Enough!" Ahsoka yelled. She leapt forward drawing her lightsaber and putting it up the prisoner's throat. He hardly even flinched. "This guys obviously not gonna tell us anything, I say we gut 'em and leave 'em in the cargo bay!" She said pressing her light saber closer to his neck.
"Ahsoka!" Anakin protested, as he quickly retrieved his padawan. Grabbing her by the neck he pulled her into a corner of the cell and started to give her a chewing out. As the two conversed Obi Wan regained his composure. He was just about to continue interrogating the prisoner when he spoke.

"Spartan-141" The man said.

"Who?" Obi Wan asked in a calm voice. Hearing this Ahsoka and Anakin stopped arguing and focused their attention on the Spartan 141.

"Gunnery Sergeant Nicholas, Spartan 141." He spoke again. Obi Wan slowly pressed a button on a control console on the table activating an audio recorder.

"Please, tell us more." Obi Wan said.

For the next hour the four talked. He explained to the Jedi all about the UNSC, and its internal struggles with rebels who felt that the UNSC was an oppressive government that was cut off from its people. He also explained that the UNSC anticipated all out civil war within twenty years unless affirmative action was taken. How he and three hundred other genetically superior children were kidnapped in the night and brought to the military base planet Reach. He told them that at the ages of five and six, the peace and integrity of a government that spanned over eight hundred worlds was thrust upon their shoulders. The brutal training regime that trained them to be killers by the time they were teenagers, and then the horrific genetic mutations they suffered through and turned them into super-humans. Ahsoka winced at this thought. Then Nicholas got to a more dangerous issue, the discovery of The Covenant. A xenophobic conglomeration of alien species that declared all of humanity heretics and proceeded to wage a genocidal campaign against them. He regaled them with tales of the heroic defense of hundreds of worlds. Thanks to the Spartans and their superior fighting skill, many major groundside victories were achieved, but at a high price to human life. Though as soon as The Covenant was forced to retreat back to space they would bombard the planet with high temperature plasma. Burning the planet until it was nothing but cracked glass. This was because the UNSC was technologically centuries behind The Covenant, every major ground victory turned into a loss in space. Forcing the UNSC to withdraw, losing the planet. For eighteen years now that pattern had become the norm.

"That's horrible, billions of lives lost just because you don't share their religious point of views." Ahsoka said in disbelief. Obi Wan shook his head. Anakin leaned up against the wall, trying to process all of this information. "And you, being kidnapped as a child, you must resent the UNSC for that." She continued.

"No." Nicholas said. "No I don't." He gave a grunt and snapped the binders around his wrists with ease, releasing his hands. All three Jedi reached for their lightsabers. "Relax" Nicholas raised a hand to calm the Jedi. He reached for his helmet and gave it a small twist. The hiss of pressure seal sounded. He removed his helmet to reveal his face. A white human male with brown stubble on top of his head and a beard moustache much like Obi Wan's. Scars and scratches from countless battles stretched across his face. He scratched at the top of his head, and looked up at the Jedi. "For the record, I could have done that, at any time." The Jedi calmed themselves. "You see Ahsoka." Nicholas said. He put his helmet back on his head. The pressure seal resealed with a small squeak.
"The UNSC saved me; I lived on Harvest, the first planet to be glassed by The Covenant. They took me from the family farm, taught me how to fight, and gave me a reason to fight. If not I would have been slaughtered along with those millions condemned to death by fire. They may have taken me from my parents but in their place they gave me a real family. Four children and to an extent two hundred and ninety nine other children. My brothers and sisters. I would fight to my last breath!" He slammed his fist on the table, breaking one of the legs and nodding, to add emphasis to his words. "To save any of them." He finished
Ahsoka's eyes welled with tears. Obi Wan covered his mouth. Anakin just adjusted himself against the wall, showing no sign of sympathy. Obi Wan saw this and stood to face Anakin.

"Do you disagree Anakin?" Obi Wan said motioning towards Nicholas.

Anakin pushed off of the wall and brushed past Obi Wan. He approached Nicholas sitting at the table. Putting his hands on the table Anakin leaned in close to Nicholas, almost nose-to-face plate with him.

"I think that's a load of bantha fodder, I think that your are some sort of bounty hunter, I think that you just run around in a pile of outdated junk pirating crippled ships, and I think that inside that armor your just a sad little man.!" Anakin said twisting his head with a wicked smile plastered across his face.

Nicholas pushed himself away from the table. The chair loudly scraped across the metal floor. Nicholas stood up to his full height of three meters, and stepped towards Anakin. Anakin stood as well, his chin was now right in Nicholas' stomach. Nicholas' helmet faceplate depolarized to reveal his face; he bent down to be face to face with Anakin.

"Listen to me pretty boy." Nicholas began. "I wouldn't have wasted my time telling you my life story and not kill you if this all weren't true." He raised his finger to Anakin face. "If I really were a pirate you would have a hole in your stomach right now, your orange friend would have more than just a broken finger, mister beard-stache would have an open wind pipe, and last but not least your white clad friends would be Swiss cheese right now because believe me I don't miss."
Ahsoka's opinion of Nicholas changed instantly from: little boy forced to fight, to cold blooded killer. A frown appeared across her face. Nicholas saw this, he relaxed and stood back up to his proper posture. He put his gauntleted hand up to the part of his helmet where his chin was and pantomimed stroking his chin.
"Look…" he started up again. "I'll prove it to you." Nicholas stepped past Anakin who was still staring at Nicholas. He pushed his way past Ahsoka, and stepped closer to the barrier. "Hey! Open up guys!" Ahsoka watched this with a puzzled look. What was this supposed to accomplish? Ahsoka opened her mouth to voice her opinion when the barrier suddenly disappeared into the air. Ahsoka's eyes widened, how was this possible? Anakin jumped almost clear across the table and rushed out the cell along with Obi Wan. Ahsoka ran out and did a somersault in between Nicholas' legs to exit. All three Jedi drew their lightsabers expecting to face some sort of threat. The prison control room was empty, almost empty. Twelve clones were bound and gagged in two groups of six on the floor. Their helmets were off and their blasters were all in a pile on the other side of the room. The clones seemed to be gagged with their own ammo belts. The Jedi moved forward cautiously, back-to-back-to-back. Nicholas stood in the doorway, his visor still depolarized with a smirk on his face.

"You've walked into a trap, you know that, right?" Nicholas chuckled. Just then two armored figures dropped down from the ceiling. Then two more materialized from the shadows in the hallway that led to the control room. Three of the four Spartans leveled weapons at the Jedi but one of them threw Nicholas a rifle similar to the one from earlier. Nick caught it and attached it to a magnetic holder on his back. For a few seconds the Spartans and the Jedi had a standoff, each waiting to see what would happen, until finally Nick spoke; "It's alright guys, they're friendlies." The Spartans didn't lower their weapons though. "Guys, the light swords." Nick said to the Jedi.
The trio sheathed their lightsabers. The Spartans cautiously lowered their rifles. Ahsoka felt so blind, her force abilities should have helped her sense the hidden Spartans. She was just about to spark a conversation between the two groups when the ship uncontrollably shook for a short burst of time. Hostilities exploded one more, lightsabers shot forth from their hilts and rifles jumped up to firing positions. Ahsoka was staring down the barrel of Nick's rifle, the Spartan trusted her, but not that much. Rex squirmed in his bind wanting to help his Jedi Generals. Obi Wan's comm beeped in advertisement. Obi Wan, not relinquishing his grip on his lightsaber, raised his forearm closer to his mouth to answer the call.

"Obi Wan here, go ahead." He spoke into the comm set. A panicked voice of a clone relayed back through the speakers.

"Sir, Sir!" A clone yelled static echoed through the comm for a couple seconds. "Something's wrong!" More static hissed at him. Obi Wan's interest had shifted from the giants pointing guns at him to the clone's distress. The ship rumbled again.

"Trooper! Trooper respond now!" Obi Wan shouted into his wrist communicator.

"Something's wrong." The clone's voice came through distorted. "We found something near the bomb the clankers placed in the engines, it, it was a crystal shard when we tried to remove it something happened!" Static once again consumed the trooper's voice.
Ahsoka sheathed her lightsaber and tugged on Obi Wan's tunic. "Master I think we should get to the bridge." She said

"I agree, let's get moving." Obi Wan said. The Jedi turned and ran, vaulting over the control panel. And running down out the exit. They turned the corner and headed for the elevator. She keyed the elevator button. The doors immediately opened. The Jedi stepped inside; the elevator brought them a few decks up, to the bridge level.
Several minutes later they burst into the bridge to find utter chaos. Computer screens went from static to normal, instruments were haywire, the holo-pad projected past communications at a phenomenal speed. Crew members ran helter-skelter trying to get things under control. The ship went from hyper space to normal space regularly. Power conduits in the circuitry exploded sending a shower of harmless sparks over members of the bridge crew. Obi rushed over to the ship captain.

"What's happening!?" Obi Wan yelled over the warbling of warning klaxons.

"I don't know sir, when my men down in the engine room tried to remove some sort of crystal everything went haywire, we experienced conditions like this right before we jumped here." The captain replied, not taking his eyes off his command console.

"That crystal must have been tethering us to this plain." Obi Wan murmured to himself. Then something caught his attention and stole him from his thoughts. The fluctuations from normal to hyper space stopped, but in its place something else appeared. A massive black hole engulfed the space in front of the cruiser. Bits of battle plating were ripped off the cruiser and pulled beyond the event horizon.

Obi Wan glanced over at the UNSC frigate. It was much closer to the black hole, but it was not being affected. This confirmed Obi Wan's theory. Obi Wan saw Anakin out of the corner of his eye.

"Brace for impact!" He yelled. Just then the black hole overcame the cruiser's sheer mass. Metal groaned as the cruiser lurched forward. Just like when they arrived here, gravity and lights failed. The cruiser flew into the depths of the anomaly. As Obi Wan free floated he slipped into a state of unconsciousness. The bridge was dark, the corridors were dark, the ship was dark. The only light came from a pair of flashlights, then another appeared, and another. Ten beams of light pierced the darkness, five pairs each parallel to each other. Moving in a group the beams of light floated down corridors and up elevator shafts. The Spartans were on the move…