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Burning Pile of Angst and Other Important Feelings
Posted By: SeverianofUrth
Date: 22 November 2005, 3:05 pm

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So I went to the Smithsonian,
smelled the past and sniffed the present,
and I have to tell you, it smelled acrid.
      Quite horrible.

Then I reached into a glass case
And took out a skullbone-jaw, hefted it,
and felt the age and scars that it bore.
Jesus Cristo Foros de Marvell...
Wonder if my bones will be there.

God! Nothing aches but everything
burns, and all I am left with is simpering
filth, and God! Goddamn! Rage, rage, rage.
            Where the hell is my XBOX360?
I'll be bones and ashes by the time I get one,
then will be petroleum by the time Halo 3 comes out.
Oh, the...

The pain. I put the skull back. Wondered,
though, if I should call it Yorick for the hell of it.

This is for you, filth, rage, my blood:
leaving me out was a bad idea.
Better have my system, you simpering filth,
or else I'll just have to unleash...
            My mad camping skills.

      I'll wait for you.
      A rocket launcher in hand.
      You won't even have time to scream,