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This Is What We Get For Trust | Part 3
Posted By: Rtas Vadumee<yeahyou84@yahoo.com>
Date: 2 September 2009, 12:35 am

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(This chapter will switch from Inside the Spartan's mind to 3rd person periodically. Also, it will contain references to the book series.)

"What is this feeling," he thought. "I see nothing but black. But at the same time.. I see everything. Should I be happy? Scared? I'm talking to myself.. Heh. I'm dead. There's no way I'm alive. I've been in space too long. I can't move..."

"Ship Master, he's talking. He must be alive. Or it could be a recorded message, but we don't detect any power emiting from his suit what-so-ever."

"Hmm," the white clad Elite stood among many others in a hazy purple room (Like all other in a Covenant ships), "We must power his suit up."

Several of his men dissapeared and reappeared with a power cord of sorts and plugged it into the Spartan's back. After several minutes, his visor powered up and unfogged. Screams could be heard from inside shortly after.

What the hell? My visor. It's not black anymore..? I'm.. I'm alive? Wait. What is that? Elites? Maybe? Yes! Dammit! Move, legs, move! Damn! They must have me restrained. What can I do? I won't panic.. Remember what John taught you, Mark..

A faint whisper was heard after the screaming stopped, "Remember what John taught you.."

Suddenly the Spartan sprung into action, leaping up and over the crowd of confused and baffled aliens, standing poised to strike the first to run at him.

"Oh shit. I give up. I can't win," The Spartan threw up his hands.

The white armoured Elite walked up and extended a hand that the Spartan recognized as a hand-shake, "Welcome to our ship, Human. If case you haven't noticed; our races have made peace, for we have not been hostile toward you. If we wanted, we could have killed you long ago. Now sit Spartan, and tell your tale," he gestured toward a throne like chair.

The metal clad giant hesitantly sat and began to tell an epic tale of how he came to land on the ship, "Well.. To begin with my name is Mark. I was stationed on Reach and my team and I were doing fine until they begand galssing. It was a 3 person strike team. Linsey, Jake, and I. I lost both Lindsey and Jake, but managed to escape by hiding in the back area of a Wraith, which for some reason powered up and began shooting at other Wraiths. I soon hopped out and ran for a tractor beam which brought me into a cargo ship. I began to learn that despite I weigh half a ton in the armour, I can be stealthier than most cloaked Elites. I started a one man guerilla assualt on the ship, eventually destroying the bridge. The blast sent me floting all this way because I caculated where I would go if I stood on the outside of the bridge, which ended up being you ship.."

"Which would explain where the random Parasite infected ship came from," The Ship Master interupted.

"Pretty much.."

"And so the deed was done; those who have sinned are now gone; forever shall peace not reign; those who have sinned shall rise again," Rtas said calmly, "Does that poem not intrigue you, Spartan?"

Mark began to think about it. He opened his mouth to answer but was interupted by the door opening to reveal Sgt. Johnson standing in his tall, egocentric glory.

"Sir!" Mark snapped to attention.

"Damn son, how many do we have for real?" The Sergant said loudly, "I've seen the Cheif and a few more, but now one without the upgraded armour? You must be an old one. Aw what the hell am I talking about.. Wait, you still at attention? At ease son."

"Sir!" Mark sttod completely silent and still as the Elites stood in amazment at the complete disciplin and devotion of the Human. Most of the new recriuts couldn't imagine what they were once taught as filth could be so perfect when it came to commands and miltary. The ones that many Covenant killed were just Marines, but Spartans.. Spartans were different. They had surgical perfection and grace all at the same time.

"Who's leg do I gotta hump to get some buddies home? Cm'on! All'a ya! Back to the bay so we can leave this hell hole of a ship!"

Mark began to walk to the Airlock Bays with each step perfectly in time with the next. One, two, one, two. The Elites fell in behind him. Awkwardly at first, they tried to march in time with him, suddenly inspired by him, but soon got the hang of it and it proved to be a once in a lifetime sight. Humans and Elites walking side by side in time toward a common goal.

">Mission Report://Prevent the destruction of all."