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Halo: The Helljumper (chapter 1)
Posted By: (Reaper) 105th O.D.S.T.<ionlyneedoneshot@yahoo.com>
Date: 1 March 2009, 10:17 pm

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0300 Hours February 12, 2535 (Military Calendar)
Lambda Serpentis System Jericho VII Theater of Operations

"ENEMY CONTACT! ALL TEAMS STAND BY; ENEMY CONTACT MY POSITION!!!!" The Gunnery Sgt. knew that the team would be engageing a large covenant ground force, but motion-sensors were of the scale....

He decided to take a peek for himeself especially since the human eye was much more reliable than any machine. What he say sent chills up and down his spine and for some strange reason made him want revenge - but he could not find a reason - then it hit him...

Years ago when he was just a young boy, he had been with his friends when the covenant made first contact with the human race. He had seen his entire family slaughtered by this very same group of enemy...

(let me know what you think and i will add more chapters if requested so please let me know what you all think)

The Gunnery Sgt. had killed many covenant before, but this time it was more personal... He shared his plan of attack with his three fellow HellJumpers (all that was left of his friends). One of them said "four of us and 10,000 of them? sounds like good odds to me." Then all four of them in unison said "FEET FIRST INTO HELL!"

"Bravo-3, lay out the welcome matt, Bravo-2, get those rocket launchers online, and Bravo-1 your my spotter!"

The Gunnery Sgt. and Bravo-1 had worked toether many times before so Bravo-1 knew how that "Gunny" is good at what he does. so naturally Bravo-1 said "pay attention guys 'Gunnies' gonna give you a lesson in crowd control!"

As the rest of the team looked on, the Gunnery Sgt. took up position in the shadows on an elevated vantage point with his S2 sniper rifle... and took aim at at what appeared to be a lone grunt in the middle of the enemy group.. Gunny fired only one shot which was followed by a series of blue explosions, killing all 10,000 covenant within a matter of seconds. He had perposely shot a plasma grenade on the Grunts belt.. at a distance over 1500 meters...

Bravo-1 said one word "BADASS!!!" Bravo-2 was speechless and Bravo-3's jaw dropped..

Suddenly the ground where Bravo-3 had been standing erupted into a bright flash of green light... when the dust settled there was nothing left of Bravo-3, only a 2 meter deep crater remained..

"INBOUND COVENANT AIR SUPPORT!!!" shouted Bravo-2, "ETA.... 10 SECONDS!!!!!!!"

"Roger that, Bravo-1 and 2 head for the pick-up zone!!!" shouted the Gunnery Sgt., "i'll take care of this motherF**ker!!!!"

As Bravo-1 and 2 sprinted to the pick-up zone, "Gunny" cycled the bolt of his S2 AM Sniper Rifle and braced it on top of a shoulder high rock. He prepared to fire a 14.5MM aromor-piercing fin-stablized discarding-sabot round at the Banshee as it started a strafing run directly at his position.

"Gunny" didn't so much as blink as he took carful aim at a very narrow opening in the banshees cockpit... He fired a single round and the Banshee literally fell from the sky in a fire ball of plasma.

Bravo-1 and 2 began cheering and as the Gunnery Sgt. turned two beams struck his team members in their heads instanly mealting their helmets and everything above their shoulders... their bodies fell limply to the ground...

"Gunny" immediatly switched to his M6D pistol and found himself face to face with two Hunters who stood over 12 feet tall.. as soon as he saw the Hunters he pulled out an outdated K-Bar fighting knife that he kept strapped to his right ankle... and without fireing a single shot with his pistol he single handedly took on both hunters at once.

One hunter charged and tried to use his shield as a melee weapon but "Gunny" anticipated this move and side-stepped at the last second and drove his blade K-Bar into the exposed flesh on the hunters side and then pulled away and imediatly spun around driving his blade deep into the belly of the second Hunter catchin git off guard... just as a pelican dropship arrived overhead both hunters collapsed and the Gunnery Sgt. unscathed stood in a combat stance with his K-Bar as the pelican touched down. He got on board and the rear door closed....

this is only the first chapter so if you like it please let me know and i will add more chapters if i get good reviews so if you like my story so far please feel free to leave comments or ratings if you would like

thanks so much - Reaper