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Posted By: Raphael Canaris<spartin-458@hotmail.com>
Date: 5 January 2007, 5:12 am

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this is a comic story about a character in the book halo; the flood who only gets mentioned once
profile staff sergeant marvin muboto

it was harsh on paris iv a grunt stuck several plasma grenades on me but with my quick reflexes somehow the grenades well unstuck and kinda landed on johnson ( yep all 12 of em ) hence him getting that boem simdrome thing)

9-am pillar of autumn
they were testing the cheif in the gym on the autumn they silvie odst marine reported the chief killed 3 marines and tried to anounce the chief doing homicide.
A noticeable feature is a marine refusingg to where the uniform with this line *your not turning me into one of those things ill die 1st ill die*
i took the last bumble bee out of the autumn which unfortunately there was a spartan-2 sitting on me the spartan smashed the radio in the escape pod short secreting it frying hole pod killing everyone on board but me and the spartan i experienced most of the pain when evan more volts shocked me from the mark v suit a blue ai told the spartan i was dead( so they kicked me in the balls)

johnson was playing annoying old heavy mettle ironically the name of the piece of music was called old stuff i knocked out privet jenkin out and grabbed his helmet (we snuck his body in a near by ccs type ship )johnson kept yelling at manual mendoza but he just kept running away and hid behind 2-demensional trees ( he deserves to be reanimated and killed by a spartan against his will)i was forced to be the camera man by holding jenkins helm ( curse you new zealand captain ( i forgot his name)
i went running for my life when me wife's cooking went after the squad ( thats what it smells like)there was a spartan at the bottom of an elevator privet chips dubbo was exclaiming we have reinforcements
a nameless privet was complaining 'spartan or no spartan where dead' i replied oh me first and ran in blindly and hit my face on the moniter of the halo (if hes the moniter wheres the hard-drive?) who was calling me the reclaimer( aw i must be speicial) after killing countless flood i take a rest then a spartan rights on my arm (using bullets) 'staff sergeant marvin muboto i never new you but i sure as hell wished i did) i wake up noticing his shields are down and i attack him but his shields go up at the last moment and shock me.
I finnaly make it into the control room, i watch in amazment behind a floating sentinal, as the ai explains halos purpose, and what did she mean by the cheifs pal? i felt so betrayed, to think of the great times we had together*memories start rolling(he has a flash back of there 1st kiss, running through dead flood, going to the ONI prom, and shairing the grand food nipple)*memories stop rolling**

alpha base ( autumn)
two minutes before the ship blows me foe hammer and two marines in banshees try to kill the chief while his expecting a pick up i order the banshees to fire at will but they accidentally hit the pelican i manage to escape get in the long sword then the fighter closes on my foot as before my hole body gets in
the engines start and john-117 picks up a life boat after the explosion

reach (first strike)
The unsc must be pretty blind! when will they lern that is not johnson but a light blue elite with his walet
i give the orders to sergeant banks i lie to him about the location of the enemies co-ordnants and only 3 marines of charlie team survive including john
i try the same trick on earth to kill the chief and fails


luckily i dont have to work with that annoying spartan and then it just happens to crash into high charity capture is sweet and what do ya know the spartan rescues us, Then a drones wing went in my face ( i happen to be alergic)cause a sleaping sniper (perhaps johnson) shoots it off
then i get run over a banshee and into a gravity lift of a foruner ship
unfortunatly the liftt opens again i start falling and smahing my head against The spartan
*mean while on a ring world orbiting fresh hold the Flood are going beserk as an insane marine gets infected*

this work was originly posted on clanhalo.net by a now banned user who is now using last-grunt as his user name
*join clanhalo.net the demo comunitee the mac comunitee (where you can be terrorized by countless idiots who dont know how to move a file into a folder)(and about 40 diferent topics with the same meaning in the computers for dummies section)(and the worlds largest forum topic 467 pages and counting!)*