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Glass and Steel - Power Struggle
Posted By: Random 14-Year-Old<i-rule-2008@comcast.net>
Date: 26 May 2006, 4:23 am

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Glass and Steel

Power Struggle

I loved her, I loved her.
I loved her and still do.
But to where she has gone
Is as mysterious as chicken foot stew.

With able hands and a strong-willed mind,
I saved her from death, instead of my behind.

As in, I let myself rot away,
While she could live on.
Little, oh so little did I know
That when I woke up she'd be gone.

It wasn't my choice to be saved—I'd rather be dead.
So I woke up again, and found myself held captive instead.

My kidnapper was dark,
My kidnapper was mean.
He had me shot in the legs
By bullets of millimeters fifteen.

For once I was the jester and he was the laugher,
Because soon I discovered that he was Howard—

I rip you. I tear you.
You will be no more.
Once I am done with you,
Pieces of your soul will lay scattered.

Take heed of my advice and learn how things work,
Because around here, you get one strike and you're out.

My surprise leads to anger,
And I let myself fly, controlled by my thoughts.
Howard and this surgeon can't stop me—
I'll tear out his flesh and watch as it rots.

When I escape and break free, oh yes,
And see you again, Ariana, oh how I'll be blessed!

You fool, when will you learn?
I have you chained, bound, tied up!
You are not clever, not anymore.
You have lost all sense that you once had.

That was the last straw, my dear friend.
To contain you will mean using my last resort.

I'm pinned against the wall—
My escape plan has failed!
He grabs a needle, a syringe—

You have just been nailed
By the fluid of my soul.
I watch in hunger as my soul eats you.
I drool in desire as you change, both inside and out.

No amount of torture in the world could persuade you.
No, Ren—it took a part of me to show you the vision I have.

I wake up, completely tired.
I feel like I just ran ten miles.
But no matter, for my goal is quite clear:
Help General Gaffer, and crush the Covenant attackers.

I don't tell him, and I keep it to myself,
But when I sleep and dream at night,
A name repeats itself to death.
A girl whom I do not know—