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Mission: Rio
Posted By: Polamee<harbingerofcalamity@gmail.com >
Date: 28 December 2009, 3:04 pm

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First of all, this was based off something my Halo Mapping team attempted to do in Halo Custom Edition. This piece of writing is not up to standard to most of my other works, but I've had this for some time, so felt that it would be good to touch this up and post it, in order to satisfy the public.

By the way, the events are based off this excellent map made for Halo CE: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=532


Chapter 1
Outpost Rio, Installation 04

On the surface of Installation 04 lay a large plateau. If someone was looking at it from, say, a few hundred miles above, on the plateau he would have seen sand, rocks and a river, nothing more. Looking closer, however, he would find a few metallic structures sticking out of the sand, and small figures standing and milling around.

Buried deep below the surface of the plateau were huge chambers of an untold number of wonders in the form of Ancient forerunner artifacts. They had stayed there, unmoving, for thousands of centuries, waiting for one being, an inheritor to reclaim all the immense power left behind...

The Covenant had a large number of troops stationed there, though they had not broken into the chambers where the ancient artifacts were held in. They had discovered an opening into the rock which led to a forerunner hallway, and then into a large circular room, clearly forerunner. Sensing that this would have an exciting outcome, a Covenant Prophet, the Minister of Hope, was summoned. He had, reluctantly, agreed, after a direct order from a Hierach.

The circular room was cramped, dingy, and smelled of unwashed Elites. The twenty honor guards stood in straight rows, unmoving. An Elite Fleet Master known as Yisa 'Anomee walked in, about to speak to the Prophet. Two Ultra Elite subordinates followed closely behind. They had barely enough space to walk. This was not the place you would expect a Covenant Prophet to be in.

"This is not a place you would expect a Covenant Prophet to be in," muttered 'Anomee, repeating my above point.

'Anomee approached the Prophet, who was floating, suspend in midair, with an anti-gravity belt. He had no idea why the Prophets chose to wear those things. Perhaps it was to show power above the Sangheili and to hide the fact that they were physically inferior?

This was not a time for such thoughts though. The Prophets had been known to be skilled mind-readers. Instead, he bowed deeply. The Prophet still floated, his eyes closed, legs crossed, not responding.

'Anomee considered what to do next. He could make some kind of noise to alert the Holy One of his presence, but he might be accused of disturbing his strange 'meditation' and executed.

So he waited. And sighed.

Finally, the Prophet opened his eyes and said, slowly, "I sense that we are in close proximity to the Holy Chambers."

'Anomee was wondering how he managed to know that, but was in no position to question the prophet's 'divinity'.

Instead, he said, "that is a true testimony to how great you are, Holy One. Now, may I ask, should I withdraw my fleet from around this area? Or should they stay and guard you?"

"The fleet is needed elsewhere," said the Propeht, a distant look in his eyes. "Leave only a ship or two in defence of this area"

"What if the humans attacked?" asked 'Anomee

"You should be good enough to stop them," said the Prophet, "unless you're implying that you're too weak to kill a couple of human demons?"

'Anomee shook his head, saying, "no. I shall slaughter them without mercy if they come."

One of his Ultras beside 'Anomee began speaking, "what if the demon attacks?"

The Prophet raised an eyebrow.

"The demon has killed countless Elites and Grunts, and murdered Ship Masters Orna ' Fulsamee, Lina' Ornamee, Trino 'Idamee...... not to mention at least 6 hunter pairs, so what tells us that he will not kill us all? He has superior armor, strength, training-"

The Ultra stopped as he saw the expression of burning fury on the Prophet's face. Then the Ultra knew he had made an unforgivable mistake

"Are you saying your armor is inferior to his? Your weapons? Your training? It all comes straight from the forerunners, so are you, by extension insulting them?" asked the Prophet.

"No.....no, I meant-" the Ultra stuttered, trying to save himself, and, more importantly, his family's honor.

"Have him executed," said the Prophet. "Now."

Two honor Guards stepped forward and grabbed the struggling Ultra Elite, and dragged him away.

'Anomee gulped. That could have been him.

"Now, Fleet Master, you are dismissed."

'Anomee nodded and hastily exited the chamber. In truth, he felt that he would rather fight the demon than talk to the Prophet again.


A minor Elite called 'Irsumee was walking around on the surface of the Plateu. Life is good, he thought. He had enough food and rations for survival, and he was being paid to just walk around and look at the sky for humans. Someday, perhaps, he would get promoted to a Major Elite. And then an Ultra. His life would be more interesting than just watching the sky,

He was pondering about what he might do in the future when one his of Grunts shouted in its annoying, high pitched squeaky voice, "Look! Small flying things in the sky!"

He sighed. It was probably just a banshee patrol, or a DX-class Spirit dropship coming to unload cargo. The Grunts were unintelligent little beings and often panicked unneccessarily. Still, he turned around, and saw three grayish specks appear on the horizon. They were definitely not any Covenant-designed vessel.

Alarmed, the Elite grabbed his Covenant carbine and pressed the 2X magnification. He saw the distinct shapes of the Human dropships, what they called 'Pelicans'. Vermin, these human were, naming their own pathetic technology.

He clicked on the radio channel directly to the operation's commander: Fleet master 'Anomee, and told him that Human Dropships were on the way, and requesting permission to open fire.


"Sir, this is Sangheili Minor 'Irsumee! Human forces incoming to my position at 2 o' clock. Requesting permission to fire!"

'Anomee knew it. The humans had come. He felt his two hearts beating faster, even as he shouting orders to his troops. He was not taking any chances; he had deployed a scarab and had gun turrets set up all over the plateau.

If the demon was arriving in one of those human dropships, he would gladly face him in direct hand-to-hand combat, for him to know the true power of the Sangheili.