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Invasion saga book one
Posted By: Paul Cooper<lcooper764@aol.com>
Date: 19 December 2007, 8:03 pm

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Invasion saga book one

Chapter one


illions of miles away, a fleet of alien ships sped toward earth. They glowed with a metallic sheen. They belonged to a fleet of aliens known as the forerunners.

Nothing had ever come close to destroying them. The forerunners conquered certain species and forced them to join the alien caste.

But they all held a grudge against the humans. They had killed members of their race before and kept the alien presence from citizens. They wanted revenge.

When they landed they were going to avenge their fellow forerunners deaths.

A few hundred miles off, they saw the entrance to the human's galaxy. Soon the war would begin………

Millions of miles away from the forerunners, on earth, there were a group of children in a small town called ferryhilll. It was a small town. It had a few shops in, a town hall, a library, and a variety of other things.

It wasn't like a little village at all. In fact nearly all of it had been commercialised.

The group were in the town centre. They were walking along the street. The sun reflected off the mirrors of cars and shop windows. The path was still dusty off the current heat wave.

It was the middle of summer. These children were off for their 1 week holiday in February. They all watched as a plane flew particularly low.

It caused a few of the littered newspapers to blow about and a bin bag to overturn. Planes passing ferryhilll was very rare.

The gang walked past a shop named 24. It said it was closing down in paint. The big shiny window reflected the suns rays and the paint was bubbling.

They crossed the road and went past a bus stop. The windows were shattered and graffiti covered them. A short walk along a path made them cross another road.

A lorry flew past them and the wind blew into their faces and ruffled their hair.

They went past the library and were directly in front of a small little dog walking place called strawberry cot. The sign swung to and fro in the slight breeze created from passing traffic.

They all entered in single file and grouped up again. Where they were walking used to be covered in green grass but had long been worn away and replaced by a rocky foot path. Further down were green fields and a small little wood.

They walked through the green fields. The grass swayed in the breeze and smelled sweetly. The group did not talk until they reached the entrance to the wood. These 6 children varied in age.

There was one named Andrew Davidson. He was 12 years old and was approximately 4 foot. He had strawberry blonde hair and very white skin. He was a good member of the team. He would stop at nothing to solve a mission. His hair appeared blonde in the sun.

The 2nd was a 10 year old girl called Roxanne readshaw. It may seem weird that older children were playing with younger girls, but they had been friends from a very early age.

Her brown hair swayed to the side as she brushed it to the side. She had brown eyes and was much tanned. She was extremely sensible for her age and was roughly the size of Andrew . She had got the gang out of many a scrape.

The 3rd child was called Joe Smith. He had short black hair and white skin too. His blue eyes shone brightly. He was older, at 14. Also he was taller at 5 foot. He was possibly the most funniest of the group and wasn't very sensible. But when things got serious, so did he.

Number 4 was Jamie whittle. He was 13 and had wavy brown hair. He also had slightly tanned skin and brown eyes. He was four and a half foot. Sometimes he would freak out on some missions, but when he got himself together, he could solve missions.

The 5th was a boy called Aden smith. He had very short brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. He was the youngest of the group at 9 years. He was still 5 foot though. He was really the intelligence behind our gang and when we considered scrapping a mission, he would bring us together and talk sense into us.

The 6th was me. I was called Paul rider and had black hair. My eyes were blue and I was 5 foot 6. My black hair was very long and feathered at the back. It blew in all directions and I ran a hand through it.

I was the muscle of the gang and usually was the first to run into danger.

Right then. All of us were members of a team called supernatural investigation agency. We shortened to sia and hunted all things paranormal. Hardly anyone knew about us. Our parents didn't as they would probably ban us.

So far we had solved a total of 4 missions. We hadn't seen any aliens but we had found weird things indeed. We were currently hunting Lykens. This was the posh word for werewolf.

We entered the small wood. It was surprisingly dark. Our base was situated at the entrance and although we didn't have loads of gear, we did have seats on certain trees.

We walked through the muddy hill to get there. The mud made popping sounds and it was rather difficult not to slip. "The only place for a base and we have to cross a fricking land slide!" Andrew complained. I nodded. It was VERY muddy. When we reached the top, the others rushed to a small field behind the base.

We discussed meetings there and it was the continuation of the werewolf mission. We had been on it for 4 weeks and had found some blood, a sharp tooth stained with it, and some fur and torn clothing.

I stayed were I was and observed the base. It was very untidy. Sticks and notebooks were littered over the floor. Their pages were muddy and torn. Some were completely ruined. I looked at the trap we had constructed. It was a sharpened stick that fell on anyone who entered the secret part of the base.

I ran up to join my team mates and noticed that they were all arguing. Aden was trying to calm them down but so far, he wasn't succeeding.

"Shut up!" I said. "We have a mission to solve" Joe nodded. "I know" he began. "But Andrew wants to scrap it and hunt vampires!" I shook my head. "We don't ever quit missions and you know that" I said sternly to Andrew . He shrugged. "Ok" he sighed. "Right!" Said Jamie. "Let's start doing this meeting!"

We all sat on the floor in order. It wasn't muddy and the ground was quite hot. The grass reflected the sunlight and glared my eyes, so I looked away. Aden began to speak. "I think we should go down to doggy wood today and look for more clues" Joe agreed. "We could even solve a mission!" I nodded. "We could do with more clues" I began. "Otherwise we are gonna fail this mission!" he nodded. "And that would just be crap!" The team laughed. Andrew got up. "Ok then!" he said. "Let's go to doggy wood!"
They would arrive in a few of the earth hours.

On board a ship, a black very tall figure paced along the decks. It snarled. "We have to invade with our full force!" Its voice was unnaturally deep and was full of anger. Another figure was perched on a seat. "My decision is final!" it roared back. "Now get out of my face!" the 1st figure grunted in anger and slammed the door behind it. It snarled in anger and was deeply annoyed. "If I had control of the army" it thought. "We would have destroyed the menace long ago!

Meanwhile the pods flew toward earth. They were long and had thick red steel plates on them. They were shaped like a computer mouse and had a serrated spike on the nose end. Unluckily enough, one would soon land directly in doggy wood……

We began walking from the village. Since as today was Saturday and it was 11:30, there were lots of people around.

We walked past the grocery shop. Paint peeled from the door and the windows were filthy. "Urgent clean!" Roxanne said in disgust and we passed a primary school.

I had went their in my previous years of life. I was currently in my 9th year at secondary school. We waked down a street that was nicknamed "the posh street" because everyone who lived there had massive houses.

As we walked on, we had to cross a road to reach the long path that led to the entrance of doggy. I crossed and a car flew past and a paper flew in the air like a startled bird.

We began walking down the road and noticed that it was beginning to cool. I pointed to a tree. We normally climbed it every time we crossed. "See that tree?" I told my friends. They nodded. "What about it?" Andrew said, interested. "When the first time we ever went to doggy wood, I fell out of it and Andrew cracked his balls!" I grinned. My companions laughed and we crossed the road and we were at the entrance.

A couple of miles away, doggy loomed ahead. It was a big black wood and looked like it had been taken directly out of a horror film. "That's frightening as hell" Roxanne shuddered.

I opened the metal gate and we all walked through. The gate clanged with a metallic thud and I looked at my surroundings. There was a long and steep path that led to doggy wood. There was also a train track and a fence you had to climb over. The branches loomed over like arms grasping for us and it seemed almost dark. "Its gonna rain soon!" Aden said grumpily.

We walked further down and I inspected a little piece of white cloth. "We have some clothes here!" I said urgently and my team mates rushed to see me. Andrew nodded. "Let's keep on looking for clues!" We walked on. I went up to Joe and began to speak to him. "This is weird" I said, concerned. He nodded. "We find loads of stuff in one wood?" he replied. "That's a bit weird" I nodded back and noticed that we were in the little walk that led to the train. I stopped my friends. "No arsing about!" I said, seriously. "If we get hit by that train, there's gonna be one less member!" "We know" Andrew said sarcastically. "We're not 2!" I grinned. "Then don't act like it!"

The pods entered the atmosphere and due to the way they were made, they didn't begin to burn up. They pelted toward earth. Soon the green fields of the word became clear. They flew in all different directions. One headed straight for doggy wood, crashed, and exploded.

We came up to the track. There were no trains about to come, so we ran across. Suddenly we heard a train begin to come and it appeared. I grimaced. These bitches were load as hell. "Cover you're ears" said Joe and we did. Seconds later, a train flew past and we heard it nearly deafen us. It whirred and made noises like a razor spinning round and round.

Finally it sped off like a rocket. We were about to begin climbing the fence, when Roxanne stopped. Guys, I thought I just heard something?" she began, puzzled. "I nodded." It's called a train" "were likely to hear them cos were in a train track" I grinned.
Andrew burst out laughing. "No!" she said, annoyed. "Like an explosion or something" I shrugged. "I never heard a thing!" I put my hand on the fence and pulled myself up. My friends did the same. I noticed the wire was unnaturally warm. We flipped over and our shoes squelched as they hit the muddy ground down below. I directly in front of us was doggy!

The entity inside was gravely injured, but still clung onto life. It slowly pulled itself up and a long slender, long fingered hand that was covered in blue blood gripped onto the side…….

We entered the wood and noticed that it was extremely darker. Roxanne shuddered with fear. "I have a feeling something's watching us!" I nodded. Strangely so did I. "ok guys" I whispered. "Stay on full alert!" They complied and we walked further in. twigs snapped under our feet and we came to a cross roads. "This way" said Joe and we went deeper into doggy.

Suddenly, as we began our ascent up a hill, we heard a bike fly round. I stopped. "It's just the quads" Andrew said. Seconds later, we heard the bike flip over, a scream and a sound like tearing. "What the fricking hell was that!!" I cried. An inhuman roar full of anger broke my nerve. "Ok guys!" I cried. "Out, out, out! "Seems a very good idea" Joe said and we ran out of the woods and tried to make as much distance from there and us as we could.

Far up in the forerunner mother ship, a figure walked into a room. It was a massive chamber like room and the floor was adorned with gems and stones that shone with an unnatural light. It went to a figure perched on a throne like chair. It bowed. "Sir, the invasion ship and the fleet will arrive on their planet early tomorrow if we launch now" he said eagerly. "Do we have permission?" the figure on the throne rose an arm. "Granted"………..

A few minutes later, a massive ship and the flagships flew toward earth. The invasion ship was shaped like a spike and had 2 massive wings that were pointy like swords. The ships flew forward, and the forerunners knew that the war had begun….

We stopped when we reached the tree. We all climbed up it and I was on the very top branch. "What the hell was that?" I said, scared. "It certainly wasn't human" Andrew nodded. "And it didn't howl so it wasn't a liken" Joe shivered with fear. "It killed someone" he began. "We heard." Roxanne nodded. It must have flipped them off the bike and shredded them!"

We got out of the tree and headed for the library. "guys, were doing some research on these at the library on the internet!" I said. "Got your cards? Everyone apart from Joe shrugged. "ill run on and fetch it" he said and sped in front of us. I watched until he was a faint figure in the distance.

It was now 1:30. The heat was slowly disappearing and the wind had begun to get cold. We arrived in the village and crossed the path. Seconds later, we were at the library steps.

• We sat on the wall for a bit. "They could be aliens" said Jamie doubtfully. I nodded. "But that's a very slim chance" Roxanne got up. "I know a good website that finds out monsters for you! She said happily. "Oh great!" said Andrew in mock surprise. "Now you tell us!" "And!" I began. "We don't know what the hell they are!" she frowned. "Well try aliens" "yea" we could search ripper alien!" I said sarcastically.

Jon ran as fast as e could and arrived at is house. What Joe saw on the TV terrified him? A man with black hair was speaking and he looked very worried. His eyes were nearly popping from his head.

"What's the matter?" he asked his mom. She was called Michelle. She looked like him and had long black hair. "Shut up and we might find out!" she complained.

"Breaking news!" the man cried out. "Metal pods have landed everywhere on the planet" Joe was confused. Could they be aliens?

"It is advised that you do not go near them as we do not know what they are yet" he said, slowly. "We will report to you if we get anymore information about these stunning events!" His mother turned off the TV and looked at Joe. "I'm sorry but you're not going anywhere" she said sternly. "I need you with me" "why?" Joe cried out with rage. "I need to discuss this with my mates!" "No!" she said but he had already slammed the door and began racing to the library.

We were still waiting on the steps. It was currently 3 o'clock in the afternoon and it was getting blisteringly hot again. "I wish this heat wave would sod off!" I snarled. We were sweating buckets. "We have to think of something to type in the google search engine" Roxanne said. She was concentrating hard. "We could try aliens?" Andrew said doubtfully. I nodded. "That really narrows it down!"

"Listen guys!" I said to my mates. "We will have to fight these aliens and try to stop their invasion of earth!" Aden nodded. "But were only kids and we aren't armed!" I nodded. He had a point. "Hey, there's Joe" Andrew said and he rushed up to meet us.

I could tell by his face that he was worried. He paused for breath. Passers by looked at us. Joe's body and face was soaked in a layer of sweat. "I've got some bad news" he said slowly. "What?" Jamie asked. "These pods have been landing all other the world and the government seem really worried!" he told us. "The description means that there may be a few of them in ferryhill too!" "We have to organize a mission tomorrow!" I said grimly, and we walked into to the library. Little did we know that these would be our last few hours of peace……..

Now only a few hundred miles away, the forerunner fleet lurched toward earth. The invasion ship was first in the line of monstrosities. It would be launched first. When the fighting began, the flagships would be called in to wipe out the humans resistances.

A dark figure sat on the control room of the lead flagship, the mighty warrior. He smiled evilly. One of his brothers had been killed in a fight against a place called area 5.6. He was going to exterminate them. Every last one of them. The alien rose and laughed triumphantly. The invasion would begin in the early hours of Monday morning………..

Next time.......

Chapter 3
The library.

We were sat in the library waiting for our place on the computers. We had five minutes to wait as the librarian had informed us.

The library was fairly up to date. Books were in rows of shelves that stood up on the walls. Computers were lined up near the window. Next to them, was a wall decorated with peoples drawings. We were sat in a little corner and there was a door that shut us off from the library. There were also 10 extra computers in this room. The room was painted a cool looking blue.

When the people that occupied the pc walked off we went on them immediately. Our gang looked at stuff that might get us banned, so we chose to stay here out the prying eyes of the librarian.

I noticed the computer was already logged on. We all clicked on the internet. "What was the website you said earlier?" I asked Roxanne, quizzically." www.ghosthuntingparadise.co.org"
She replied, with a flourish. "It better be reliable!" Joe said warily and we all keyed in the site.

A black screen appeared. As the site loaded, pictures of ghosts and Lykens popped up. Most of them were fake; I could tell, but some looked real. We typed in aliens and pressed search.............