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Invasion Episode 2- A little Trip
Posted By: Paul Cooper<blackbankai92@ymail.com>
Date: 19 February 2011, 8:44 pm

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As Marc shut the door behind him with a loud thud, i heard the deafening sound of heavy rain. It had luckily stopped thundering and Lightning but, considering it was now a quarter to 12.........
"It isn't stopping us going out" Marc told us sternly. His hair was soaking and his clothes getting wetter by the second. "Tonight must be done"

We all nodded and i felt the rain soak my skin. My hair was down my face, dripping water and i could feel the liquid touching my skin. Apart from the small fact it didn't feel right.

"Anyone think this rain feels too warm?" Jace asked. We both nodded and Marc looked like he was thinking about something. "It could mean that theres going to be another massive storm tonight" he frowned.

But then his face changed to one that meant, "that doesn't change anything, the show must go on!" and i grinned. Marc wasn't going to let this ultimate final griefing of the Gardner family be stopped by anything....................
The three young men walked with a quickened pace. The grass squelched beneath their feet, yet they plodded on to their destination. They had recognised something was not right.

But they could not imagine what it was. Just above the Earth's atmosphere, a gigantic vessel loomed. It was covered with an invisible coating, making detection impossible. This was the cause of the weather.

Deep inside the vessel, a large, looming figure gazed out of the windows. It struggled to believe how close they were to actually acheiving their final goal.

A long slender arm rose up, and five bony fingers clenched together. Rage filled the creature as it thought of the inhabitants and it's armour squeaked under the pressure. A loud voice shot through it's thoughts and the creature smiled. It was time to begin........
It was 12.30 when we finally marched up the cut that was near John's house. Michelle had seen us out of the window and we had received a hacky look.

All of us manoeuvered our way around the metal bars that had been put in place to block bikes going down at high speed. Or kill someone. Unfortunately they were close for even humans to pass through.

We all strolled up the street in unison and Marc laughed as he looked at the church, as well as the graveyard. It wasn't funny for that reason of course.

It was funny because we had been chased through there on numerous occassions of our years long criminal activity. We had been chucking Garlic off somebody's window and had been chased on foot and then they had got into a car.

I remembered how difficult that one had been to escape and then remembered only last week when we had been an unnatural caffeine to the Gardners family's sleep.

We had been chased by a group of large, unfreindly Chavs all through Ferryhill and nearly had to resort to violence to make them scurry away. We were traipsing round Ferryhill all night, until 6.10 AM.

Marc laughed loudly as we entered the road directly in front of both the village and the Church. "Remember when you gave Reverand Lumsdon a piece of your mind?" i grinned again and he gave me a high five.

Jace looked confused. "When did this happen?" he laughed. Marc explained the story as i began thinking to myself again. I had been walking down from the village with Marc when Lumsden had appeared, Woman in one arm, bottle in the next. I told him he was no good for this town and a cheat. He had scurried into what i presume was the womans house.
This had caused Marc to collapse into a fit of laughter for the next four weeks leading up to now. "That was excellent" Marc laughed again and we entered the village. "We need to go into three shops"
He told us.

"Where's that then?" Jace asked Marc. I looked up at Jace. He seemed even taller outside. His arms could touch the top of a wall that we walked past. We couldnt even reach halfway.

Jace was not from Ferryhill. He had lived there before right next to John and had also been good friends until his betrayal. I remember going to his house with John and us knocking about. It had been quite a while since he had been in Ferryhill.

Jace now lived in Chilton and we had walked him home the other night. That was not the most pleasant of memories that i can recall. He had been staying at Marc's with me, Marc and his brother James.

Jace had intended to get the 11.PM bus back to Chilton. The bus however did not. It had drove straight past him. Marc could have ordered him a taxi, but being the good friend he is, walked him home.

It was quite a while walk normally, but Marc wanting to turn it into an adventure turned it into a two hour trek through weeds taller than Jace and lots of mud. When we finally took him back, we were greeted with a door to the face, and had to walk all the way home. We had got home early morning and decided to stay up all night.

I remembered with a stretch that we had done WAAAY too many all nighters recently. I had rested up properly, but tonight would tire me again i knew it. We would be up all night for this finale.

"I need to go to the CO-OP to buy food" he told us. "The cupboards are completely empty" We turned the cut and entered the village. I noticed that it was small on size, but extremely busy. I noticed a few people i knew and i told Marc and Jace i was going to draw money out.

Marc nodded. "Meet us in there, but if were not there, go straight to the Council offices" we waved our goodbyes and i drew my Bank card out.

When i had finished entering the Pin, i was surprised at the big balance that i saw. £250.58 looked back at me. I grinned, drew out 100 and tucked away my wallet.
The 17 year old male drew his money from his account as a sleek white and blue police car sat parked inconspicously in his direction. Inside, the main police officer for the Ferryhill and Durham areas was parked.

With a sharp press, the two other Criminals he terrorised with showed up in the database. He growled as he saw the records. They had been involved in many incidents, such as over a hundred cases of splattering windows and damage to property and many more cases of defacing the public.

To make the matter even worse, they had avoided capture on almost every single occassion. On the ones they hadn't a police chase had ensued and they had managed to lose the police and hide any evidence to prove they did said crime.

They had become such a nuisance for the locals, that a local gang had been offered quite a deal of money to "sort them out". Luckily, the man that smiled as he saw the boy enter the Co-oP, was one such member of the gang that happened to also be a police officer...
As i entered the large grocery store called the co-op, i immidiately saw Marc and Jace at the till being served. I decided to wait until they had been served so i began browsing the magazines.

The co-op was quite a large building compared to the others in the village. It pretty much any food you wanted and had a lot of people inside, almost constantly, as it was open very late.

I saw a wide variety of magazines, ranging from the latest game releases to makeup and cars. The one that caught my eye however, was the local paper. It was free so i decided to pick one up and begin reading it. Apart from the main headline, nothing was different. It was the usual crime report.

However the headline was quite intriguing. It was an article regarding the current weather. It said that the weather was going to stay and get gradually worse. I gulped as i saw a picture in Durham of a location i didnt know. It had been rained on so much it had collapsed.

I looked outside the see through automatic doors and saw that the rain was getting gradually worse. People were running to either catch the bus home, or get inside a warm shop. And we had to go out in it.

I looked to the side and saw Marc and Jace walking toward me. I waited for them to reach me and we all walked into the horrible weather again.

I felt that it had worsened considerably. The wind was now cold and it was starting to become slightly stormy, with rain blowing around. Slight rumbles of Thunder could be heard if you listened.

"This weather is beginning to piss me off!" Marc groaned and we all ran over to the council offices. When we entered, everyone stared then looked away. "I already know we look like drowned rats" Marc growled under his breath and walked over to pay the rent.

Marc had lived in the bungalow for only a year now. His rent was cheap but i imagined it got lonely for him when we weren't down. He didn't have a bed either, so he slept on the couch. I found it strangely comfortable, but would have preferred a bed.

I sat down on the chair next to Jace. This would take up to ten minutes. I looked outside, and seeing the current weather, it was the longer the better. "So think Marc will cancel tonight?" Jace asked.

I looked over to him and shook my head with a grin. "It doesnt matter if the world ends tonight, Marc'll make sure this is done" Jace laughed. "I hope we dont get caught."

I hoped we didn't either. "What's he even got planned?" Jace asked me. I shrugged my shoulders. "I dont think he'll tell us until we are getting it ready" Jace nodded. "It's the final assualt on fat ass bitch, so its gonna be epic" he said then burst out in laughter. Marc looked back with a grin and realised who we were talking about and laughed.

Marc was quicker than expected. We all exited the offices and Marc stood still for a second in the pouring rain. He put his arms out and looked pissed off. "This is bloody ridiculous" he said before speedwalking off up the hill.

"we need to go to the library," Marc told us. "Then we can get out of this and back into the warmth, thank christ." we continued walking up the hill. Jace asked why we needed to go to the library and Marc presented a book. It was torn and battered. "I need to hand this back" he responded.

I felt a smile curl my lips. "How long is it overdue?" i asked him. He looked at me seriously. "Oh, only about 6 months" Me and Jace facepalmed in unison and Marc laughed.

We walked up the stone steps to the library and the automatic doors opened up welcomingly. We all entered as quickly as we could to get away from the freezing cold and into the warmth.

And warm it was. The library had the heating on and i felt my body warm and the rain begin to steam off slowly. I followed Jace as he began to browse the horror and sci-fi section. Marc went over to the desk.

When i began to look, i saw various writers from Stephen King to J.R.R Tolkien. I quickly grew bored and sat on one of the seats with a loud thump. I glanced over to Marc and decided to enjoy the argument that was about to ensue.
It didnt take long before the womans face grew red with anger and Marc was ordered out of the library. We both quickly followed and Jace asked him what happened.

"The cheeky bitch asked me for a tenner, so i told her to-"I get the drift" i interuppted Marc and me and Jace laughed at him. He looked helpless and then said. "Seriously, though what is wrong with this world?"

I laughed and as we began to walk to Marc's, rain making shattering noises on the ground, Jace spoke. "It can't get any worse.".....