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Invasion Episode 1- The Gang
Posted By: Paul Cooper<blackbankai92@ymail.com>
Date: 19 February 2011, 8:39 pm

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The blackness of the universe stood still. Nothing made any sound and the only movement was that of planet earth slowly moving around. It was beautiful watching the sun reflect on earth, signalling the dawn of a new day.

A gigantic ship tore through the shimmering reflection and shattered it like glass. The sun seemed to highlight the front of the gigantic vessel and inside it, a large shadowy figure stood.

It signalled toward the planet by pointing a long, slender finger fowards. The other figures in the room all crowded toward the window and were suddenly pushed away by a much larger figure.

The bigger figure rose its arm into the air and clenched it's fist. Dark red eyes pierced the inky blackness and an eery, silky voice spoke softly. "The fall of Earth is about to begin......."

Episode 1
The gang

A loud, menacing boom of thunder disturbed the normally peaceful town of Ferryhill. Seconds later, a blast of lightning illuminated the dreary morning darkness and rain torrented down soaking the ground it fell on.

After yet another all nighter, i pulled the quilt over my head. I was laid out on a couch in the opposite direction to my friend. He was a tall, thin 17 year old who had snakebites and jet black hair, straightened and combed over his eyes. His long leg fell from out of the cover and i saw his red skinny jeans.

I turned my head up and saw the silhoutte of the even taller Jace sleeping. He was about 6.6 and his long legs were pointing over my head. He had a longer hairstyle than Marc but it was not straightened.

He was wearing jeans and a baggy band t-shirt for Metallica. His glasses were moving slowly to the rythm of his chest as he slept. I groggily looked at my Samsung Genio Touch, a phone i had only had for 3 days.

It was a decent touchscreen phone that was not too dissimilar from a BlackBerry. The bright LCD screen nearly blinded me and i blinked a few times before i saw that it was 7.45.am on Tuesday the 8th of June 2010.

I was surprised at how fast this year had been currrently going and got up to go the toilet. Fortunately i woke neither of them as i opened the door which was adorned with posters from metal bands. I entered the small hallway.

When i opened the toilet, it was pitch black. Seconds later the light lit the place up and i saw my own reflection. Long, Spiky black hair and pale skin looked at me. I saw the fingerless gloves that went up to my elbow brush my hair away and the spike strip across my wrist.

I was wearing a tight fitting black top that looked similar to a suit and had Black Skinnies on. After i was finished, i splashed freezing water over my face to waken myself. It was a sharp feelin but i felt refreshed as i entered the room again.

This time i was greeted with a large hand to my face from Marc who laughed loudly and I also saw Jace slowly rise. Marc asked us both how we were and after we nodded to answer, he booted up his PS3 slim. "Tonight, we dispense the final griefing" Marc looked at me and grinned. I grinned back at the meaning; We had had a friend called John Gardner. He was a short, stocky, spiky haired 17 year old.

He was a little on the retarded side, but give him his due he was a good friend. But then he changed; he shunned the company of his fellow 17-18 year olds in favour for much younger boys and this made us sick. He then got agressive and threatening towards us one night.

Since that night we had been prank calling him, going up to his house and griefing him and we knew we would get caught soon, but none of us cared.... It was too fun! The last time we had thrown pebbles at his window and were chased by his mother Michelle.

I laughed at the thought of Michelle. She was known as Chunky Bot among us now because of her unnaturally large behind. She had received plenty of griefing from us. I had printed out about 15 copies of images that had John and his mothers face dubbed onto them in various images such as dogs and Kermit the frog.

"So whats the plan?" i asked Marc with a sly grin. He laughed. "We sellotape all these images around Ferryhill, and give her the most grief ever!" Me and Jace both nodded in unison and collapsed back onto the couch.

I sat and watched Marc play Guitar Hero 5 with Jace until it was 11.30. Marc finally flung the Guitar controller in frustration as he failed the 50th attempt to complete a hard song on expert.

"The games a pathetic" Jace joked and we all laughed. That phrase was one of Johns and it was in itself, very pathetic we had to use it. Marc powered down his PS3 and grabbed hold his Jacket. "We're off up the Village come on"