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Halo: Death of a Sergeant Part One
Posted By: Open The Hushed Caskets<Just_charlie@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 19 November 2009, 1:05 am

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Halo: Death of a sergeant.
Part One

Time 06:00

Date 19/6/2026

Location: West of the Capital of Harvest

Sergeant Jackson woke to the sound of Hornets passing over my dorm, Jackson slowly rose from my bed and looked in the mirror, and my face was in need of a shave. Jackson got dressed and walked in to the court yard of camp Baker, it was early in the morning but to Camp was busy as always, the Sun was already high in the sky, He had to shield my eyes at first, but as my eyes go used to the light but then Jackson realise that the sun was behind me so what the hell was. Before He could sound off the new sun had hurled itself in to the barracks opposite mine causing it to turn in to rumble and ashes. Suddenly the whole Camp was active, marines with assault rifle run towards defensive positions. The Sergeant started to run to the weapons locker as he over heard two marines

"Come on! If the Spartans can do it so can we!"

"I know we will mop the floor with them!"

The Sergeant once though like that too but Jackson now knows that isn't true, the covenant is winning the war the Spartans are the only reason why humanity is still alive. He entered the weapons locker and took what He needed, by the time Jackson had got my equipment half of camp Baker had been levelled to the ground but so far none of the Marines had been killed and continued to make my way to my position.

"You see anything yet Evans?" Jackson ask

"No sir the plain is cle..."

Before the young Marine could finish his words his head had burst open.


"Jenkins!" The Sergeant growled down his mic. "Kill that son of a bitch!"

"W.I.L.O sir"

A few minutes passed by suddenly shot fired across the plain of grass, but it wasn't Jenkins.

"Enemy spotted sir, looks like Spec-Ops?" the Marines voice slowly flooded with fear.

"Three elites, Two Brutes, and Four Grunts Sir"

Damn it! He though, these Marines are not ready for this none of them are, they are too junked up on there Spartan crap. I needed to think of a plan and fast, but just as a big problem had been created an even bigger one was in its way.

"Holy crap, what the hell is that Sir!" Said one marine shaking in fear

Turn to face what ever the Marine had sighed upon. It was a huge blue creature with bit of orange bits showing, this thing looked like a living tank, it had three foot long spikes coming from it back with one big plate of metal on its right arm and a fixed plasma cannon on the other.

"Okay listen up Marines, we are about to come face to face with our enemy!" Jackson bellowed

The thirty Marines that stood around me shifted uneasily. The wind was blowing softly which made the grass sway and it was oddly silent.

"But what they don't know is that we are not to be messed with! Am I right you lean Green Elite killing machines?"

"Sir Yes sir" the Marines shouted

"Damn right I am! Okay Stevens, Kingler and Harley you three set up the welcome wagons"

The welcome wagons consisted of three things: C4, Ball Barings and oil. The covenant is in for a surprise when they enter Camp Baker.

Time 08:50

Location: The outsides of Camp Baker

Jenkins has been stuck up the same Sniper position for a good five hours now, he had empty can of energy drinks all around him "this is the life hey" he thought to himself, He suddenly tensed and breathed in heavily. The Sound of the fifty calibres Sniper rifle echoed across the plain land, Satisfied with his fresh kill, he kindly takes a long gulp of his freshly open energy drink.

"Jenkins!?" He heard over this Mic

"Yes sir?" He replied

"The welcome wagons have been set up and I want you to take out the stragglers" Jackson ordered

"I'll do my best sir" Jenkins answered

The Sergeant didn't like the fact that Jenkins didn't have a spotter but the low number of Marines, he had no choice.

He sighed "Are you sure your okay without a spotter up there Jenkins?"

"Yes sir I'm sure" Jenkins replied.

The truth is told he was enjoying it. Jenkins hasn't had time to himself and to think since the Covenant had found Harvest a year ago. Ever since then he'd been to busy running for his life and fighting the Covenant and without his spotter he was tempted to talk and get distracted. Then he started to think about his family

"I'd they gotten over Harvest or are they dead?" He asked himself

He shuck his head and dismissed the thought and moved on to a new one, he started to remember when his first day at Camp Baker he was filled with happiness at the thought of fighting for his home planet. That was before he knew what the Covenant could do, as the months past he heard news of battles that happened across the Planet and how we'd almost lose all of them and the ones we'd won was because of the Spartans. He was suddenly taken away from the thought by a loud thud, the welcome wagons, he felt a shot of energy and his muscles tensed, he calmly look down his sniper scope and sight on the massive dent in the earth that one of the Wagons had left in its wake the surrounding area had been covered in flames. He started to notice that some of the flames moved with a purpose. Jenkins smiled in envy of the Covenants will power even when they have been set on fire they still wouldn't accept death lying down; he quickly sighted on Elite and inhaled then exhaled slowly and pulled the trigger. Seconds later the Aliens head burst like a balloon with to much air in it, the Burning body fell to the ground as the flames did there job, Jenkins smiled.

"Next time duck" he said to himself as it cocked his rifle.