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Halo:The I.R.A Chronicles: Chapters 1&2
Posted By: Mr.Fantasticall<pcoons92@yhoo.com>
Date: 21 February 2011, 9:37 pm

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Chapter 1
August 21, 2552
I.R.A-O.N.I Omega Company Outpost (Outpost 2249)
Reach. The doorstep to Earth. One of the UNSC's last military strongholds was about to fall. The only thing standing between the Covenant and Earth was the secret military project code-named SPARTAN. As an immediate response to the failed invasion of Sigma Octanus IV, ONI formed the Internal Reconnaissance Authority, the IRA. There best weapon, intel and a team of Spartan IIs and IIIs belonging to Omega Company. These are there stories on how they defied destruction by the hands of the Covenant.

"Whats our status commander?' asked Nickolai. "Were at DEF CON 1, basically, were screwed." Replied Anthony. As the two Spartans discussed the impending fall of Reach, Omega Company's second in command walked in. "Excuses me sir, but I just found two model threes wondering around C Deck." said Felicia. "Must be our new additions, apparently after Sigma Octanus IV, the spooks weren't lieing about getting us a medic. And a rookie." replied Anthony. "Sir! Sierra 336 Grant! Reporting for duty sir!" announced the rookie. "He said duty" Snickered Nickolai under his breath. "Welcome to Omega Spartan." replied Anthony to the rookie. "What about you medic, you have a name?" asked Nickolai. "Yes sir, my name is Carlos. I'm a certified field surgeon and medic." he replied.

"Sir, were being sent into New Alexandria, the Covis have hit em' hard. Were being sent to the hospital to look after the evac for the civis." yelled Felicia. "So were babysitting ma'am?" asked Grant "Probably not, we will most likely have to go after a field commander and take him out, or take him to the CP to interrogate him." replied Anthony. "I'll tell the pilot to warm up the Pelican." said Nickolai. As the team prepped for a combat drop, a giant explosion rang in the distance. "What the hell was than!?" yelled Carlos. A monitor dropped from the ceiling and showed a corvette-class cruiser annihilated in the distance of the city. "Lets go Omega!" commanded Anthony. The Spartans double-timed it to C Deck. They knew that they had to get to the city fast because the covis were most likely, pissed beyond belief.

Chapter 2
August 21,2552
I.R.A Omega Company inbound to New Alexandria

"ETA 30 seconds." said the pilot. As the Pelican pulled into the city, a Jackal sniper shot the pilot in the head. "Brace for impact!" yelled Nickolai. The Pelican crashed into one of the hospital's connecting hallways. The bird went right threw the hallway and was teetering on the edge. "Jump!" yelled Felicia. The Spartans jumped out of the bird before it fell of and plummeted to the ground. As the team regrouped, they found that the hospital, had already been evaced. "Sir, its command, our new objective is to take out an Elite General running ops at the top of the Traxus building." said Felicia. As the team headed to the heli-pad, waiting for an evac, a brute chieftain rushed the team with a gravity hammer. The Spartans scrambled to find cover. Nickolai jumped from cover and hit the chieftain with a grenade. It exploded and killed it instantly. The next Pelican came to drop them off at the LZ. It was to hot so the Spartans were given jump-packs to "jump" to the nearest entrance. "Sir, This place is locked down tight, recommend that we use active camo to slip past the shade turrets." said Felicia. The Spartans advanced threw enemy lines, undetected. "Grant, I want that elevator door opened in three minutes." commanded Anthony.

"Yes sir." replied Grant. Grant got started hailing the elevator, knowing that the tangos would definitely know that they were there, the team locked and loaded. The elevator came down. the Spartans got in and set it to the top floor, where the general was most likely hiding out. As the elevator came to a stop, the Spartans re-activated there active camo. They stormed the Elite-filled room un-noticed. The team un-loaded there weapons in to the Elites until each one of them were dead. The general tried to make a run for the elevator, but Carlos was able to tackle him before he could escape. "Command, this is Omega one, we have the general, orders?" said Anthoney over the SATCOM. "Omega one, this is command. You are to interrogate him, then eliminate the general at any means necessary." replied a voice over the com. "Felicia, Nickolai, get any info out of that split jaw and kill him after wards. Grant, Carlos, your with me. Were going to secure that Phantom on the executive landing pad."said Anthony.