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Revival of the Covenant Chapter 5: Delta Relay
Posted By: Mizbehavin<mizbehavincy@gmail.com>
Date: 15 November 2005, 11:55 pm

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The delta relay station has kept Gamma Halo up and running for a untold amount of years. The relay station was also used as a arena for one of the Forerunner's favorite sports, Oddball. Oddball involves using a rock or skull, the objective is to keep the Oddball away from the other team for a certain amount of time to win the game. Injures were just part of the game, but the Forerunner's mightiest warriors were the only one's who were brave enough to play. Once the battle of the Halo rings began, some of the Forerunner's mightiest warriors were injured because of the sport. Which gave the Flood the upper hand on the forerunner during the battle for Halo's relay station's, which was before the Forerunner decided to activate Halo's primary weapon and destroy all life. The location of Delta relay and Gamma Halo were lost when the flood took Gamma Halo. Which was where the Covenant and Spartan's were heading.



The interior of the dropship was lit in a florescent purple lights, the Covenant's color of choice. Furrme, Kalame, and Rendet were all heading towards a signal that Law wanted them to check on. Furrme was almost about to kill Law when he disgraced his name, but he knew if he had lost his cool that could have blown his cover as a holy Covenant zealot. Rendet was worried, but determined to help Kalame in whatever way possible to get rid of Law. Then there was Kalame, lately Kalame had been working up a scheme to kill Law in the most sacred place on this ring only problem though was, he didn't know where that was. In due time he would find out. Ruka had to stay behind on the Righteous Devastator to keep working on some secret weapon they were going to use on Law's body after they had rid of him. The dropship was utterly quiet, no one had said anything and no was going to say anything or think for that matter seeing as how Law was in the cockpit. As they neared the signal the sky overhead darkened, outside they could hear the screeching sound of something but it left as they landed. The relay station had plant overgrowth all over the place and the holy mark of the Forerunner had disappeared or was hidden. "Come exalted one, the signal is this way." said one of Law's body guards.

"If this is a relay station why is there blood all over the place, is that even blood? asked Kalame.

"We should leave Law here to die, the Flood are nesting somewhere nearby. If they are starving they'll kill us." stated Furrme far away from Law.

"No we must get to the signal, it may be the one." Kalame replied

"If Kalame is right then this may be the resting place for Law." Rendet said as they walked on, but kept far behind Law. Law asked them what they were doing, so Rendet said they were wacthing their backs which satisfied Law, for the moment. The signal led them to the largest structure on the rock island which also happened to be the tallest.

"This must have been a place of great importance." said Furrme in ignoring the gargantuan tower.

"How do you know that?" asked Kalalme with surprise at Furrme's knowledge of the Forerunner.

"Everything they built that was important, always was big and tall." said Furrme with a joking grin.



"What's that?" asked Craig who was late as usual to see things right in front of him. Andrea had already came up with an answer for everyone. Andrea hacked into ONI's and the UNSC's classified mission's, files, and objective's. She found what they were looking for in each tab.

"Spartan's, I have some information about the ringworld." Everyone in the room stopped talking and stared at Andrea. "ONI and the UNSC have information and pictures of this ringworld they call Halo. Halo is some sort of weapon that was found back in 2552 by SPARTAN 117- John, during the Covenant Human War."

"Wait, if Halo is a weapon then why didn't we use it in the war against the Covenant?" questioned Joseph

"I was getting to that. Wow, apparently Halo's primary weapon has the power the kill every living thing that can be consumed by something they call, The Flood. That means humans, Covenant, even a few plant's are listed here. Odd." said Andrea surprised

"What is it now." said Will still getting over the shock of everything dead except something called the Flood.

"There's tons of tabs about Halo, but nothing about the Flood. It's as if they never have existed. Wait. Found something about the Flood, a full sixteen page summary about them and what they can do to the human race, but...

"But what?" Rachel asked with concern in her voice.

"But it's locked, and only one person can open it." said Andrea

"Who's the person that's special enough to get their own locked folder about the Flood?" asked Craig irritated by the lack of details from Andrea.

"SPARTAN 117, and he died in the battle for the Ark back in 2552." stated Andrea with a look knowing she was going to get asked about the battle for the Ark.



The signal turned out to be just the relay station's start up sequence waiting to be started. So Law started the sequence and the whole station came alive, a few of the clouds disappeared and the sun broke through the clouds that were remaining. For the first time since they had landed the howl of the flood could be heard throughout the station. It sounded like how someone would scream if every single bone in your body started to break one by one, slowly. The piercing sound of the Flood's screams made Law pass out for a few seconds until the Flood stopped their screaming and moved down the cliff into the darkness. As the honor guards helped Law back into his chair something caught Kalame's eye. A little green blob was making it's way over to the structure they were standing in. In the blink of an eye hundreds maybe millions of the little green blobs turned into a sea of green blobs. "Brothers ready your blades and weapon's the Flood are attacking." Kalame beckoned for them to come. All the elite's headed towards Kalame except Furrme. "Holy zealot are you coming?" asked Kalame

"I am." as soon as Furrme said those words he leaped of the balcony and into the battle. Kalame followed not far after Furrme and the fight for Delta Relay had started all over again. The fight was a quick one, but there was a causality. Rendet leaped behind Kalame and as he did he saved Kalame's life by losing his own. Kalame turned around and popped the flood blob that was latched onto Rendet's left arm.

"Rendet, can you hear me?" asked Kalame while still fighting of the Flood blobs that were in the area.

"My promise was to do anything to help you kill Law, so here you go." and with that Rendet fell silent. Overhead a phantom flew by and landed in the center dish. Kalame was still standing over Rendet's body when Ruka said, "Kalame if you give Rendet's body to me I can make him better than he was, please trust me."

"Here you go Ruka, and don't worry I do trust you." Kalame started to head to Ruka's dropship when a brittle hand brushed against his shoulder making Kalame fear that the Flood were attacking, but he turned and saw that it was Law.

"Yes exalted one." praised Kalame

"Come with me back to the ship it's time for you to prepare for your return to Earth and begin the war against the humans. Plus I have a blessing for your armada, a very big blessing." as Law led Kalame to the dropship, Kalame pulled out a tracer and stuck it to the dropship. When Law brought him inside no one noticed the tracer he put on the dropship. Obviously there were heading to the holiest place on Halo.



The entire structure below them was teeming with elite's working on getting some kind of giant dish. The Spartans learned that they arrived around 5 hours after the Covenant did, but their warship was still outside Halo's atmosphere. The Spartans didn't waste any time and headed towards the location where the warship was hovering over Halo, and they ended up exactly where the Covenant did.
Delta Relay station. Rob was on the very top of one the main structure's buildings scoping out everything that looked like it could be gaurded and closed in enough to hold a Spartan. "Nothing" was the first words that anyone had spoken since they had arrived. Rachel was the next one to speak. "All the COM links that are from the high ranked elite's are out of range." Everyone sat there in shame of their stake out skills. Below they could hear two elite's having a conversation on their COM units.

"Hey, did you hear about that meating their having in the large tower?." asked the first elite.

"No, what are they going to converse about?" replied the second elite.

"Don't know, it's restricted to high ranking elite officers only. But a my brother who is gaurding the entrance said they're going to talk about a human prisoner that killed tons of our brothers in combat."

"Wow. Better get back to work, Lannde is coming around.

The Spartans stood there in amazement. "How could we hear that COM link it was out of range a minute ago?" wondered Rachel.

"Look here, the COM frequency must have been tuned up on a high enough range that the frequency bounced off of the little dish and caught an elite's COM." stated Joseph.

"Look the meeting is about to start." said Will quickly. The Spartan's turned towards the elites on the top balcony and listened.

"Alright lets get this done quick, most of you have been asking where's the human prisoner at or did he escape. No, he has been transfered over to Law in the caves." said the elite in the shimiring gold armor.

"Good Ruka, but what about Rendet and Furrme. We have no Spec Ops rebel Commander now."
said a elite in odd looking green armor.

"We have already talked about this, Furrme will resume his role of Spec Ops Commander when Law is dead." said the elite known as Ruka.

"So the meeting is over?" asked the elite in the green armor.

"Yes. I'm heading over to the caves to pick up Kalame, he might have killed Law. Hopefully he did." said Ruka as he walked down the ramp, and into the gravity lift that took him into the phantom. Then he speed off to the caves to learn of Law's fate.

"Rob take out that tracer attachment you've got for your sniper rifle and hit the phantom quick. Rachel tell Craig to bring in the Advent. Will get Rob's other sniper and shoot the green elite in the head after the phantom is out of range. Go do it now." almost yelled Joseph

Rob hit the target without missing a beat, Rachel got Craig and could see the Advent speeding towards them, and Will hit his target just when the purr of the Advent's could be heard, masking the sound of the 50. Caliber bullet coming out of the barrel and catching the royal ambassador right between the eyes, then coming out of the back of his head along with the purple blood of the elite's. "Well I'm not sure what position he's in with the Covenant, but I'm glad I'm not him right now." said Will hoping on board. The Advent folowed Ruka's phantom in a race against time. Time that was almost out for Cheif Cortez.