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Revival of the Covenant: Chapter 3
Posted By: Mizbehavin<mizbehavincy@gmail.com>
Date: 24 September 2005, 4:14 am

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      The engine's of the Advent came to a slow purr inside the dock of one of the largest cargo ships in Earth's fleet. The average human that came to Earth time to time would never know that the Martin Luther was actually a vessel that ONI used to watch Earth from a different view instead of on a star map or from satellite photos put on their computer monitors in their offices underground.Today a meeting was called by High Com to what to do about the New Covenant and whether or not they should let the Spartans pursue the Righteous Devastator. The real reason why ONI put the Martin Luther in space had vanished due to the death of all the ONI officers. Well almost all.

Admiral Hood wasn't really ever considered part of ONI as much as General Ackerson was. Admiral Hood was recognized as in Fleet Com more often than in ONI. Ackerson was the man behind the model of the Spartan III's, but instead of just using the advanced stimulants for the Spartan's he wanted to use something far greater. That's what killed the fool, a alien race know only as the Flood. The Flood could regenerate lost body parts such as arms and legs, which would make his Spartan models far greater than that of his rival's Dr.Halsey. Now Dr.Halsey was in league with ONI and also knew why the Martin Luther was placed in space, but when Ackerson was killed she was close to seventy years old. There were other members, but they met the same fate as Ackerson when the Flood invaded Earth. Admiral Hood was the only surviving member of ONI from 2552. General Hood is know 127 years old, and Admiral Hood would be at this meeting which would be his resting place at the end of it all.

"Order, there will be order in this Council." declared General Wyatt. Wyatt was a tall muscular man in his late thirty's and was head director of ONI. "Now that you've all decided shut up we can proceed with today's meeting. As you all already know our forces have been attacked by a alien race calling themselves the Covenant. We all know what happened to these aliens right?" posed General Wyatt.

"Yes." rung throughout the room. Except a small group of voices from the far end of the room. everyone in the room turned in awe to see the Spartans and General Hood.

"Sir." saluted General Wyatt and everyone in the room. Everyone except the Spartans seeing as how they saluted him when they picked him up. "Sir, I had no idea you were coming to this meeting." said Wyatt in awe.

"I had no intentions of coming here, but my ship broke down and the Spartans on the Advent gave me a ride to the nearest station which just so happened to be this one, Wyatt."

" You may have been the director of ONI during the First Covenant invasion, but you aren't going to be this time, old man."

" Last time I checked I was your superior officer not the other way around, I should have you court marshaled. Now tell me what happened to the this fraction of the Covenant." finished Admiral Hood.

"Yes, I think everyone should know what is going on." stated Joseph

The room grew a eerie silence that could only be followed up by some of the worst news of all time. "In 2552 the Covenant found an artifact that could bend the fabric of space and time on a planet in the outer rim called Reach, but before the Covenant could get their hands on the artifact Dr. Catherine Halsey ,and her squad of Spartan II's that assisted her, stole the artifact and brought it aboard a Covenant ship know as the Ascendent Justice which was later destroyed by Admiral Whitcomb in an attempt to delay the Covenant invasion and destroy the artifact they found. The Admiral delayed the Covenant armada, but failed to destroy the artifact which was later found by this faction of the Covenant, which brings us back to here." The room returned to an eerie silence for no more than two seconds before the room erupted with panic.

"Why is everyone panicking, the Martin Luther was designed to..." Admiral Hood's thoughts were interrupted by a sudden pain, right before he died along with the secret of the Martin Luther.

"I can't believe it, alive for 127 years never even had a heart attack before and he dies because of his first heart attack." said General Wyatt, who was hovering over Admiral Hood's dead body, surrounded by all those who were either head of ONI or Spartans. "Joseph, take your men and blow those Covenant bastards back to hell. Do you understand me."

"Sir, yes sir. We're moving right now, sir. Spartans listen up ONI has given us the green light to engage the Covenant..." Joseph was cut off abruptly by General Wyatt.

"Sorry, I forgot to mention that we want you to enter slipspace alongside them and figure out their destination first then you can kick their ass."

"Alright new orders, we are not given the green light to engage the Covenant until we've figured out their destination, then we can engage them. restated Joseph

"Alright, time to kick some split lip ass." boasted Craig

"Damn right it is." Will calmly replied. Well calmer than Craig.

Covenant Holy Warship: Righteous Devastator
Time Till Departure: 10 minutes and 47 seconds
Destination: Unknown

"Exalted one." broadly proclaimed Ruka

"Yes,Commander" replied Law

"My troops are cleaning up the last remaining corpses."

"Good, you are dismissed commander ... is there something else you wanted to say commander?"

Ruka was about to think,"Damn He's good." but remembered that Law can read minds. "Your, holiness we managed to capture one of the boarders, but it came at a great cost, over 35 soldiers are dead and around 6 others wounded."

"What how can that be, no mere human can produce so much devastation in such a little amount of time!" exclaimed Law

"These were not their regular pitiful human soldiers, these humans, according to intel they are known as SPARTAN III's."

"This news is disturbing, if these Spartans are seen anywhere on this ship lockdown that sector, then send in your best men to eliminate them at all costs. They can ruin the Great Journey in it's entirety, Show no mercy." blood thirstily stated Law.

The room maintained an eerie silence up until an elite major ran into the room and bowing as he stopped in front of Law and Ruka. "Your holinesses we will be able to exit towards our intended target through slipspace in 10 minutes."

"Thank you major, now help our techs with the slipspace drive." responded Ruka

The major ran out of the room saluting to Ruka and bowing to Law once more before he left.
"Exalted One if you do not mind me asking, I would like to know, where are we heading?"

LOCATION: Aboard the Advent
DESTINATION: To the Righteous Devasatator's destination

"All crew and weapon lockers accounted for, sir." said Rachel.

"Thank You, Rachel" replied Joseph

"Permission to speak freely, sir."

"Go ahead Rachel." Joseph knew she was trying to find the right words to say about these last few hours, but nothing she could say would make his pain go away, "Nothing will make my pain go away, nothing will until I'm taking orders from the Chief again." Joseph kept thinking to himself.

"Joseph... I'm sorry to say this but, you've got to bunk with Craig." Rachel couldn't hold it in any longer she burst out laughing.

"Who made this decision ?" asked Joseph


"Will, I'm going to kill you!!! burst out Joseph

"Not if you can't find me." yelled Will from across the room. Will was laughing so hard that he didn't notice Joseph sneak up behind him and yell Boo!!!

"Oh, shit" said Will on the run.

The Spartans didn't know that they were about to stumble upon the biggest kept secret in the whole galaxy. Halo Installation 01, and also watch one of their team members perish in front of their very eyes. Yes, the Spartans will experience an unlimited amount of misery, until the countdown hits zero and everything changes. The Spartans don't know this, but this is the last laugh they'll hear for a very long time.