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Revival of the Covenant: Chapter 2
Posted By: Mizbehavin<mizbehavincy@gmail.com>
Date: 15 September 2005, 3:48 am

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Revival of the Covenant: Chapter 2 "Sacrifice"

"Exiting slipspace in five, four, three, two, one." The Righteous Devastator had it's first glimpse at Earth, After 101 years of slipspace and then a quick pickup it finally reached it's destination...Earth. As the Prophet of Law looked around through the observation window on the bridge he saw Covenant Flagships and cruisers helping the human ships move machinery and weapons. "Field Master, what is going on why is there no fighting, why is it so...." "Peaceful" responded Kalame "Thank You Field Master, Commander report to the Prophet of Law's chamber as soon as possible." "Would you like to stay and watch the main event Field Master?" "I must decline your invitation, I must speak with someone who has sparked my interest." "Good Day to you then Field Master." spoke Law. Kalame exited Law's chambers without a thought in his head. Kalame came to the bridge once again, and this time there was not a living soul there. The room had an eerie glow from the controls and COM system, the room was silent. "Oh well there's no use standing here wating for no one." thought Kalame. As Kalame continued on he entered the room with the unknown voice he noticed not a single soul was here either. "Where on Earth is everyone ?" thought on Kalame. As Kalame exited the tower of the hollies he noticed the teleporter was on Kalame looked to the left then to the right. No one. "What is there to lose?" burst out Kalame as he steep into the portal and was blinded by a white light.

The pilot entered the room with a great big, "Whew." "Where is the Field Master, he is vital to this part of the meeting. Oh well we need to find a way to kill the Prophet of Law for the one. So any ideas?" "Would the one's servent be obliged to help us for saving him from certain death." replied the Spec Ops commander. "No, the One would not allow it, and the One is away for a time..." "Not long enough, I must say Ruka give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now for not getting the Field Master to join us in..."As soon as the one had spoken Kalame burst through the teleporter, but he was still blinded so he had no clue what was going on in front of him. "The Field Master is here, my lord." "You must forgive me Ruka, something has disturbed my thoughts as of lately." "It is okay, we should get back to the topic at hand, killing the Prophet of Law." By now Kalame could see once again and was astonished at the sight of so many Elites in one place. "Holy one may we use you or your servant we are returning from the caves for you, to use him to kill Law." "No you may not. I'm sorry, but as soon as I have my servant by my side we will head to the Holy temple of Thargelion." "Then how are we to kill Law!" burst out Ruka. An eerie silence followed, until Kalame spoke up. "Get him to trust someone with guarding him, always having you at his side and promote elites to higher ranks that know the plan and when the time comes you can kill him without notice." "Amazing you truly must be you Tremle's son." whispered the One. "Great, now all we need is someone Law will trust... Field Master, would you do the honor to rid us of this vermin." "I would be obliged to kill the one who wanted to hang my father on one of his flagships, in fact I would like to taste the blood of the Prophet's just for revenge for what they did to our brethren, my father, and what they did to me!


The Spartan team sliped on through the escape pod hatch their ship had locked on to. "Joseph status report." "Everything operational and all equipment counted for, sir." "Yeah right all weapons acounted for, where's my rocket launcher?" "Sorry Craig we couldn't bring it along, it could have made a breach in the ships hull." "Excuses, Excuses." sarcastically replied Craig. "We are going to have to split up into teams, if you look at the shcamatics of the ship you'll see that this ship differs from any other in our databanks, except one, they called that ship High Charity this ship is called the Righteous Devastator and unlike High Charity this ship harbors infantry, ships, vehicles, fighters, and over a 100 Scarabs on each flagship. In other words if these new Covenant wanted to invade Earth right now they could and win." Will let out a long whistle. "So if your saying we take out their COM link that it will slow them down, but that would give them more time to recruit more troops?" responed Will. The Chief let out a long sigh. "Well no matter what we feel like doing we have to follow orders. ONI wants this ships leader and the COM link severed. Intel says that this ships leader is supposedly a Prophet." "Okay prophet or no prophet are we allowed to destroy this ship." "No ONI wants to study this ship's effect on slipspace and other useless crap." "Okay" "So here's how we're going in Craig you come with me so you can sever the COM link, Rob andddd, Joseph give me and Craig cover I know we'll get in one hell of a fire fight as soon as we screw the COM, and Rachel and Will go examine the rest of the ship, stay away from the Prophet's chambers which is located here. The Chief showed the Spartans the location on a map of the ship in their HUD. Okay stay in the shadows and out of sight." "Good Luck."

"Are you up to the task, Kalame?" "Yes I am ready as my faith is strong." "Then we shall see how strong your faith is. You and Ruka, along with the soilders of the rebelion are released until further instructions are given." " Thank you, sir." "Company move out." bellowed Ruka. As the elites left the room a figure spoke in his native tounge. Kalame walked over to the darkness.

Rachel let out some odd sounds atracting an elite's attention. "Will get on my back so I look like an elite." "Oka..." "Will, don't get cocky" "Sorry, Alright." The elite came over and didn't notice the two spartans, and instead thought the spartans were an elite. The elite spoke back to Rachel in the same dilect, but with every word he would stop then start again. The elite walked off and left the spartan's to their thoughts. "Rachel didn't that elite seem a little like the elite the chief always talked to during the morning runs over at the shiping yard?" "Wasn't his name Kalame?"

Odd that elite was awful at their native tounge, especialy for an elite who is traveling with a prophet. "Oh well I must stratagize for the rebelion, killing Law and demoting his honor gaurds will prove to be more than I can handle I bet." Kalame walked to the teleporter that he entered through earlier, oddly enough the teleporter didn't blind him as he walked through it this time. Kalame exited the teleporter and looked out onto the millions of elite's working to get this new weapon the Prophet of Law called "The Key of Revival." "Why must Law try and follow in Truth's steps with the Ark and the Halo's." Kalame asked to no one. Or at least he thought. "He try's, for he is a visionist he wants control over everyone and thing he can find and then betray them just as Truth did 100 years ago. Law... is power hungry." "One is it you again?" Silence. "Why am I suppose to revive the Covenant, why am I suppose to lead the Covenant's armies on Earth, why must I kill Law and derank his honor guards, and why must I liv... Kalame's last complaint was cut short by the activation of the indoor teleporters and the sound of the alarm announcing humans have boarded the ship. Immedntly Kalame thought back to the figure in the shadows and bellowed out,"SPARTANS !"

The Chief along with Joesph, Craig, and Rob headed out onto a large balcony over looking the whole entire ground floor of the ship. "Five star ship we got here if the millions of elite's don't kill you the death drop will." joked Craig, but all the spartans knew that something was bothering the Chief. Only the Chief knew what was going on inside his head, and frankly he didn't want to talk about it. Before this mission would be over all of the spartans will know each others secrets about their lives, their parents, and what each of them were afraid of. "Let's move out were not very far from the COM system now." The spartans moved in through the balcony's side ledge that led straight to the COM and the Prophet's quarters. The ledge let out onto the ship's hull and into a weapons storage near the COM room. "Will come in, Rachel come in. Sir they're not responding. Their COM's aren't responding because of the interference from this ship's COM system." "That's okay, alright lock and load guys were going." "Craig your first we'll follow up after that." whispered Chief Cortez. The spartan team saw the purple interior that would annoy them to near death before the end of this mission. "The COM room is North West of us sooo, ah there it is, apperently the bridge is also in the room with the COM." " Alright, move, move, move
, Craig get to work on severing the link." "Okay, sir." "The mission so far has gone off without a hitch, but something tells me this room is about to turn into a living hell." thought the Chief. No sooner had Cortez thought that when a elite pilot walked into the room. The room got quiet. The elite lunged with all his might towards the alarm, Rob's sniper echoed through the ship as the round tore through the elite's body. All of a sudden the indoor lifts powered on and the most annoying high pitched alarm rang through out the ship. The chief looked to the left and saw the elite coughing out his purple blood, but he was grinning and had his arm on top of the alarm switch. The elite's last few words were, " The One is coming to cleanse this galaxy with all of his servant's." "Who, your prophet. By the time were done with him he'll be just dust in the wind." "You humans never have understood the Great Journey. The One can hear everything," and then the elite chuckled, but not before the Chief drowned him in his own blood. "Chief are you there." broke free Will and Rachel's voice over their COM. "You guy's fall back to the airlock." stated Joseph before the Chief could get to his COM. The Chief looked at the elite and then at his hands. Then the Chief quietly whispered, "Galame, you should've stayed at the docks."

"Is everyone's here right." "Yes, sir." "Sir, a elite squad is heading this way armed with energy swords." "Damn, alright get on board the ship and leave me. Joseph your in charge." "But, si..." "That's an order." "Yes, sir." sighed Joseph. The spartan team crawled into the airlock and on board their own ship, and then sealed the airlock door and left the Chief. Then the Chief told himself inside his head, "A small sacrifice, for Earth." Almost instantly the Chief yelled at the top of his lung's, "Which one of you S.O.B.'s want's it first!"

"Law we have captured a human should we kill him?" asked the Field Master. "No, bring this human to me...Alive."