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Revival of the Covenant: Chapter 1
Posted By: Mizbehavin<mizbehavincy@gmail.com>
Date: 28 August 2005, 3:58 am

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Kalame entered the bridge of the Righteous Devastater, it looked very similar to the pictures his father showed him of High Charity before it became under flood rule and was later destroyed by The Demon. The Demon was still a mystery to Kalame, perhaps he should study more about him.Kalame had been shuttled over to the Righteous Devastater by the Spec Ops Elite and his squad, when they arrived two Honor Guards sent Kalame to speak to the 1st elite in command. On his way to the bridge to the Righteous Devastater Kalame spotted two honor guards that were speaking softly about something odd. Kalame was about to start back on his way to the bridge when he overheard one of the honor guards say, "The High Prophet of Law commanding us now, the commander is now second in command." That was the Prophet that had exiled his father from the Covenant over 40 years ago. The only reason why his father had been allowed on High Charitythe day the covenant civil war started was because the prophets had change their mind about exileing him and instead had decided to hang his corpse on the outer layer of one of their flagship cruisers and let him suffocate in space with no air for him to breath. "Please say I won't have this prophet recognize me as my father's son." Kalame continued to travel through the Covenant ship as if he and eli were at a amusement park. Kalame let out a sigh What had possed him to him to kill his life long friend Elijah Ross. Was it the Spec Ops commander or just the fact of his father being dead. Everything has gone twisted since he was assigned head of ONI operations for Earth. Earth. It seems so far away with his concerns ." Why am I thinking this way." thought Kalame in his head so nobody could hear him. Then a very large booming voice came to Kalame inside the comfort of his head exclaiming, " Though you may be alone for now but very soon you and others will unite the other elites against the humans and revive the COVENANT! "WHO'S THERE." Kalame demanded to know saying it out loud, but as soon as the voice appeared it disappeared without a trace of where it came from.

The feel of vertigo entered the elite's oddly shaped helmet and then slowly entered his head. He knew he had came back. "Well", "I've talked to the field master and he has ... not came to a conclusion, I must depart for a while, your future... it is clouded fate will have to play this out, see to it that my servent it is not harmed on the way back from the caves of the future. "It will be done holy one." "Good you best see that the field master has came to a conclusion upon my return." finished the voice of the one called the Voice of the Past and Future. The elite commander breathed a sigh of relief, the high prophets can read minds but luckaly Ruka was nowhere near the Prophet of Law. "I swear by the Forerunner that if the Prophet of Law ever catches me talking behind his back he will have my head on his staff before we even reach earth."I must speak to Hulak about the humans and the earth they thrive on. With hope the elite commander might just come back to the halo installation and revive the Covenant. With hope humanity might survive.

The voice had gone but it was not far of he could still feel his sense of vertigo present still here, no the voice was close by closer than he had thought. Kalame walked into a mini gravity lift for traveling around the ship quicker during a activation of the ship being engaged with a human vessel this ship held 6 of the Covenant's "Holy Beams", a cloaking device, and held 10 covenant destroyers, 14 regular cruisers, and 8 flagships. If a human vessel attacked this ship they would be smoldering corpses in their homemade sun. It's Infantry consisted of over 1,000 seraph fighters, over 850 specters, over 800 ghosts, 759 banshees, 648 Shadow dropships, and 590 wraith motor tanks. This ship had over enough power to take over earth and Reach II. Kalame finally arrived at the Commander's Command post. As Kalame looked over the room he found that commander was not on the bridge at the time, the only living thing in the room was the pilot. "You there Pilot." "Yes, Sir" "Where is the commander, pilot." "Sir, he said to go and talk to the Prophet of Law and after you were through to go and meet him by the statue of the Prophet of Truth in the Inner sanctum of the High Ranking Elites and Prophets. Also he wants to talk to you about something he called the voice." Kalame froze. "So the commander knew who this voice that was speaking to him is trying to tell him or maybe he just wants to kill me in a silent matter" thought Kalame silently. "Thank You, Pilot. I shall go and speak with the Prophet of Law and then speak with the Commander." thanked Kalame and he walked off to go and talk to the Prophet of Law. Kalame noticed that the bridge was right across from the Prophet of Laws Chamber. Kalame had decided to take the long way around through the weapons cache to figure out what to say. Kalame's father told him that the High Prophets could see what you were thinking even if you were not right in front of them. Kalame came to a halt at the door of the Prophets Chamber and breathed heavily in then out with a long sigh. Kalame entered the chamber and found that it was smaller than he had thought. "Welcome Field Master, I hope that you've found your way around easier than I when I first came aboard this gargantuan ship." Greeted the Prophet of Law. "I will make this quick, I want you Field Master to lead the army of Elites on the human homeworld... Earth." Kalame replied quickly with,"I will lead the Elites with honor into the battlefield on the filthy humans planet."

"It is done."

Eight hours Ago


The gentle breeze of the wind blew against the hard olive armor that Master Chief Cortez wore. The top of the windmill had been reinforced with Titanium-A armor to keep most of the arms fire from hitting the high ranking officers, ONI and FLEETCOM along with Chief Cortez and an ODST Lieutenant were all sitting up on that windmill that day. The day that humanity will not forget easily seeing how this was the day that the Spartan III program was tested and the Covenant was revived. "Chief Cortez are your men ready?" "Yes, Sir" "Lieutenant Robinsin are your men ready?" "Yes, Sir." "Three, two, one Go, Go, Go.

The Spartan team looked out into the calm waters and knew by instinct that a storm was brewing. The peacefulness was ended by the three words the Spartans had been waiting for all day, Go, Go, Go. The squad met up at their main strategic point on the beach behind cover just in case the stupid ODST rush us again like the last ten times."Spartan company assemble." ordered Joseph. Joseph was second in command then Will, then Craig, then Rachel, then Rob.
All the Spartans had their own little stories to hide from their, past. Even Chief Cortez had something to hide. Something big."Will take Craig and head up on through the sea wall and through that one cubby hole. "Will do." remarked Will. "Rachel come with me and Rob take a sniper position up on top of the sea wall take out the most dangerous targeys first then move to a new position." "Everyone move out go, go, go." The Spartan team moved inside and out through the sea wall's trench. Joseph and Will's squad moved through the area like cockroaches
being chased by an enormous boot. One wrong move and the team could end up being pinned down by ODST's. Unfortunately that didn't happened. Turrets instead, decided to pin them down."Rob take those turrets out!." "Sorry Joe the wheel is in the way, wait." Two sniper bullets flung themselves into the turret men's heads. "Turrets down." stated Rob.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a tank and two warthogs heading Will and Craig's way when she told them,"Will, Craig you've got a tank and 2 hogs heading your way." "Alright we'll take them down." Why would the ODST use a tank this has always been nonlethal training? "Rob." "Yea" "Who's standing up there with the Chief, Robinsin, Lots of FLEETCOM officers and a few ONI officers." "That's why they're using a tank, ONI must need us for a mission!" "Well let's not disappoint them." finished Rob as he took out three ODST with one bullet.

Will saw the first hog as he threw the driver out of the second one knocking the ODST unconscious. "Will check this out." said Craig as he threw a frag grenade dud fliping the warthog on it's back. "Craig, your about as smart as these rocks over here, you could have killed one of those poor ODST. Craig didn't respond "I guess he must be beating those ODST unconscious." "I guess that leaves the tank for me" Will thought.

Ice just turned the corner when a Spartan jumped on the front of the tank he was driving and ripped the top right of that hatch that protected him from the Spartan and it failed.Ice was thrown from the vehicle and was knocked unconscious.

"What should we do with him." said an ODST. "Let's take him to the Sergeant." said another as they lifted Craig on their hog and went inside the base.

When the Spartan's mopped up the last ODST they met in the cubby hole inside the wheel so the officers couldn't evesdrop on their conversation. "Will where's Craig" "I don't know I was hoping after he got rid of the ODST's fist hog he wnt to find you all." Then all of a sudden Craig broke out over the COM "Will they've got me inside their base they want to kill me and.. a background voice broke over the COM "Hey he's calling for help quick shut that off and take him to the Sergeant." Static. Then nothing. "Guy's I've got a plan just listen for the signal, okay. said Will as he ran off. "Will what do we do we do when the singnal sounds and how do we know what's the signal." " Rush the base, trust me you will know what the signal is when you hear it."

"Hey guy's look Ice is back and with the tank this time." said an ODST "Wait a minute that's not
our color armor THAT'S A SPART...

A huge blast shook the ground. " That must be the signal." "Alright everyone rush the base now
that was our signal."ordered Joseph. As Joseph and his team entered the base the could smell the smoldering corpses of ODST's and when they got inside they saw Craig had a shotgun to the ODST Sergeant's head. "Will what did you tell me about hurting the ODST." "What did you want me to do come in here and try to beat everyone to death with a rock, I droped my rifle by the rock over there when I got inside the tank. "Well done everyone it just so happens that ONI has a mission for us