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Revival of the Covenant: Prologue
Posted By: Mizbehavin<mizbehavincy@gmail.com>
Date: 22 August 2005, 2:59 am

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Halo's surface
COURSE:The top of the Forerunner structure

The cave was not a natural formation, someone had to of built it.In the middle of this cavern was a large structure the made cavern shudder and if the constant thud ofthe structure echoing throughout the cave wasn't enough to catch your ear the sound of warthog's pulling up to the middle of the structure would be. "Take the A.I. up to the top of this structure here and letthe gaint hammer thing and crush it into dust"said Sergeant Ross."It will be done, sir"replied Kalame. Slowly the squad ascended up the structure until the had reached a shadow."Halt" ordered Kalame. The elite's eyes could see farther and had gotten used to telling when
there a was stealthed elite around. "Keep your eyes pealed there are stealthed targets in the area" proclaimed Kalame.
"We've got a problem sarge." "Oh, what is it now private!" , but whilethe sergeant was ratting out on the private, he didn't notice Kalame and his elite squad head up the cliff face beside the structure and reach an area that lead to the top of the structure and the object that persistently
kept on smashing into the structure constantly. "... find a way up tothe top now Private." "Yes,sir" yelled the private, and he ran off justin time to bump into Kalame' and his squad of elite's" Do you have away to get the top yet, private" "Sir, No sir" "Tell the sergeant that
I have found a way up the structure." calmly ordered Kalame'. So theprivate ran to the Sergeant and told him about Kalame's discovery. Thesquad ran up to the cliff face that led to the top of thestructure."Well , after you Sergeant." "Kalame' you still can put a smile on a
man's face" chuckled Sergeant Ross. Kalame's father had been part ofthe Covenant, and when the Covenant Civil War started his father wasone of the first elite's to rebel against the Prophets, Brutes, Drones,and Jackals, which made him priority No.1 to kill during the Civil War.
His Father was given names like Holy Heretic and Heretic Leader, but hewas in the High Sanctum of the Prophets the day the Civil War started on High Charity. His father got help from fellow elites and managed to steal the Prophet of Regret's Flagship and escape to earth, where he got married to a female elite named Casandra, it was odd that his
mother had a human name,and had a small child with a large future ahead of him named Kalame meaning the key to revival ,outside of the hospital room Kalame was born in his father met Patrick Ross whose wife was in labor with their second born child named Elijah. As Eli and Kalame gotolder they started to play games of all sorts with Eli's older brother
named Joseph.They played lots of war games that Eli and Kalame enjoyed,a lot,. So as the two got older,stronger, and wiser they decided that they would join the UNSC. Eli was far better than Kalame with an kind of human weapon while Kalame was the best Field Master in the UNSC.Not but a few weeks ago ONI had given Sgt.Ross,Kalame,and Eli's superior Sgt.Leroy.To pick out a few soldiers for one of ONI's ridiculous plans that would buy them enough time to finish the real top secret project.It bought them enough time, enough time to almost kill everyone in the galaxy.The project's chip that kept the Forerunner A.I. from taking over the users body.The chip got fried after taking a stray
gauss cannon's projectile to the head and the A.I. took control everyone died even Earth's Ambassador.Those who survived the attack were the team Kalame helped pick, himself,Eli,and the Vice Ambassador.The team's leader Sgt.Leroy was killed by the beasts clones, that the A.I. had
built clones of the person's suit he was inside.Yet these clones weren't as effective as the original. The origianl killed the other team members all except Alex Cortez.Alex had no emotion of love before he met Beth and got married and had a daughter.Kalame rose and began to ascend up the cliff face.This would be the day when Kalame' would take on his father's role as the Holy Heritic and yet once again another Civil War will be started. As the squad began ascending up the cliff face Kalame' thought about his father, the prophets, this A.I. and wondered why it is such a threat that it has to be destroyed, and the Demon and the atrocity that he caused at Halo 04. Before the Elite knew what was going on they were at the top of the stucture stopped in front of a stealthed elite squad.
"We will not let you destroy a sacred icon of our gods, now put it down or face the wrath of the Forerunners!" exclaimed the furious Spec Ops Elite. "Why should we listen to you!"said the Private Kalame' had met earlier. Before the private could breath another breath, a stealth Elite sliced
him in two. "You there, Field Master." the Spec Ops Elite had pointed at Kalame'."These Humans have defied the treaty between the Elites and the Human race." "What!" exclaimed Kalame' "Yes, the humans destroyed two Elite ships for no reason, one more thing your... father .he was on the first
elite ship to be destroyed." "NO! I do not believe you." "Then I will show you" out of the Spec Ops Elite's equipment pack came out the helmet of Kalame's father. "NO, NO, NO! yelled Kalame'. Out of rage Kalame' pulled out his energy sword and slahed and gutted every last human around except, Sergent Ross. "I. I can not kill Elijah he is the
only friend I've ever had." "His father was commanding the ship that destroyed your father's ship." "Kalame' don't listen to him he's lying,my father wasn't out on on duty today." quickly replied Sergeant Ross."I can not ignore the facts Eli, goodbye old friend." and with that last swipe from Kalame's energy sword he had gained his fathers old title of Holy Heretic.