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Why Me? Second Edition.
Posted By: Mind_Affecting_Parasite
Date: 9 October 2005, 2:25 pm

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Why me?

Alone now I stand upon this Earth,
Inexplicably allotted an ignorant berth,
A coward now I lie,
Wond'ring when it will be my turn to die.

Spared, have I been?
Or simply left to contemplate my sin?

I cannot hope to seek solace here,
No brother remains to assuage my fear,
And worry though I may,
It only assists my hope's decay.

Why have I been left?
Was I meant to feel so bereft?

Still I know I must fight on,
And all my strength I do don,
The others may lay dead,
But nay will I desert my stead.

Do I possess some sum of luck?
Or an inherent skill to dodge and duck?

To live and fight another day,
That is what some would say,
Aspire to again see the rays of the sun,
Instead of dismissing one's life as done.

Could yet I still escape?
Might I evade this aghast mistake?

Though, bring myself to flee I can't,
Nor can I commit to leave a task so scant,
With my family is where I belong,
And by runnin' away would I do them wrong.

Why me?
To fight with purpose and be.

Leave not this battlefield will I,
Unless all enemy do I witness die,
The lifeless eyes of many now weigh on me,
Strive, I will, for my courage them see.