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A Big Grunty Thirst
Posted By: Master Kim<maimkim@hotmail.com>
Date: 4 November 2005, 11:59 am

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Oh, how thirsty, am I?
as thirsty as humans like pie

speaking of humans, one i see,
stepping over the bodies of the fallen flood,
i think his name was master, or was it chief?
he looks toward me, soaking in jackal's blood

too tired am i to raise my arm,
so i am unable to give him harm

but instead, i tell the giant my longing,
of the food nipple on the starship waiting,
i think it is debating,
of whether to let me go or not,
boy is it hot,

whether the demon kills me or not,
one thing is for certain-

like the pillar of autumn, i am about to burst,
from my big grunty thirst

the demon simply backs away,
like he did it everyday,

i scurry out of the tunnel which I am in,
a ghost i see, what luck, considering my sin

my silver armor reflects against the shiny purple device,
i will take the nearby screaming elite's advice


i speed off to the nearby star cruiser,
and the sooner,
i get on the ship on the ringworld's brink,
the sooner i can satisfy my thirst, and drink.