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EP 1 The First Strike
Posted By: Marvin<marvinburgueno@yahoo.com>
Date: 5 December 2009, 6:16 am

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Major. F Stark: Troops this is going to be the first strikes were sending. None of us know what these aliens can do but were going to take back that base camp. Captain Winter you'll be in charge for this mission and Lieutenant
you will be leading the first wave tell Winter gets there.

Major. F Stark: Will be sending tanks warthogs,marines for the first wave second wave shall be odst's and one Spartan.

Major. F Stark: 147 was sent by Oni they said don't show any emotion to the Spartan what so ever they also said don't get in their way when fighting.I'm not sure why exactly they told us but most likely their good reasons.

(everyone looks at the spartan speaking quietly about him)
Odst: he from oni I wonder what they did to him if they did anything with him.

Major. F Stark: Private Storm, Captain Winter both of you will be videoing what's going down there we install the camera on your helmets now everyone get rest for tomorrow.

Sgt. R Floyd: Alright everything's down lets move out
(the marines and Sgt. Floyd is getting ready to head out)
(1 hour later)

Sgt. R Floyd:Fire at will!

Pvt. V Storm:Captain over here
(storm waving his arm)

Cpt.J Winter:Move it! Move it!

(Storm see winter and the other troops coming out of the drop pod running towards them for cover)

Cpt. J Winter: Storm what's the situation.

Odst: medic over here
(background a odst was shot and another was calling for medic)
(a turret is firing at them killing some odst)
Pvt. V Storm: We've been holding out as long we can all marines are KIA we tried going full attack but it didn't work out they have a sniper and a turret that's holding us back all they've been doing is seeing if we could surpass their defensive.

Cpt. J Winter: what happen to the lieutenant?

Pvt. V Storm: The lieutenant is dead he's the one that gave that order.

Cpt. J Winter: That idiot alright for now everyone hold their ground.

(winter and the rest are firing at the covenant for a while and sees a banshee coming towards them)

Sgt.R Floyd: rocket crew up

(the rocket crew blew up the banshee with the second shot)

Cpt. J Winter: Floyd, Storm take the building on the right and snipe these bastards, me, Hadley and the rest will flank left.
Cpt. J Winter: Move it soldiers!

(Floyd snipes the other sniper and turret also Storm takes out some elites heading their way)

(elite jumps a front of an odst and kills him with a sword. Pvt.R Hadley shoots the alien they move up to the base while 147 is suppressing fire from the middle.)

Cpt.J Winters: Take out anything you can!

(the covenant pulled back when winter have took the entire base)
(winter and everyone had finished the battle and tells hadley to radio the ship)
Pvt. R Hadley: Sir we've finish radioing the ship.

Cpt. J Winter: Take all the alien weapons and bodies in two separate piles.

(winter was pick up once he got to the ship stark called him for a discussion)
Major. F Stark: you did well Winter now you've capture the base were sending you and your squad to a different planet they've called for our support and were only sending you, your squad and of coarse the Spartan shall go with you.

Cpt. J Winter: wait I thought Oni send 147 to stay here and guard.

Major. F Stark: well no his real assignment was to go in and fight also Oni wanted this Spartan to go wherever he must be needed for now go and get your squad and gear up.
Oh Winter tell Floyd he's now a sergeant 1st class.

Cpt.J Winter:guys get your weapons and ammo were moving out just us and the spartan were on a rescue mission.

Pvt.V Storm: that sounds fun.

Cpt.J Winter:Floyd your promoted to sergeant 1st class.

Sgt 1st class.R Floyd:Thanks captain anyhow whos squad is it?

Cpt.J Winter: I don't know all we got was a transmission for back up and there at this structure they've found.

Pvt.V Storm:ummm im guessing the covenant technology?

Sgt 1st class.R Floyd: probably or it can be some other aliens structure who knows what do you think hadley.

Pvt.R Hadley: I don't know I just want to get over with this mission.

Cpt.J Winter:Lets go then.