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Ep 3 Reach
Posted By: Marvin<marvinburgueno@yahoo.com>
Date: 9 January 2010, 8:47 am

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Cpt.J Winter:Where's the admiral?

Major.F Stark:I'm sorry but he's far to busy so he told me to tell you and your squad that your going to a planet called reach it's kind of a vacation, your team is going to look what's Oni doing with the Spartans for a week unless something comes up.

Cpt.J Winter:Yes sir.

Winter walks away and goes to his team.

Sgt 1st Class.R Floyd:Where are we going now?

Cpt.J Winter:Where going to Reach.

Lt.M Burgueno:Huh they've got..in to reach?!

Cpt.J Winter:No were spending a vacation there but we have to see what's Oni doing with the Spartans and if they're going to over throw the UNSC so snoop around a bit.

Everyone moved out on the ship.
They've landed on Reach coming out of the ship seeing two Spartans walking to them.

030:Sir I'm 30.

029:I'm 29.

Cpt.J Winter:I'm captain Winter this is my squad lieutenant Burgueno, Sgt 1st class Floyd, Private Hadley, Private Ramirez, Corporal Libby and Private Storm.

030:29 take the captain squad to the bunks where they will be staying.

029:Come with me.

030:Captain come with me and I'll show you the Spartan training ground.

Winter walk along with 30 he's see a whole mess of Spartans
and regular Odst training. The Spartans running a mile in 4 minutes or 5, watching them not miss one target.

Cpt.J Winter:Impressive how many are made?

030:That I know of there's at least 140 and were still making.

Cpt.J Winter:Well…A spartan 147 was KIA I think in one of my missions to save most of my squad and I.Private Storm told me that 147 told them to go back to the ship while he hold them off.

030:I'll put that in our computer file later…. This planet is where Spartans are born and train. Captain get some rest we'll speak later in the morning.

6:30 A.M
Cpt.J Winter:Up early Marvin.

Lt.M Burgueno:Yes sir just going to head out jog 8 miles.

Cpt.J Winter:Well I'm going to go see 30.

Winter was walking to the training ground going inside the computer room where 30 would be typing about spartan reaction and what they've been doing.

Cpt.J Winter:Where all the Spartans?

030:All of them are jogging 12 miles.

Cpt.J Winter:Who's that?

030:That's the soon become Spartan were experimenting him by taking music in the old days called hardcore were testing hardcore to see if he can improve more and kill elites faster.

The future spartan took out his pistol only had three shots ran to the elites jumped over them and shot two in the head. The elite smack the gun out of his hand he kicked the elite in stomach and grab the elite arm broke it. The elite yelled so loud, swings a punch but the spartan duck and went behind him and snap the elite head.

030:He's improving more hhm interesting so now we understand every Spartan have one thing they care about the most we study on all of them a picture a person anything really we don't know why but they do for such reasons even me I care about knowledge.

James looked over on the other training ground where theirs a spartan facing five elites that have swords.

Cpt.J Winter:hhm Who's That! he taking out all those elites!


30 looks over.

030:That's just 117 he's the top spartan of them all at fighting he pass all of our test and yet he still say he need to be stronger good leader too.Every spartan respect him i think his heart is to Dr.Catherine.E.Halsey he always talk to her when he have chance but anyhow a good fighter he is and thinker. Some of them we teach a bit more technology or certain fighting skill we try to make the right amount of each types of spartans were planning to make 300 in about few more years not sure when still need to make reach more secure and too much making airships.

Cpt.J Winter:We need to start bringing back civilians that are in the front line to earth or any other planets that's not in danger.

030:Indeed but we can't do anything about it we are order to train until I'm given orders to send out spartans the admiral is the one who order me or any other who's a high ranking officer not captains sir.