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Data Retrieval
Posted By: Mainevent
Date: 19 August 2005, 12:12 am

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Keystroke and File Log- Public Access Terminal: Minimal Security

[File Open: Ticket Purchase]

Welcome to Davila Center's Automated Transit Terminal

[ ] Purchase Ticket
[ ] Account Summary
[ ] Update Account
[ ] Travel Log
[ ] Customer Service

[Option Chosen: Purchase Ticket]

Where would you like to go today Mr. Pattersby?

[ ] Groom Lake
[ ] Crystal City
[ ] George A. Wallace Space Station
[ ] River Valley Gorge
[ ] Black Hills

[Option Chosen: George A. Wallace Space Station]

Your total for one trip to George A. Wallace Space Station will be 30.00:

[ ] Purchase
[ ] Cancel
[ ] Back

[Option Chosen: Purchase]

[Terminal Security Alert: Intrusion Attempt]
[Terminal Security Alert: Firewall Breach]
[Terminal Security Alert: Network Breach]
[Terminal Security- Error: Retry]
[Terminal Security- Error: Retry]
[Terminal Security: Deactivated]

Warning- This Terminal is insecure. Do you wish to proceed? Y/N

[Option Entered: Y]

[Hidden Program Install- CortMsg.exe]
[Program File: Unauthorized]
[Program File: Track]

Cortana: Hello General.
User: Who is this?
Cortana: Don't tell me you've forgotten me already. You sure do know how to treat a lady.
User: Ahh. The mysterious and elusive A.I. who has me running around in the dark.
Cortana: Jogged your memory did I?
User: How did you find me?
Cortana: After our little rendezvous at your offices I was allowed access to the global network. Luckily for me, the planetary UNSC security systems are wired into every public access camera, terminal, and monitor here. I've been watching you since that rather amusing costume change.
User: That was in a bathroom.
Cortana: You'd be surprised how much illegal activity goes on in there.
User: You know you just red-flagged every security program from here to CenCom don't you?
Cortana: Yea. The stuff they have here is child's play compared to the systems I was designed for. You really don't know how hard it is to break security written in trinary codes from aliens. Though, I must say, my exposure to them has been quite, enlightening. Watch the terminals around you.
User: Haha. Did you really just hack every one of them?
Cortana: You'd be amazed at what I could do. By the way, there's something you should know.
User: And that would be?
Cortana: You've been followed since the entrance. The fat man in the blue shirt and gray pants, and the red haired woman with the stroller are both following you. Don't turn around.; I'll show you.

[File Open: Security Monitor 325 Feed]
[Digital Synopsis]
Male- 5'6, 210 lbs., Balding, Navy Blue Shirt, Gray Pleated Pants
- Walks to a small stand and grabs a newspaper. Leans against pole. Speaks into sleeve (possible transmitter) as he changes pages.
[Feed Change: Security Monitor 347]
Female- 5'4, 160 lbs., Red Hair, Yellow Shirt, Orange Dress Skirt
-Pushes a stroller near a potted plant. Picks up and shakes a milk bottle. Looks around casually, but constantly.
[File Close]

User: What should I do?
Cortana: Stay put. I have a contact en route to retrieve you.
User: Retrieve me?
Cortana: You want to live, and I want to know more about the incident.
User: I know very little about that whole thing. I've been getting the bureaucratic loop-around so much I'm suffering from vertigo.
Cortana: I'll get you the information, and you can help us sort it out.
User: How will I know it's him?
Cortana: Oh, you'll know, he's kinda hard to miss.
User: Does he have a name?
Cortana: John.
User: I'll be waiting.

[ Intercepted- File Open: Municipal Digital Network Transponder System- MDNTS (Secured)]
C124: Blue team, in position on stairwell access B.
C455: Red team, in position on the roof above the food court.
L314: Roger that. Hold positions until suspect has entered the building and made his way to the mark. Be advised, subject is extremely dangerous, and should be considered armed at all times.
C455: Rules of Engagement sir?
L314: Our suspect is to be detained at all costs. General Patterson is wanted for interrogation, but expendable. Minimize the loss of civilian life, but consider them expendable if necessary.
LO02: Subject is entering the building through the front door. Big mother fucker too. Approximately six eight, green jacket, jean pants. Crew cut hair and very light skin.
O336: I've always wanted to fight one of these guys.
O514: Ten on one, should be a cakewalk.
C455: Cut the chatter out.
L314: Wait until I give the order and then bring him down with the chem darts. Do not, I repeat, do not close in until the capture team arrives. They have special equipment to properly contain him.
LO01: Suspect just passed me guys, get ready.
*Loud explosion in background.*
L314: Report, report!
C455: There's been an explosion, possibly a second target.
L314: Where's the suspect?
LO02: I've lost him.
LO01: I lost him too. There's too many people. I can't see a thing.
C124: Blue team, moving in!
O514: Yee haw! [Simultaneous] L314: Negative, negative! Do not engage. Hold positions.
O336: I see the bastard. He's right below us.
C455: Red Team moving in to engage!
L314: Negative, damnit. Negative. Hold positions!
AI07: You boys should have stayed in the sand box, because you're playing with the big boys now.
L314: Who is this? Get off this frequency!
AI07: Oh, that's not polite. I think you need a time out!
L314: [Transmission Terminated]
C124: *Weapons fire* Taking fire! Roberts is hit.
O514: [Abrupt Transmission Loss]
C124: Louis is down! Fall back! Fall back!
C455: Suspect spotted directly beneath us. Moving to engage.
C124: Command, requesting immediate medevac! Command, come in!
AI07: I'm sorry boys, he's busy right now. Maybe you could try back later. [Transmission Ended]
O633: [Abrupt Transmission Loss]
C124: Into the stairwell, now! Parker, get your ass down. *Background noise- possible weapon fire*
O677: Sniper spotted in the vent above the bakery!
C124: Suppressive fire on that location!
O556: *Weapons fire* You've got temporary cover, move ou- [Abrupt Transmission Loss]
O666: Get on your knees now! Now! Before I blow you're fucking brains out all over the tiles.
C455: *Muffled thumps- possible silenced weapon* Alright, he's got two chem darts in him. He'll be out like a brick for several days.
O666: Moving in for the takedown.
O938: [Abrupt Transmission Loss]
C455: Johnson! God damnit! Cover!
C124: Red team, status!
C455: We're holed up here; taking sniper fire. Damn accurate too.
C124: It's coming from the vent above the food court bakery. We're holding position in the stairwell.
C455: I've got a man down, but we put the chem darts in our friend, so he should be out for a while.
C124: My team's down to two here. Roberts, Louis, and Kirpatrick are KIA.
O666: Uh, sir, our boy's gone!
C455: Impossible.
O812: [Abrupt Transmission Loss]
C455: Report team..
O666: Thompson.
O336: McGahee
C455: Willis, respond.
O666: Shit, Willis is gone. It's him! Fuck orders, I'm taking him down.
C455: Hold your fire!
O666: *Weapons fire* He's got Willis's gun!
C455: McGahee, move to cover!
O666: [Abrupt Transmission Loss]
C124: Mission abort. I'm field authorizing mission abort. Fall back to the entrance and wait for reinforcements.
O336: Shit, this was a bad idea. *Panicked Screams* I' m hit, I'm hit.
C455: Stay there, I'm coming to get you! *Weapon fire*
O336: Negative, he's got me in sight. You'd be a sitting duck.
C455: Damnit soldier, shut your mouth. That's an order.
O336: [Abrupt Transmission Loss]
C455: *Yelling* Just fucking die! *Weapon fire- Return fire in background. Glass or porcelain breaking noises. Loud grunt.* Flesh wound asshole. *Continued weapons fire- gurgled voice* Cl...close. But no, cigar. *Weapon fire* Hit, *coughing* ya. [Abrupt Transmission Loss]

[End Intercept]