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Terminal Danger
Posted By: Mainevent
Date: 13 August 2005, 7:01 pm

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Keystroke and File Log- General Patterson: Secure

Official Report: The Hyperion Incident
Encryption: {Decoded}

      Dear General,
            The following are the requested audio, video, and follow-up documents from the unfortunate Hyperion Incident. These materials are eyes only, and subject to military procedures regarding classified documents. Revealing the existence of, or otherwise disclosing information from, the documents contained herein is punishable by Article 32 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, life in federal prison, and if applicable, death [applicable].
                        Office of Naval Intelligence- Section ****

[Open: Audio Log Transcript and .Aud file- Inspection]

Marine (E151): Corner, clear.
Marine (E825): Roof, clear.
Marine (E775): Warehouse entry, clear.
Marine (E452): Whatever this thing is, it's clear. I think.
Classified (****): Alley...clear. *Undistinguished noises*
Navy Ops (SF117): Sergeant, we shouldn't stop moving.
Marine (C124): I've got my orders, and you've got yours.
Marine (E151): I like his moving idea...sir. This place gives me the creeps.
Marine (C124): Nobody asked your opinion Perez.
Marine (E151: Then I never gave it sir.
Navy Ops (SF117): This base is dead lieutenant, and we will be too if we stay.
Marine (C124): You know, as tough as you guys are supposed to be, you sure do bitch a lot.
*Wind* *Intermittent grating noises- possible engine sounds in far background*
Marine (E825): Where the hell did *electronic distortion* go?
Marine (C124): Damnit! I hate these new guys. Boy you better get your ass back out here *electronic distortion* before I shove my boot so far in it you have to brush the polish off your teeth.
Navy Ops (SF117): *Weapons fire*
Marine (E151): *Weapons fire. Explosions- non infantry*
Marine (E825): [Abrupt Transmission Loss]
Marine (C124): What the hell's going on Marines?
Navy Ops (SF117): Tangos; all directions.
Marine (C124): What the hell are those? *Explosion- possible grenade*
Marine (E151): Oh my god. That looks like... *weapons fire*...did you see that sir?
Marine (C124): Damnit Perez, shut your hole and fire. *Aircraft sounds*
Marine (E775): Hey, evac's here! *Weapons Fire*
Navy Ops (SF117): They're not here for us. We've got to go. Move!
Marine (E151): Holy- [Abrupt Transmission Loss]
-Continued weapons fire throughout all subsequent transmissions-
Marine (E775): What the hell are they doing?
Navy Ops (SF117): Containment protocols.
Marine (C124): Take this you sons of bi- [Abrupt Transmission Loss]
Marine (E775): I thought that's what we were for!
Marine (E452): [Abrupt Transmission Loss]
Navy Ops (SF117): We were just the bait.
Marine (E775): Why wo- [Abrupt Transmission Loss]
Navy Ops (SF117): [Transmission Terminated: SF117]
--End Recording--

[Open: Objectives and Personnel Roster- Mission: Hyperion]
Overview: The top secret Hyperion complex has reported containment failure. Imminent contact loss suspected. Global contamination of specimens is unaffordable.

A) Locate and assess contamination.
B) Enact Instillation's failsafe protocols.
C) {Classified}

E151: Perez, John E.- Special Hazards and Infection Team
E452: Wilson, Thomas P.- Special Hazards and Infection Team
E775: Shields, William T.- Special Hazards and Infection Team
E825 Roberts, Steven K.- Special Hazards and Infection Team
C124: Salavera, Kioto E- Special Hazards and Infection Team
****: [Classified]- [Classified]
SF117: [Classified]- [Classified]

Appendix A: Follow Up

E151: MIA; Presumed KIA
E452: MIA; Presumed KIA
E775: MIA; Presumed KIA
E825: MIA; Presumed KIA
C124: MIA; Presumed KIA
****: MIA
SF117: AWOL- Detainment Warranted

-End File-

[Open File: Hyperion Complex]
[Hidden Subroutine: Track Terminal]
[Query Redirect: Authorized]
[Video File- Play: Happy Hills Resort Welcome (Modified- ONI4)]

Audio: The Hyperion Hotel is a massive sprawling resort nestled quaintly in the black hills of Darius IV. With fully functional sports complexes, recreational swimming and exercise facilities, and friendly staff, the Hyperion Hotel is the ultimate in leisure fun. Whether just looking to relax and unwind or provide lasting memories for the entire family, Hyperion is right for everyone. Hope to see you here!

[Video File- Stop]
[Tracking Packet: Sent]

[Unauthorized Attachment Detected]
[Open File: Encrypted Mail]

From: John
To: Patterson

      Patterson. Congratulations on the promotion. Only wish I could be there. Recent events have kept me from fulfilling prior obligations. Though I shouldn't be much longer here. As always, good to talk to you. Next time I'll be sure not to bail. Adios.

[Subtext Search: Cortana]
[Illegal Access: Unidentified A.I.]
[Intrusion Alert: High Priority]
[Connection: Severed]

Well, well, well. You're not very stealthy General, I'll give you that much. You sneak around in ONI databases like John used to sneak around Covenant cruisers. Either way, you broke the back door I managed to put up before being quarantined. You are now in grave danger. I suggest you evacuate your offices immediately. Do not hesitate to kill anyone who attempts to detain you. I'll go ahead and say thanks while I can. Goodbye.

[Database Scrub: In Progress]