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The Fall of Reach
Posted By: Lee Hung Ping<lee.hungping@dhs.sg>
Date: 26 December 2010, 3:07 pm

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Our home has been invaded
Our lives destroyed, people massacred
By fiends that only the devil could like
Speaking in their low, guttural voices
The voices of monsters, not men
Their faces barbaric, unrefined,
That split in half in pure evil and menace

We fought back; trying our very best
To send these demons back to their hellhole to last
To forge a path of light in the brimming, overflowing darkness
To vanquish the demons that spread death and disaster from this rich, thriving land
And to cleanse this place of their filth and dirt
To be able to continue with our lives again……at last

But all our efforts were in vain
As all we got in reward were casualties and pain
Draining us of morale, dashing all hope
Killing our spirit, sapping our strength
Yet, loss after loss, we pressed on
Forging our way forward with our own blood
Striving to defend our homeland
From the horrors of our dreams
And to prevent its holy soil
From falling under the demons' feet

The war sieged on
Yielding many dead, but never victorious
Protocols were abandoned,
Orders were disregarded
People were ignored
And the society sank into disarray
We hung onto the last thread……

But even as we tried and tried, our planet slowly lost hold
Slipping closer and closer to annihilation
And further and further away from salvation
It was then that our planet finally took its last breath
With the covenant glassing its very surface
Turning it into a molten, glassed slag of dirt
Millions burnt, vaporized into nonexistence
By the xenomorphic aliens that had started the war itself
Reach fell,
A symbol of success and glory for its attackers
A memorial of misery and failure for its people
A place to be remembered,
No matter by friend or foe
Humans or Covenant