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I am lost in a timeless abyss
Posted By: Lee Hung Ping<lee.hungping@dhs.sg>
Date: 27 February 2011, 3:00 pm

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From the moment the tendrils slide down my spine
And the parasite engulfs my heart and lungs
My body no longer gives heed to my command
And my soul is trapped in a cage of flesh, blood and bone
Unyielding as stone yet throbbing with the very signs of life
The signs of life that the Flood have taken as their own.

I am lost in a dark, bottomless abyss
Where the darkness envelopes me
Where the only illumination I have is rendered from the past memories of my life, service and career
Long forgotten, long gone
All slowly snatched from me
Soon, even the simplest of memory functions elude me;
And I submit to the abyss, blank and hazy

I am lost in a merciless, unforgiving abyss
Where resistance is futile, retaliation hopeless
And the all-knowing mind far-reaching
Bullets mean nothing in this disillusioned realm
While determination and zeal just stalls the predator's advance
Yet takes its toll on the state of my mind
And the purity of my soul
Why fight when it is all but too late?
Why fight, when I am one of them, now?