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Lone Wolf
Posted By: Lee Hung Ping<lee.hungping@dhs.sg>
Date: 11 February 2011, 1:19 pm

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The single lone soldier that stayed behind

Defending the gate with an iron fist
Hardened and galvanized with blood over untold time
Fending off his attackers with pure might and menace

To hamper the advance of his enemies
And guard the once unconquerable stronghold
The domain of great peace and security
That was both his home and his base
And the final resting place of his brothers

To hold a last stand
Against the growling, roaring monsters of his nightmares
With glittering faces that split in half in pure evil and terror
That enjoyed the holocaust and bloodshed of his men
Under their own fists of steel and swords of energy

To ensure his comrades' safe departure
From this dying, crumbling fortress
So that the torch could be carried on
Bring with it humanity's last shred of hope
That could turn the tide of the long, terrible war
The Spartan fought valiantly; with every last ounce of strength and perseverance in him;
Making the ground turn dark purple under his solo, lone-wolf effort
Stacking mounds upon mounds of his enemy's corpses
The slain testament of his sheer determination
His effort was a mere pebble
In the tide of his foes
Which overwhelmed him with their own zeal and bloodlust
Spilling his blood over the barren, dusted land
That they were sent to destroy
Putting an end to his life
One more casualty in the millions slaughtered