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Hyper-Lethal Inclination
Posted By: LHP
Date: 21 September 2011, 1:20 pm

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The fortress breached – caught with our backs against the wall
Devious ploys the only unwavering fact in the disillusionment of our invaders' shroud
One by one pieces of humanity,
Silenced and left to degrade under the utter formidability of their genocidal armada.
Reach - our last strand of flickering hope…and the Covenant's imminent subject of impending doom
Does a billion lives – an infinity of souls, hearts and honed, deadly hands,
Really stand for naught at one glance of their scorching eyes?
A subject of irrelevant change – when has contemplation ever been the deciding factor?
In the cruel battlefield of today's holocaustic proportions, when has the mourning of the fallen not taken place after the dust has settled?
When has action, the steadfast direction meted out by those who bear the weight, our weight of survival –
Not been a prerequisite of triumphant victory?
And only when this steely raw reality hits the countless men and women marching out to bring the fight to them,
That this truth brings one-minded unification to all.
But there lies a few unfazed singularities, brought to the eye of glory of not
Whose push of a palm decides battles won or lost
Whose every bullet determines the fate of millions
Hyper-lethal, one might say –
Unhindered by bloated socialite norms and blatant formalities of the higher
Unencumbered by the extreme norms of the finest soldier
And not withstood when his fleeting knife slits the throats of still-smiling foes
In the war that considers trillions of lives, the silent, hyper-lethal one…might just make all the difference.