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01 Ambush
Posted By: Kalanosis<emtron2002@yahoo.com>
Date: 4 September 2005, 3:27 am

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Chapter Zero-One: Ambush

It was supposed to be a simple recon. Just a quick drop, scout the sector, and then bug out and report if any enemy activity is in the area.

But, that's not how it went.

As soon as the pelican left, we were ambushed by a group of ghosts and 4 banshees. Luckily, Ryu, the gunner, laid down suppression fire while Darastrix, my team's sniper, covered him. I, Chris, was able to get into the driver's seat while Malsvir hoped on the back with Ryu.

Darastrix was in the side seat, and tried to snipe the pilots. He got 2 successful kills, and Ryu took out another. Malsvir waited until the banshees passed us to start firing his rocket launcher, which was modified to hold faster missiles.

I struggled to avoid rocks and cliff edges, but a fuel rod projectile hit a half-meter from the jeep and we were hit by the aftershock. I tried to control the three- ton behemoth, but we flipped and everyone was thrown from their seats. I found myself in a peaceful daze, until a banshee roared above, and disrupted me. Malsvir and Ryu were the only ones up, and they were putting heavy fire onto one of the banshees, until it burst into flames and crashed into a cliff wall.

I then stood with Darastrix, and all four of us began working on the other banshee till it crashed into another cliff and plummeted into the abyss. After seeing what my team could do, the 1 remaining ghost fled, until Malsvir shoved a rocket up its tailpipe, silencing the thing forever.

It was an hour before we got all of the supplies back and flipped the warthog onto its wheels. I logged the activity and we then began to map the area.


What was funny was that there was a cave-like structure in the middle of a cliff face. We parked some distance away, so that the supplies wouldn't be destroyed if there were any Covenant in the immediate area.

When we got into the structure there was a lift in the center of the room with no other doors or fancy calligraphy like on the other structures back at Charlie base. We took the lift down and armed our close assault weapons.

After what seemed like a drop into eternity, we reach a room with 4 doors, one on each wall.

"I'm going left, each of you take separate paths and follow the routes. Go," I said. They felt like my last to them.

With my fears behind me, I walked through the door.

What I saw, I couldn't believe. There I was, on the second floor of this cavernous room. I saw across the room on the first floor, a covenant weapons cache. I was about to go down there and take a look around, until I realized there was no one here guarding the supplies. I walked very silently to the edge of the platform and stood there, silently, listening.

Then I heard it. The gentle wisp sound affiliated with grunts and elite shielding. It was barely audible, but I could still hear it.

I proceeded to take out a grenade and, knowing they would see it land if I just dropped it, I decided to play with them by first tossing two of my six grenades into the far corners. I then pulled the pin on the one that would kill the grunts and deactivate the elite's shields for a frontal assault. As the other two detonated simultaneously, I dropped the grenade right in front of them. I backed away and counted to two, and the frag grenade detonated. I then dropped down and sprayed the elites with 7.62mm rounds until all were lying, bloody and battered, on the ground. I picked up four plasma grenades and proceeded through the nearest open door.

When I walked through I saw the most peculiar thing. I saw Ryu right above my head about to fly through the door one story above my own.

"Wait Ryu, stop. I was just in there," I said through the comm.

"Chris? Where are you?" he asked.

"Look down."

"Oh, hey. Wait there. I'll be with you in a sec," he said with a grin.

After about five minutes, he came through the door with a needler and a huge grin.

"So you found the cache of weapons, I see," he said.


"I captured a grunt and he told me that somewhere there was a cache of weapons. So I decided to check it out. After I tied him up, of course.

"Good job, Ryu," I said. "Show me where the grunt is."

He nodded then led me through another door and there it was: a grunt, hog-tied and lying on its belly.

I then began to ponder that maybe this grunt has some kind of threat beacon and shot it square in the head.
Uhh… sir?'' Ryu was obviously dumbfounded by my decision to kill the little thing.

"I'll tell ya later, ok?"

"Yes sir."


We met up with the others in a matter of hours. Then we found our lift up.

It was night out when we got back to the warthog. I finished mapping the area and called in an evac. It took Pelican Charlie 512 a good hour to get to us.

Once everything was loaded, I was the last one off of the ground.

"Back to Charlie, please," I told the pilot.

"Roger that. And the name's Devin," the pilot replied.

With that, Devin fired the belly thrusters and the pelican lifted from the ground.


When we got back, we were told that the Covenant were reported to be in the area already.

"Are you telling me that we went out there for no reason!" I said to the CO.

"That's correct, Chris. Your squad was put in unnecessary danger due to a communication failure," Sargeant Bradford, the CO, told me.

I left the room after that with a transfer notice. It seems someone thought it would be funny to put a pilot on my team as a scout. I thought it wasn't funny so I consulted with the man who was coming aboard, Colonel Devin Griffin.

This isn't right, he was our pilot on the trip back, I thought to myself.

I later found Devin in the hangar putting fuel into his pelican. He greeted me with a nod.

"Did you turn in this transfer report?" I asked him.

"Sir. Yes sir. I'm hoping the transfer has been approved?" he replied.

"It just was, kid."


"Ok guys, we got us a new member and an official pilot now. I'd like to introduce to you Colonel Devin Griffin, our new scout, and our pilot, Zero," I said to the team.

"So our pilot is our scout and we have a new pilot now?" Malsvir interjected.

"That's the basics of it, yeah," I told him. "You will all have a chance to meet with them later on, but just so you know, because of the miscommunication, we get some R&R. But stay alert. The enemy might attack and we will be needed to cut of their retreat. Got that?" I said as I looked at all of the familiar faces. I could usually tell what my team was thinking just from looking at their faces, but I had 2 newbies to train and the others made it apparent that they did not like training.

"Dismissed," I told them as I left the room.


I went back to the hangar and began work on a smaller version of the pelican. It could hold a max of eight personnel: 2 pilots, and 6 passengers.

As I was tuning the engines, Darastrix, Devin, and Zero walked into the hangar.

"Dude, what're ya doin' to the pelican, man?" Zero asked.

"Creating a faster mode of transit for my team. The Seagull," I said. "This bird's got everything: its been fitted with quad plasma rifles next to the nose, it has plasma pistols on the tip of the wings for missiles, and best of all it is faster because I cut the cargo compartment in half. This baby's good to go now,"

"Amazing. Is it gonna be…?" Zero started.

"Yes it's yours, Zero. Congrats," I told him with a smile.

After I showed them the cargo hold, we went and got supplies for the pelican. We loaded it with a couple of assault rifles and pistols.

"Should we load some shotguns on as well?" Devin asked.

"No. If they get that close, then we'll bug out," Darastrix explained.

"Besides, Darastrix won't let them get that close, will ya?" I said. Darastrix couldn't help but smile.

"Ok people, let's get some shut eye. Its already 2358. Dismissed," I said with a yawn.


I awoke suddenly in a cold sweat. I had the worst dream. I was tied up and Malsvir was standing next to me. He was saying something I couldn't understand except: "We must destroy the Infidels NOW! I have a prisoner with which we will make an example out of!" Suddenly, there was a cheer or a war cry of some kind as Malsvir turned to me, wearing the colors of an elite. He pulled out a plasma pistol with a smile. I awoke before he could kill me.

"Sarah, what time is it?" I asked my A.I. who was like a close friend to me.

"It is now 0450.59 hours, Chris. Also, your heart rate and respiration have exceeded normal. Is everything ok?" she asked. Sarah was always concerned that I put myself under too much strain.

"Everything's fine, Sarah. Nothing to worry about too much, anyways. Thanks for the concern."


When I saw Malsvir later that day, the image of him with his egotistical smile in my dreams resurfaced, as if summoned by some unseen force.

"Hey Chris, what's up?" he said, kindly. It was a complete contradiction to the dream face I saw.

It was just a dream, nothing more, I told myself.

"It's nothing. Continue about your business," I told him, and then hurried away.

As I was walking through the empty halls, I heard a plasma pistol charging. I slowly reached for my sidearm, and, when my hand touched the butt of the gun, I drew it and turned around quickly. But there wasn't a soul in sight. When I heard it discharge, I walked through the door on my left and saw Darastrix teaching both Devin and Zero how to fire a weapon.

"So how are the pupils coming along, Darastrix?" I asked.

"Huh? Ohh… they're doing great. Devin is as good a shot as ol' Redneck. And Zero ain't half bad either," he replied.

"Yep. Uhh… listen I gotta talk to you later. Meet me in the gym at around 2100 ok?" I asked Darastrix.

"Yeah sure, no problem."



It was only day 1 of our R&R, but I felt like I wanted to get back to work.

It was maddening that Malsvir was a little too friendly every time I saw him. So I decided to seek some answers.

I started by looking up his record. It showed up, but not the way I expected. It listed him as Missing in Action from the time of our first mission, when we got separated in the crash onto Halo, to the time just before our last mission. That's when I knew this Malsvir was an imposter: a cleverly disguised grunt or elite.

But how could they speak so well, and know my birthday? I asked myself.

Therefore, I figured that his story checks out, that he was thrown out the airlock and landed in a river.

I then looked at my watch. 2058 hours. I then headed for the gym, where Darastrix, Zero and Devin were waiting. I locked the door behind me and inputted a new access code.

"So, what are the newbs doing here?" I asked.

"They won't leave sir. I've even threatened a court martial and they still won't go," Darastrix explained.

"That's alright, as long as Malsvir doesn't show. Now listen Malsvir has been acting a little weird ever since he got 'separated.' I think that he's either been turned or that he is one of the Covenant in disguise. I'm right now scheming a way to get him to talk and tell us everything, but we have to be careful. Darastrix, remember that grunt I shot, well the reason is that he could've had a locator beacon. So we have to be extremely careful not to fall into one of his traps. Got it?" I said to them in a low enough voice that no one could hear but us.

They all nodded.

"Good. Now, we'll try my plan after the next mission, ok?" I asked. Again they nodded.



I was discussing the new recon mission I just received from Sargeant Bradford with Darastrix and Devin, when Malsvir walked up and gave an evil look.

"Did you guys see Malsvir? It's like he's pissed at me for something," I said.

"I didn't notice anything," Darastrix said

"Me either," Devin replied.

"Ok. By the way, where's Ryu?" I asked.

"In the gym." Darastrix replied.

"Ok. I'll catch up with you later. I have to see him and Zero about something."

I hooked a left into the gym and there Ryu was pounding the crap out of a punching bag.

"Does the bag owe you money, Ryu?" I asked, sarcastically.

"No, I just…" The bag rotated to show the picture of Malsvir in the same outfit that I saw him wearing in my dream.

I drew my pistol and shot the picture in the head.

"What'd the bag do to you, man?" When he said that, I came back to reality.

"Huh, wha… ohh. Yeah, very funny. Did you draw this?" I asked.

"Yeah, I had a dream where he killed me and he was wearing that. Weird huh?" he said.

"How could you have known that he wore that in my dream? Were he almost killed me."

"You're lucky. At least you didn't see the smirk on his face; the satisfaction in killing one of his own."

"No, but earlier, he gave me an evil look today. I'd hate to think that we are correct and that he will betray us."

"I know." He said


Later that evening, I was at the shooting range, venting some anger, when Malsvir entered with a document.

"You mind explaining why you looked up my CSV? You had no right to go through my records!" he exclaimed as if he were in command.

"I would watch my tone to a superior officer. Especially when you 'disappeared' after landing on Halo and returned from an enemy encampment. Now if you have a complaint about my leadership skills and ensuring that the rest of my team gets through this alive, you can bring it up with Sargeant Bradford, got it?" I said, rather rudely.

I could see the anger building up inside him as he stormed out of the room.

Just as I was about to continue, Darastrix, Devin, and Ryu come in.

Darastrix nodded as I looked at them, and reloaded my pistol.

As one, we walked to the hangar, where Malsvir was standing near the Seagull.

"Lets go crew. We got a job to do, and we need to get going while the break is on. Get Zero to start up the Seagull. I want everyone taking a close range weapon," I shouted as people got ready, and cleared the platform.

I moved to a weapon's locker and broke it open. Inside were 3 MA-5B's and 2 shotguns.

I grabbed an MA-5B, and gave Darastrix a shotgun.

I noticed that Malsvir had a Plasma rifle at the ready, and a plasma pistol where his standard issue pistol should be.


We took off in the Seagull, with almost a full capacity. I was told that there was a structure in a remote swamp that could be vital if we are to leave this area alive. I would be a secure location where we could easily retreat to if it was necessary.

After we landed, Malsvir looked as if he knew this place. I was at point with Devin and Ryu, and Darastrix was behind us with Malsvir. Once we located the structure, I told Devin to be the look out while we went in and explored the place.

The building was similar to the one we explored earlier, but had two doors, instead of four. Ryu and I took the one on the right, and Malsvir and Darastrix took the one on the left.

After the split, things went haywire. Ryu and I split up because that way we would cover more ground, but I ran strait into trouble. I saw five elites and about a dozen grunts and jackals moving supplies around.

I crouched behind one of the boxes and keyed my radio.

"Looks like they're just moving in. Well, we'll see about that. This is Chris to Ryu, I need you at the split juncture in about 2 minutes…"

That's about the time one of the grunts saw me.

"Help! Demon! Intruders!" it yelled.

I shot it once with my pistol, before the elites chased me out to the juncture point.

I ran through the door Ryu walked through, but there was no one there.

Before I went to find Ryu, I lodged a primed frag in the door that way if anyone tried to follow me, they'd get a nice little present.

I then noticed that only one door was open, so I went through to find Ryu. There was something unsettling about the structure, but before I could figure it out, Zero called in.

"Sir, we have 3 bandits dropping in. I was able to evac Devin, but you're gonna be on your own for a while. Sorry," he said.

"It's ok man. Get Devin outta here and report this to base."

"Roger that. Over and out." The radio cut out with a roar from the engines.

"This is Chris to anyone on this freq," I said over the Team channel. "We are cut off and enemy reinforcements are on the way. Find cover and hold position. Stay off the radio, as they may find you. Good luck and survive. Over and out."

The room was vacant, other than the five crates about the room. I primed a grenade as I maneuver next to an open door. I tossed the grenade at the crates and slid through the door, only to see the back of an elite. I gave him a quick jolt to the back, crushing his spine.

I continued through the mazelike structure and finally found Ryu lying on the floor.

"Damn it," I said as I examined the body. He was still alive, just stunned and unconscious.

I took his body and hid behind a couple of covie crates lying around. I then administered first aid and woke him.

"Uhh, what the… Malsvir! That traitor, he got me! Where is he!" he yelled

"Calm down, man. Tell me what happened." I said.

"I just went through that door when out of nowhere Malsvir jumped down with several black-op elites. He demanded to know where you were, but I wouldn't tell them, so he hit me with a plasma rifle. The last thing I remember, he was taking my weapons and grenades. Wait, how did you know where I was." he inquired.

"I didn't. I just followed the doors to an elite, 86'ed him, and found you here. Look, we're cut off and probably surrounded. We need to stay here till we can get evac, ok?" I explained.

"No! We have to get Malsvir, before he gets us! And nothing you say can change my mind! He'll come for us and.." I didn't know what he was going to say, nor did I care. I injected an anesthetic into his bloodstream and he went instantly to sleep.

"Here, kid. Keep this safe. I'll return later with everyone else to come get you. If you wake up before then, I hope God is on your side then." I said as I laid my pistol down next to him.

I stood, brought my assault rifle to bear, and went through the only other door that wasn't locked, hoping to find Malsvir.

Instead what I found was a pretty long hallway that cornered at a 90 degree angle about 50 meters away.

As I walked down the hall, I noticed that only a single door was open before the turn, and it was about 4 meters away from it, too. If you wanted to set up an ambush, that would be the place.

I walked through the door…

…and found a covenant assault force lurking there.

When they saw me, they opened up fully. I was able to jump out of the way and back through the door, and backed around the corner.

I them to have a base here, but then again, I have been proven wrong before. The turn was to the right, so I could get extra cover while I returned fire.

"If anyone can hear me, I am under heavy fire and need support. Please respond, anyone. Over."

There was no response for a while and I was just about to try again, when "Chris, this is Zero. I'm coming In with reinforcement. Hold on, the cavalry has arrived. Over.

"Roger that. Over and out." I retreated to my cover to reload. Just then, 2 fuel rod weapons discharged and flew past my cover and exploded a couple of meters from me.

That's about the time I ran through the door behind me, only to find Ryu's weapons.

I picked up the pistol, found that it still had rounds in it and collected what I needed for a good fortification.

I then hid behind a likely looking pillar, and waited for them to enter.

Suddenly, I heard a metal bashing metal sound coming from a door at the other end of the room. And the pillar was the only piece of cover there was.

The door started to bend into the room as the hunters continued to bash at it.

Suddenly, more covenant burst through the other door and I was surrounded, and dead soon.

Then, the first door burst and a plasma bomb sailed and hit the pillar above my head. I instinctively rolled to the other side, and met an unlucky jackal whose skull was crushed under my rifle butt. I then hosed the remainder with fire until I took a hit from a plasma rifle, in which case I rolled back and was hit with the shockwave of a blast, and thrown into the pillar. I slumped to the left and found myself facing a hunter's boot, when the hunter fell backwards, and orange blood splattered onto my arm.

"Move up. Covering fire. I want the corners tight. Use precise aiming, we have a friendly in there."

At first I thought I was dead. That I died of shock before the hunter crushed my skull.

But this was no dream.

Standing in the door that the hunters had made were the mythological gods of war. Standing there, were four Spartans.

They moved with the agility of an elite, and made use of they're machine precision to eliminate the opposition.

I struggled to sit up and draw my sidearm to assist them, when a hunter lumbered into the room, it's scalpel-like spines sticking up on end. It lunged forth, in an effort to kill one of the Spartans, when I put 3 rounds into its exposed stomach. Then I drifted off into unconsciousness as a dark figure loomed over me.


When I was awake, three of the Spartans had taken up covering positions around the fourth Spartan and myself while it treated my wounds.

"What happened? Where did you all come from? And how did you find me so quickly?" I asked the looming predator.

"First, I am Spartan-058. When we were dropped here, we found you because right out that door is a back entrance to the facility. Once we heard the shots, we came in here, found you putting up a decent fight, and took care of the rest," the Spartan applying medical aid to me said. She had the voice of a cold angel, one who has seen and dealt death many times.

"From left to right are: Spartan-117, Spartan-104 and Spartan-043," she explained.

"Well, I thank you all for your support, but we need to evac the rest of my crew. I know where one man is, but he's going crazy fast. He need's to get extracted now. Come on, I'll lead you to him and…" I began.

"Hold on. We were told to get you out and that's it. We can't hang around here too long," 117 started. "We have our orders. I'm sorry."

"It's ok. I mean, we have to look at the larger numbers." I said, as though I failed my friends. Here these guys are, Spartan super soldiers, here to help me save my friends, and they are only thinking of evac.

"Lets go," I said and headed for the exit.

"Wait," 043 said. "I thought we were going to get your friends, right? Well, let's go!"

I nodded and led them through the twisting corridors to where my friend was lying, still asleep.

I kicked him lightly with my boot once and he stood up and saluted the Spartans.

"Do you know where Malsvir or Darastrix are? We're shipping out," I explained.

"Yeah, Darastrix is back that way, and Malsvir… I don't remember where he went. But when I see him…" he pulled back the charger lever on the rifle and looked extremely pissed.

"Alright then, let's move," 058 said as she led the way with me following closely.

We came up to a door that was open, but I stopped just before and checked or any traps.

"Stand back, everyone," I said as I opened the door and rolled into the room followed by 117.

We scanned the room and he noticed the reflection from the scope Darastrix uses.

He began to stand, until I stopped him. "He would have said something if this wasn't a trap."

I tossed a frag up onto the platform that 117 pointed to and, wham it went off and threw the sniper rifle down, where 058 caught it, followed by his helmet.

I picked it up and noticed that something was recorded on the video feed.

"Here, let me se that," 104 said as he snatched the helmet out of my hands.

He inserted the memory chip into his neck slot and after a few minutes, he said, "Your friend, Malsvir, is a traitor. He entered the room with about five elites, asked where you were, Chris, and they split up. Darastrix planted grenades in all but this door and left the room, leaving his rifle and helmet to make it look like he was still there, if they tried to find him."

"There's a message for you on here as well, 'left, right, forward, left, left, right.' What does it mean?" he asked.

"It's the directions he went to hide and wait. Let's not keep him waiting," I said.


When we got to the room he occupied, he was in the second floor waiting for us.

"I was wondering when you would get here. It was getting really lonely," he said as he climbed down from the pillar he was standing on.

"Yeah, well, you know me. I like scenic routes. Come on, we need to evac, fast."

He nodded, accepted his rifle from 058, and we went back to the room I was cornered in, and found Malsvir.

"Well, well. Chris. And look, you were nice enough to bring the entire crew, plus 4 others. Time to surrender," he said as 5 elites appeared out of the shadows. "I hate to do this to you, but I hate your guts so, drop your weapons."

"Just tell me why you betrayed us, Malsvir. And I want the truth," I said, sternly.

"Your in no position to make demands here, Kalanosis. Just you and Ryu need to come with me and no one else will be hurt. I promise."

"Your promises are nothing to me! Your just another enemy who must be eliminated," I said as myself, Darastrix, 117, and Ryu raised our weapons.

"Fine. Have it your way," he said. Then, as a remark addressed to the elites, who were eager to kill everyone, "Kill all but the one in the middle and far left. Then bring them to base."

When he left the room, the elites on the far right and far left began flanking maneuvers and positioned themselves in a delta formation with overlapping fields of fire.

Suddenly, a rocket seemed to materialize out of mid air and took out 3 of the 5 elites, causing the other two to look up. 104 and I sprang from the heels of our feet and crushed the remaining two's spines with the butts of our rifles.

Devin, seeing the carnage from above, decided to throw down the launcher and shimmied down from the pillar he had taken residence on.

"Hey. Thought you guys would come this way, so I decided to give you guys some backup. Did I do good?" he asked as if he needed assurance that what he did was less than miraculous.

"If you hadn't had been there, then we would be in the enemies hands, probably only to be slaughtered by Malsvir."


Back at base, we were all commemorated for bravery in the face of certain death. I was given my second purple heart and a Bronze Star. The Spartans each received a Legion of Honor for our rescue.


Once we were in the air, I began the briefing.

"Ok people. We got us another recon mission. This one's a little different from the other one. We need to take and fortify the installation, and wait for reinforcements to arrive. Darastrix, I want you behind me, and Devin'll be right there with me in front. We'll be landing approximately 300 meters from the installation, so I want everyone prepared in case we find a patrol. Also, if things get too hot, we bug out, got me?" I said sternly.

"SIR YES SIR!" they replied in unison.


"We're coming up on the LZ. Things look cold for now," Zero said.

We landed, and I was the first one out of the Pelican. The beach area where we landed wasn't half bad, but it was devastated by a ravenous battle.

"I don't like this. There are signs of a major battle, but no dead, no wrecks. I think this is a set-up," I said to myself

"This place is a mess! How come this place wasn't reported as being on here?" Devin said.

"I don't know. Lets keep our heads down, in case of snipers," Ryu said, with a hint of worry in his voice.

We started off following the beach. I was point with Devin. Ryu was behind us with Darastrix bringing up the rear.

"This place has to be crawling with covies. We should be very care…" Darastrix was interrupted by the sound of a banshee patrol.

I watched the three craft flyby and then started to double back, when the lead broke formation and came right for us.

"Get down!" I screamed as I ducked my head and readied my MA-5B.

"Get into range. That's it, come on. You son-of-a…" I fired my rifle when the banshee was fifty meters from me.
"Ryu, bring that thing down, now!" I yelled.

He pulled out the group's launcher and fired.

That's when I noticed that the banshee wasn't firing at us.

I then planted a grenade on the wing of the bird, and three seconds later, BAMM!

The other banshees were out of sight, probably getting reinforcements.

"Quickly, back to the pelican!" I shouted as I started to run.

I was probably twenty meters from the LZ when I called in. "Pelican 477, this is Recon Team Alpha-Charlie, requesting immediate, I repeat immediate evac from Sector 34-Zulu. Warning. LZ may be hot on approach!" I shouted through the mic.

"This is Pelican 497 on approach to the LZ. The evac will have to wait, commander. ETA is ten minutes," the pilot replied. I didn't recognize the voice.

"497, we may be dead in 5!"

"Sorry sir, but that's the fastest possible time."

"Understood. Recon Team Alpha-Charlie out."

"So, are getting a ride home, or do we have to swim?" Devin asked.

I stood, thinking about our situation, then decided to hold of the Covenant for as long as we can.

"Evac in ten! Lock and Load people, because we'll be defending this beach. Darastrix, find a place to hide so that you can snipe. Devin, go with him. Ryu, you're with me. Lets move people," I ordered.

Darastrix and Devin headed towards a cliff edge and hid in the rocks. I dug in a crater with Ryu.

"Do not make a move, anyone. I do not want to get captured!" I said over the team frequency. Everyone clicked their radios to indicate that they understood.

"When I give the order, Ryu, I want you to hit the nearest target. Got it?" I told him.

He nodded only the way he would.

Suddenly, the banshee engines could be heard and they sounded almost distant.

I turned on the motion tracker on my helmet and it read that there were 10 enemy units in the area, with a dropship just now taking off.

Damn. They landed so quietly, I thought to myself. How?

Then I realized that Malsvir's music was playing through the radio, but it was all too late.

Three elite aliens, armed with needlers, took us alive.

As Darastrix was about to fire on one of them, Malsvir came out.

"No…" was all Devin could say before Ryu and I were taken aboard the covenant dropship and disappeared into the horizon.