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The Heretic Zealot
Posted By: JsW116
Date: 3 September 2007, 4:49 am

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Jaseek Otromee was on his way to a simulation test when he noticed a unusually large crowd meandering to the the High Council grav lift. He was curious, so he followed the bypassers to the lift. He arrived at the suprizingly packed council courtyard. He took his place amouge the back of the group next to a fellow elite, away from the squabbling grunts and jackals in front.
The crowd seemed rather excited and rather enthusiastic about the situation but Jaseek stared at them and wondered.
"You look confused brother, do you know what is going on?" the elite next to him asked.
"No, was there a fight?"Jaseek inquired.
"The Commanding officer that supposedly allowed the destruction of the sacred ring is being trialed by the Hirearks in the council chamber, I fear he will not fare well..."he said." The council is terribly fickle."
Jaseek had never liked polotics, they seemed like a waste of time and lives. Whenever something unthinkable happened, the council would always find someone to blame. Unfortunately, it was usually the highest ranking officer.
A metallic hiss interrupted his thoughts as the crowd backed away and cleared a path. A gold clad zealot strode along the path to the edge of the courtyard, escourted by three brutes. By the pleasure on the brutes faces, the zealot had lost the trial.
As he walked by some jackals hissed and snargled at him and a group of grunts chanted "Her-a-tic! Her-a-tic!", but despite the current circumstances, he seemed relatively calm. When he reached the edge of the cliff-like structure the crowds in the distant viewing bridges roared as the brutes attached cufflings to his wrists. Grav beams held his arms and legs in place as a yellowish light rushed throught them and shut his armor down, causing the lights on it to flicker and turn off and making the brilliant gold turn a blackened yellow. The elite seemed annoyed, years of combat and discipline and this was his thanks? They then stripped his armor off and he hung his head. A plasma heated rod came from a hatch on the floor. The brute chieftan picked up the intrument gladly as the elite lifted his head in suprize.
"Let this be an excample for all who would dare break from the covenant!" the chieftan proclamed as the crowd went wild.
He took the blazing hot rod and drove it into the elites chest, just by looking at the elites face he could feel the Zealots pain. He attempted to remain silent but the pain was too much, he lifted his head into the air and yelled a painful cry. Then he blacked out and fell silent from the pain. The crowd roared once more as the brutes carried thier prisoner away. Jaseek was not one of the thousands cheering the punishment of the Zealot. The poor officer probably did everything he could to stop the rings destruction and was wrongly accused. This made Jaseek anrgy.
"Sad, isnt it? Then elite he spoke to earlier said grimly." To see one of our brothers degraded like that...it gives all of the elites a bad name."
"True friend, true" Jaseek replied." I must get to my simulation, I am probably late..."
The elite nodded and said " I must be going too now, farewell"
They went their sepprate ways and Jaseek caught a ride on the overly crowded gravlift. He got a text alert in his neural hud which read: REPORT TO PHANTOM DOCKING BAY 14 IMMEADIATELY FOR BRIEFING. The call of duty...he hadnt been in battle for a while. Fortunately, the docking bay wasnt very far off, so after pushing through crowds of traffic on the walkways and a few more gravifts he was there. He grabbed a beam rifle and a few grenades of a supply pod and used one of the phantoms gravlifts to get aboard. He noticed he was one of the early ones judging that there were only four other elites and a few grunts in the phantom. He took his place on the wall and started to check his weapon when he was interrupted by another elite next to him.
"This is going to be exciting!" He declared." I havent seen the glory of battle for a while!"
"Nither have I brother" Jaseek answered
"Mabey Ill even get a little souvaneer to bring back and show my comrads if all goes well!" He said excited.
Jaseek looked at him and said " Lets hope so brother!"
The recent event had made him angry. In the next few hours, he would be able to take his anger out on something...