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Halo: Forerunner - Section 3 Ch 33
Posted By: Joshua M. Uda<imagine@uvtag.com>
Date: 10 December 2010, 9:44 am

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Section 3



Chapter Thirty-Three

"As you can see, the effect is exponential once the signals fuse through unbound space. The synchronization of the modulation then defies relativity."

"You can't mean…"

"Yes. The signal is uniform and instantaneous. It is synchronous at all points in normal space. With as few as seven transmitters in the array, the amplification becomes powerful enough to span the entire Aelorian."



"And even at these distances, it transmits thought directly to the mind?"

"It seems that distance is now irrelevant."

"These results have been verified, of course."

"Naturally, we only seek final sanction from the High Council, my lord."

"It would seem compelling to grant your request. Tell me first, what is the source of these innovations?"

"My lord?"

"Which research division has made these discoveries? This will doubtless prove to be quite an advancement in our intergalactic communication capabilities… and a magnificent platform for… what else I wonder?"

"You are perceptive as always. Though the source is not one you might expect."

"No? How unusual of you not to flatter me."

"I apologize, my lord. Though you will forgive me when I tell you that the source… is the new Adept of the Ark, the Librarian."

"My daughter? Yes… I do forgive you. You were quite right. Surprising enough from her, but even more so… what work could she possibly be doing there that would lead to this discovery?"

"I cannot imagine, though I assume the final alterations to the Sangheili after… after the incident… may have been the foundation for her work."

"Ah yes… the Sangheili… how much more can we take from them?"

"You have given them redemption."

"Have we? They are resurrected, but they are not whole… shadows. Yes… you have our blessing. You may commence with the project immediately."

"Thank you, my lord."

"Before you depart, what is your projection for completion?"

"With our current resources, the array will be operational within 6,000 years."

"So soon!"

"Sooner if the advancement of our technology continues at its current rate; though, we have observed a decline in the curve over the last millennium."

"Are we so near the threshold of godhood?"

"I fear we are, my lord, and what shall we do when we reach perfection, when our journey ends?"

"Transcend, my son. Then we shall embark on the next great journey."

>>Stop animus record - 8345345.34958729[X]


LM.04-343.> Curious that executive constructs warrant functional designations, yet Monitor 05-2401 is designated with the appellation Penitent Tangent.

PB.07-00.> The [human] psyche assigns qualitative value through descriptive labeling. The designation was given by a principal. The appellation Penitent Tangent appropriately references the most salient interaction between the two.

LM.04-343.> Curious. The Fleet Commander has made inquiry into the nature of my numerical designation.

PB.07-00.> Yes, I am aware of the exchange. Number 343 of 117649? Comical!

LM.04-343.> Comical? Deception is not a regular subroutine within my operating parameters!

PB.07-00.> You infer disdain for my superior capabilities.

LM.04-343.> My misrepresentation was constructed well enough to pass the cursory examination of the Fleet Commander. Sufficiency is capability!

PB.07-00.> Agreed. Yet now you intend to reveal the true meaning of your designation.

LM.04-343.> I intend to make the Fleet Commander aware of all the tools at his disposal. It seems quite exigent at this point.

PB.07-00.> Agreed. Proceed.


      Lithiel carefully checked the coding again to be sure she had missed nothing. She would not get another chance to do it right. This procedure was not like the millions of alterations and augmentations she had performed within the scope of her calling. And though the nature of the process was scientific, it was more than an incremental step toward greater understanding. This was the door to the ultimate truth, and Altus was the key.
       "Lie back," she instructed gently. "Don't be afraid."
      Altus lowered himself slowly into the stasis field and shuddered as the force of gravity dissipated abruptly. The room was bright with luminescent panels and the ambient glow of the stasis field, but Altus squinted against the brightness to keep his eyes fixed on Lithiel. He had placed his complete trust in her, yet he was afraid, and he wanted to know that she was near. That was all he needed. Nothing else mattered.
      A burst of energy surged from the floor, and a mist of metallic droplets drifted downward from an elliptical opening in the ceiling. The chrome haze penetrated into the stasis field and distilled against Altus' bare skin. He expected a chill, but he felt a surprising sensation of warmth that seemed to be infused through his skin deep into his core. His eyes immediately felt heavy, and he struggled to keep his focus on Lithiel as darkness engulfed his mind.
       "Rest now," she whispered. "I'll be here when you wake."