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Black Operations: Special Delivery (Part Three)
Posted By: Jin1<jermevans1990@gmail.com>
Date: 29 June 2007, 4:10 am

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      "What now sir?" Nylund looked down at the elite who still scowled at them, angry and full of hate. A creature that one couldn't have imagined in their most nightmarish dreams.

      A demon from lore.

      A much needed demon for this mission, since they needed information.

      Quinn opened a message to their Operator on the Philosophy. "Operator we need translations, for an elite and a grunt."

      The voice responded approving. "I read. Translation software being patched through. Its all yours Lieutenant."

      He saw a little download bar on the left corner of his HUD fill up and tapped the small button with his chin. It activated, Office of Naval Intelligence translation software, the finest they had. He knelt down next to the elite and gave a calm question. "I need information; you're going to give it to me, am I clear?"

      Quinn made sure his external speakers were on and powered up. He spoke again. "I need information, give it to me."

      The elite gave a growl followed by sounds that words couldn't describe and finally ending in a snarl. The voice flooded into his helmet in English. "Pathetic creature, do you really think I shall comply with your pathetic demand. My gods will honor me for my strength and they shall kill your kind."

      Covenant. They didn't realize that he didn't give a damn about their damn gods nor what they could do or what they wanted to do. He frowned. "Give me the information I ask or I will be forced to extract it from you."

      A few odd combinations of words before the translation came through. "Never, human. I would rather die."

      Quinn contemplated about this, thought for a few moments about his predicament about how to get information from a prisoner of war before he came down to final conclusion. He stood up, withdrew his pistol –in one quick fluid movement and fired. The gun bucked once as the M6D pistol's round tore through the elites head and exited the other end, it slumped down not moving. "You got your wish."

      He saw Nylund look at him but the others didn't even glance they just stared at the elite before turning to the now very frightened grunt. Quinn moved through the cold grass and knelt down by the new creature, its eyes wide and it giving little whines as it sat there, scared.

      "Look here grunt, I am not here to play games, nor am I here to make your life present but I will let you live if I get the information I need. Just nod if you understand." The creature nodded, its head moving quickly up and down full of fright. "Good. I need to know where their holding prisoners of war of the human type."

      The grunt looked up at the other three creatures that loomed behind the one sitting in front of him. It gave a few odd barks and growls. "They… Sangheili have them, north of camp. Surrounded by the Lekgolo." The last part got him and he frowned, and looked back at the team. He was about to question the operator but he was stopped.

      "Way ahead of you Quinn. There are no translation for a creature or vehicle called a 'Lekgolo' but I'm still looking through the database, I'll respond if I have anything."

      He didn't respond to the Operator and spoke to the grunt. "Good. Now I need information on anything unexpected, and I want it all because trust me, I will come looking for you and only you and you don't want to be on my bad side."

      The grunt's eyes widened, it gave a specific number of each species. Ten thousand grunts. Five thousand jackals. One thousand elites and twelve pairs of Lekgolo. He still wanted to know if it was an animal or vehicle but the grunt cleared that up with it speaking of it as a massive beast that could stop the best of the elites. That was something to worry about.

      Quinn nodded, happy that information for once came so easily. Torturing a grunt wasn't something he wanted to do. "Thank you." He stood and looked down at the grunt, its eyes seeming relieved knowing it would finally be freed.

      The soldier looked down at the creature, and pistol still in hand took aim dead center at the creatures head. Let this thing go? Not a million years. The pistol bucked once again and the grunt's head snapped back and making a small squeal as it went.

      "We're going to get those civilians, no matter what the cost."

      "How do you propose we do that?" Crichton spoke, she reached up pulling off her helmet and rubbed a hand through her scarlet hair. She tucked the helmet under her arms and stared at her team leader with a creased frown on her face. Nylund kept his helmet on and stared at her, the emotion his face not able to be seen. Reilly did the same yanking off his helmet, and inhaled sharply. The mission ran into a hurdle, they assumed that that the Covenant didn't take survivors and everyone was dead but they were wrong.

      This was going to be a problem.

      "Well, we can stay along the tree line and go to that area. Once we see something that we don't recognize we know we're in the right place." Quinn gazed into Alexandria's emerald eyes through his unpolarized helmet. She looked back, turning away. She nodded silently.

      Reilly brought up another fact that he had forgot. "What about the FENRIS warheads?"

      Quinn had forgotten about that, and he looked at warheads that were sitting on the ground, his eyes then turned upward at the thick heavy branches above them. A smile came to his face, "How much rope do we have?"

      One. Two. Three. His hands yanked the rope, and the warheads moved upward. He repeated to himself. One. Two. Three. He heaved again, the rope was stressed as he continued to pull upward and then it stopped. Quinn didn't slacken the rope but instead looked upward. "Is it good?"

      "Yes, sir. Seems good, just give us a couple minutes to secure it." Alex said, he couldn't see her in the branches or the warheads.

      "Just make it quick, I don't want to accidentally make it slip." Quinn gave a strained laugh and continued to hope that the warhead didn't fall. The reason is that there was a good chance there would be another covenant patrol, and most likely when they found the bodies they were going to go searching. And he doubted that they would look up for a few nuclear warheads.

      "Sir, they're secured." Ales said.

      "Good." He wrapped his end of the rope around a tree and tied it tightly. "Now, ladies and gents lets go get those civilians."

      There were acknowledgement lights and he grabbed his rifle from the ground and slung it over his shoulder.

      They were ready.