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"Absolution" from "The Cradle of Life"
Posted By: Insomnia
Date: 8 October 2005, 5:12 am

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      A legion of white plasma flares flared through the choked sky as the Covenant Flagship, the Instrument of Retaliation, docked roughly one hundred meters off of the northern taiga. One task in mind was for this covenant workforce. To find the Ark.

      Three Covenant Sangheili stroked through the pine choked terrain; plasma rifles in hand, instinct and will in the other. Wearing black armor, they were idolized as symbols of angry retribution of the gods. The lead Sangheili growled and sniffed strangely acidic air. They were getting closer.

      Three hundred units away, two figures met, shadows covering their scowling features. Mandibles clicked as an angry harmony on seconds strung out of each mouth in succession; laden with hate.

      "Leave nothing living surviving."

      The gold armored figure turned to his lesser, and with three motions, an entire fleet of Wraith mortar tanks began lobbing mortars in rapid succession, bringing death to the thousand year old forest. Explosions dotted the landscape as turrets and plasma grenades rained down onto the trees, that immediatly crashed into burning cinders. An angry flash of lightning lit up the black sky.

      The trio of deathly professional covenant soldiers advanced quickly and silently through the twisted, knarled terrain. A black shadow ahead of them parted quickly into the woods. The leader stopped, and smelt the same, strong, low PH substance drift into his smell. The made a quick gesture to the others to move faster. They were gaining on their prey. The leader tapped a knob on a handle, and a white hot triangle of energy was lit.

      Rapid footsteps in sloshy mud quickened as the Sangheili trio ran faster. The shadow darted from one side of the wall of conifers to the other. The leader tightened his grip, and made ready for the pounce.

      The shadow darted again, but in a different pattern. It made no difference to the Sangheili. The splatter of clay increased as they ran faster towards the creature.

      Abruptly, the shadow ceased darting from tree to tree. The lead Sangheili halted. With direct precision, the trio grabbed their weaponry and pointed it in flanking angles.

      The shadow moved infront of the pack, breaking the silence with a bloodcurdling roar. The group opened fire with automatic plasma. The suffocating stench of burnt flesh filled the air as the white hot bolts impacted on the creatures flesh. The leader, who waited for his opportunity, found it; and ceased it by lunging the blade into the creatures abdomen, and lashed out with a kick, breaking it's humanoid pelvis.

      The creature was silenced when the lead Sangheili arced the blade up through it's spine, and bisected it. It fell to the mud in a heap.

      "We found its weakness."

      The Platinum armored Sangheili was content when he recieved the news. "Excellent work, 'Xafomee. Bring your squad back to the ship." He turned and motioned to his first officer. "Why hasn't the forest been burned?"

      The other answered with haste: "Something alive is in that forest, sire. Something ancient. We cannot burn it down; something is protecting the trees, leaving them intact. 'Omnamamee, it's risky, but we could try pulse lasers."

      The other known as 'Omnamamee answered with a growl. "No. Bring in artillery. I want that forest completely eradicated before we search. You know the legend, 'Amomee. Those who can destroy the forest withour melting the soil can reach thou ark."

      "Of course my lord. I will get scarabs down here at once. Anything else?"

      "Yes. Kill every single human on this planet. Make sure of it."

      Screams and cries killed the air as Covenant legions moved into towns of old, burning every human alive. Babies were held by cobalt Sangheili, and strangled until no more breath came out of them. Mothers were beaten. Fathers were eradicated. Families were erased. Smoke was lifted into the air full of human tissue, alight in unison with cinders, brightening up the pitch black sky.

      'Xafomee watched this horrific scene with pride. The human race. They were finally suffering for what all of the dead Unggoy had suffered for the Covenant. He watched as a pack of Kig-Yar devoured a group of men like angry pirahnas. He hated the disgusting birds, but their prowess sniping abilities made up for it. He watched in awe as a Woman's head exploded under a pink beam of compressed energy. A beam rifle bolt knifing through the air.

      The Sangheili smilied as human families were grouped together and slaughtered by the carneverous Kig-Yar. He thought one true thought during this extinction.

      The Covenant is at its fullest. Nothing can stop us now.