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Epitaph of Destruction, Chapter IV: Plans
Posted By: Insomnia<karsinogen@gmail.com>
Date: 27 July 2005, 5:56 pm

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Ninth Age of Reclamation, the Sacred Regions/Aboard Covenant Flagship Instrument of Retaliation, in planetary space above planet Kanaii, Esymarco System

      Zurr 'Xafomee finished applying dressing to his wound after the intense meeting with the council of masters in his personal quarters. Fleet Master 'Eneremee, the commander of the Flagship Instrument of Retaliation had just been promoted to Armada Commander. The wound was getting better, but three/fourths of his original tissue had yet to regrow in the painful process.

      The private communications link on his silk bed buzzed, and 'Xafomee picked it up, knowing the Overseer wanted him on the bridge. "Yes Excellency?" 'Xafomee inquired, his fingers brushing the edge of his highly polished, and yet to be put on armor.

      "'Xafomee, I need you on the bridge. We have something to discuss." 'Omnamamee stated with a serious tone.

      "Of course Excellency." 'Xafomee said. His leg had yet to heal, but 'Omnamamee knew that 'Xafomee could handle any mission thrown at him.

      'Xafomee rushed to the bridge and had his identification checked before entering the luminous room. The décor had not changed one bit, but a few Huragok were busy making adjustments to a new lockdown system on the ship, following the events of the recent catastrophe at the system edge of Tau Ceti.

      "You wanted me Excellency?" 'Xafomee stated out loud, a raw breach of standard protocol. A normal officer would have rank stripped at the spot, but the situation was much different than normal.

      "Ah, 'Xafomee. I need to talk to you. Please, sit." 'Omnamamee said, sitting on the spotless floor across from 'Xafomee.

      Seeing no other place to sit, he sat on the spotless floor, directly across his counterpart. "Yes Excellency?"

      "The Council of Masters has become supremely weary these days. I have decided to prove our point, and capture one of their leaders. We will infiltrate the ship and capture their 'Ship Master' and bring him forward to the Priest of Salvation in order to declare a full scale war. Understood?"

      'Xafomee immediately replied. "Excellency, who is going?"

      "Myself, you, and the Guardians. Summon your squad to this ship, and we will begin our phase."

      "Of course Excellency." 'Xafomee replied.

Ninth Age of Reclamation, Sacred Patrol Route/ Aboard Covenant Flagship Instrument of Retaliation, Tau Ceti System Outskirts

      'Xafomee and 'Omnamamee stepped into the briefing chamber for special operation soldiers aboard the seven kilometer ship. 'Xafomee eyed his team carefully; Black armor with a dark red trim marked them with intimidation and prowess. That, and a lifetime of training on the sacred training grounds of Esymarco, since they were young. They obeyed orders without question, although each had enough rank that they didn't have too many people to obey in the first place. He has not seen his whole team in a long time, due to the Human-Covenant war.

      Their scowling features glowed under the dim light of the room as 'Xafomee explained the plans of infiltration at the head of the glossed Hendass table. "The ship will be new to us, and we shall be prepared for anything that stands in our way. All of us are going, and we will travel lightly. No Snipers, since we do not have that kind of mobility. Energy Swords and a close range weapon only." 'Xafomee said, stating his authority over the team that usually didn't have to obey anyone. "We will execute this mission quickly, quietly, and without hesitation."

      "Get to the armory now. I will meet you there in half a unit." 'Xafomee said. The entire team stood up without hesitation, and moved silently and efficiently towards the exit. 'Xafomee lingered with 'Omnamamee.

      "I will be coming with you. My fighting skills are up to par, and they helped me attain my rank. I'm sure I still have skill." 'Omnamamee's mandibles parted into a smile.

      "Of course Excellency, there is no point in holding you back." The Guardian said. The both laughed and 'Omnamamee gave a friendly pat on the black ones armor.

      The two went into the ships massive armory. A Covenant dreadnought had to be armed not only spacewise, but groundwise also. That's why there were over ten thousand weapons in stock, Ten Behemoth Scarab Walkers, half a thousand Wraith mortar tanks, and of course, an entire legion of Ghosts and three full wings of Banshees. The Twelve Squadrons of Seraph Fighters waited in the fighter bay, however. Everything from Plasma Pistols, Carbines, Needlers, Fuel Rod Cannons, Plasma Rifles, and Plasma Grenades lined the massive room of the ship, ten stories high to be exact.

      He cruised over to another compartment, a restricted compartment for normal beings, but for the Guardians, it was their compartment.

      Customized Plasma Rifles painted different colors, experimental Carbines that held more ammo, and other brand-new weapons lined the shelves neatly, each set belonging to a different Guardian, lined on their own shelves. 'Xafomee sported a Plasma Rifle, normal looking on the outside, save its navy blue appearance, that fired just as fast as the Jiralhanae Plasma Rifle, but used a microscopic chilling core that utilized molecules as slower speed that effectively cooled down the magnetically guided plasma in the weapon.

      In other words, it fired twice as fast, yet could fire for twice a long without having to overheat. This new alien would have a tough time with continuous plasma.

      He grabbed half a dozen Plasma Grenades, and his personal Energy sword, who he had slain hundreds of Humans with, and attached both to his armor.

      He eyed his team, who stripped down Carbines, cleaned Plasma Rifles, and test-activated Energy Swords. 'Omnamamee grabbed a Carbine, and his Energy Sword, which he had since he made Field Master. He couldn't even begin to count how many he had slain.

      Fleet Master 'Eneremee rang on the intercom in the chamber. "We are exiting Slipspace at targets location."

      'Omnamamee acknowledged as he directed the team to come to the docking bays.

      On the bridge, Fleet Master 'Eneremee eyed the clustered space around him, and searched for the enemy vessel. "All passive sensors sweep in every direction. Warm up Plasma Torpedoes." He directed.

      Plasma Torpedoes had become far more effective sense the battle of Reach. The hostile AI aboard Ascendant Justice had provided the fleet with an excellent way to direct around the new super compressed Plasma. It also recharged within fifteen miliunits.

      The ops officer called to 'Eneremee. "Everything is operating well. 'Omnamamee wants to know how things are going. I sent him a report."

      "Good. As soon as you have contact with a solid object on those sensors, I want you to fire all Plasma Torpedoes and Pulse Lasers at it. We are not trying to vaporize it. The real mission is their infiltration."

      Suddenly, the ship lurched as every Plasma weapon on the ship fired at a contact right off the fore of the massive Flagship. 'Eneremee hung onto a nearby rail as everything shuddered on the ship.

      "Prepare Particle Beam Cannons one through five. Re-direct our course to point one-two-eight. Seal all automatic bulkheads. Divert the power keeping our weapons hot evenly to the Shield Generators."

      Acknowledgments followed the order as the ship rotated quickly to face the incoming threat. The Rocky, Organic surface pulsed as if it was alive, and the worm like creatures surrounding its blue-gray hide started moving fast, and produced a compressed black hole at the Plasma –
- And ate almost all of it whole.

      One bolt, however got passed the vacuum, and impacted on the bow of the alien ship. It immediately burst into flames, and the surrounding structure was caught in something close to a nuclear fire.

      'Eneremee could not help but grin at the burning vessel. "Remember, we need not destroy it."